Collection of Funny and Cool Presentation Closing Words

Collection of Closing Words Presentation Funny and Cool Pantun – Yesterday when I was sitting on the train with my mother. He told me a lot of questions that he said he used to go to college and also used the presentation method and made papers. Haha funny. Already have grandchildren. His son-in-law also said that he got a scholarship in the Netherlands, meanwhile his son is having a hard time getting a big GPA

Making a correct report is like paying attention to the wording, eyd is in the right format, public speaking skills and compiling this ppt are a must because there will be a lot of presentations in lectures, excel for processing data (maybe it leans more towards STEM) and design and editing

Collection of Funny and Cool Presentation Afterwords Collection of Funny and Cool Presentation Afterwords Collection

It’s funny to hear stories from mothers like this. Even though I don’t know what to respond to other than a smile, even though you don’t look like you’re wearing a mask, it’s fun. There are times when communication is fun like this. Communicate with strangers but not judges. Not what they are

We only meet once, and the chance of seeing each other again is 1%. Will forget face too. Chatting with the right stranger is that much fun.

W want to tell a funny story, earlier there was one matkul then it was the group’s turn to present, then during the discussion session a friend of mine asked me while saying this,

“I really appreciate your group because they have presented so well that I can’t understand the material you bring

The language is easy to read, not too stiff. It’s just like a story, that’s the point, it’s not like a presentation that makes you tense. The coolest part is when I read the self-prom and then the talent tells how cool the session with him will be.

Once, when I was in 7th grade, it was said because I didn’t know the script by heart, yes… it was my fault too, I didn’t memorize it well, but at that time I didn’t know what would happen in the future. he told me that I wasn’t his group. but he’s also imo wrong for holding back when I’m presenting in front

Collection of Funny and Cool Presentation Closing Words

“Thank you so much, because if you accept it, it’s my friend”

“So many of us, more or less sorry, if there is more it means from me, if there is a lack it means from my friends, thank you”

“That’s the presentation from our group. Sorry if there are many shortcomings and mistakes, because perfection belongs to Allah alone”

“That’s all and thank you, but if you accept I’m fine too”

“That’s all, thank you. If there is an error, please forgive, if there is an excess, just take it, it’s okay, I’m sincere.”

“That’s the presentation… sorry if it’s not perfect because perfection is Rizky Febian’s song”

“I can’t believe we are at the end of the presentation, hopefully after this we can still be together again unlike your relationship with him. I thank you for your attention, if you are paying attention, please don’t disappear.”

“That’s a lot of presentation from us, if anyone wants to ask please. But remember that God only makes it easier, when you make it difficult(?)”

“That’s the material that I can present, if anyone wants to ask, hopefully Monday’s life will continue”

“if there is a lack I apologize and if there is more you don’t have to return it because I am a sincere person”

“It’s cold, it turns out that we’re already at the end of the event, guys, sorry if our presentation is not pleasing because perfection is the title of the song, Rizky Febian”

“If there is a well in the field, we may take a bath. If there is a long life, we may take a bath.”

“That’s the presentation from our group, sorry for the imperfection, because if perfection is only the title of the song, Rizky Febian”

“That’s all I can say, I’m saying goodbye to my resignation because if I go forward he’s not sensitive, thank you”

“Ayu tingting is eating thank you for everything”

Addition. To close a presentation like his brother, instead of using “that’s a lot of presentation from me, sorry for the mistake in the word bla¬≤” you can replace it with motivational quotes, whether they are made by you or from inspirational figures. Let your presentation be more memorable


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