Coding on Android? Recommended 5 Text Editors for Android

IT People Blog – Ngoding is a term for the activity of coding or programming applications or software using a programming language.

Coding activities are generally carried out on PC, computer, or laptop devices. So the question that often arises is.. is it possible to code with an android phone? The answer is of course you can, the author himself before owning a laptop had also experienced the thrill of coding on Android, you know!

Then how to start coding on Android? Of course, the tools and materials you need to prepare first are a text editor or code editor.

What is a text editor? Simply put, a text editor is a piece of software used by programmers to write program code. But the important point here is, the text editor that is generally used on laptops is of course different from the text editor for Android.

Well, in this article the author will present a list of 5 recommended text editors for android which the author has summarized as follows:

1. AnWriter Code Editor

The first text editor we will discuss is called AnWriter. This text editor will help you to write code, as well as offer automatic support for programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, LaTeX (PHP, SQL in pro version).

AnWriter also supports modern technologies, and offers autocomplete support for HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Angular with FTP.

You can download files from an FTP server, send files to an FTP server, and browse directories on an FTP server. It enables in-app preview of webpages, as well as allows you to get a quick preview of your webpages in the built-in viewer.

So you don’t need to open a browser to see a preview of the code you wrote in this text editor. In fact, AnWiter can also show console bugs or errors in JavaScript code.

With AnWriter, you will significantly increase your coding speed compared to a regular notepad. The main advantage is, AnWriter is much lighter when compared to text editors in general!

2. Spck Code Editor

Spck Code Editor

The second recommendation is the Spck Code Editor, this application is a text editor that also has very complete features. The Scpk application is almost the same as the AnWriter that we discussed earlier, but the Spck editor is a bit more similar to the Visual Studio Code text editor on a computer, because it can work on web projects more structured.

If you want to work on web projects that can easily edit files in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or PHP, then this application is the best choice.

In terms of appearance, Scpk Editor is also very comfortable to look at because it has the right color combination. There are various choices of themes that you can choose according to your taste and desire. In addition, there are also a variety of cool font choices.

Projects that are being worked on can also be directly connected to GitHub, which is very useful for making your website projects easier.

Spck Editor can be downloaded for free on the playstore, without a premium version. But even to be considered a free version, Spck Code Editor can already be considered as a premium application with full features, you know!

Although you can download this one code editor for free, but still there are no annoying ads in it. It’s great, isn’t it?

3. Quoda Code Editor

Quoda Code Editor

Quoda Code Editor is also an application for coding on Android that can be run without internet access, aka offline. Slightly different from the AnWriter and Spck text editors that we discussed earlier, this Quoda Editor according to the author is a little heavy to run on android devices that have low specs.

But make no mistake, Quoda Editor is also no less competitive in terms of features. This application provides several interesting features such as live preview, color picker, syntax highlighting, and a fairly complete shortcut toolbar.

In addition, the Quoda application also has a simpler appearance, with a fairly diverse selection of themes and fonts.

If you are interested in making Quoda your main Code Editor, you can download it for free through the playstore. Meanwhile, the premium version can be accessed in the application, but for the free version, I think it’s enough for light coding needs.

4. Code Code Editor

Code Code Editor

Acode is a free android code editor application that supports many programming languages, such as Javascript, PHP, C++, and many more. In addition, the Acode application is also integrated with GitHub and supports FTP.

If you want to talk about the Acode text editor in terms of features, this text editor has very similar features to the Quoda application that we discussed earlier, both in terms of usage to the completeness of features.

The difference is, Acode doesn’t have a toolbar like the previous three apps, so there are no shortcuts for typing code quickly. Therefore, the code must be written manually.

Acode Editor has pretty limited features, and if you want to get access to all the features, you have to buy the premium version which is quite expensive. But only with the free version, I think it’s enough for ordinary coding needs.

5. TrebEdit Code Editor

TrebEdit Code Editor

Here comes the masterpiece, TrebEdit! This application is one of the best text editor applications available for Android today, equipped with a variety of interesting features available in it.

With this application, we can easily edit files from various programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, TXT, and even PHP too! Not only that, TrebEdit has a comfortable look on the eyes, because TrebEdit provides a wide selection of cool themes that have cool color combinations.

TrebEdit has complete and very helpful features to simplify the work of writing or editing code through an android device. What I like the most is the presence of a toolbar feature that functions to speed up code typing, because there are already available code shortcuts that can be directly clicked without needing to be typed.

There is also a floating toolbar on the right which has a function as a navigation bar and also as a place for color picker. There is also a JavaScript console that is useful for displaying the debug of JavaScript code. So it will be easier to find errors in writing code with the JavaScript language.

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In the application there is also a menu to learn about web design which is directly connected to the platform.

TrabEdit can be downloaded for free on the playstore, it also provides premium features that you can buy in the application. What are the advantages of premium features? One of the advantages of premium features is that you can edit the code shortcut toolbar as you wish.

Even if you use the free version of TrebEdit, this text editor doesn’t display ads at all, so you don’t have to worry about annoying ads while coding. Its premium features only unlock some additional features and not to remove ads, because TrebEdit Editor doesn’t show ads at all!

The final word

That’s a list of 5 text editors for Android that the author recommends. Of the five code editor applications that have been described, the author highly recommends TrebEdit as the main choice because this application has complete features and is light to use. But it depends on each other’s convenience, if you have a choice of other text editor applications, please share your opinion in the comments column.



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