Cloud VPS Review from IDCloudHost

In this article, the author discusses reviews or experiences in using Cloud VPS services from IDCloudHost for only 50 thousand. Actually, the author has planned to try using Cloud VPS services from IDCloudHost which is the only Hosting Provider that provides Cloud VPS datacenters from Indonesia (Jakarta) from a few months ago.

Initially, the author registered an IDCloudHost Console account as usual and top up a balance of 55,000 thousand including 10% VAT (before April 2022). For top up balance payments, you don’t need to have a credit card because there are many payment method options such as QRIS, Virtual Accounts, and others that can make it easier for you to top up your balance in the IDCloudHost Console.

The author tries to make a VPS known as Compute with specifications of 1 GB RAM, 1 vCPU, and 20 GB Storage for 50 thousand and the operating system uses Ubuntu 20.04 without Managed App or Installer. This is because the author makes a backend system with the concept of a REST API that will send data to mobile devices as clients.

You can also create a VPS using a Managed App or Installer such as Moodle, Aapanel, Dapodik, CPanel, and other Managed App services without worrying about manually installing these services on a VPS or Cloud VPS.

Virtual Machine Options

In creating a new VPS to build a technology-based system, one must determine the operating system that will be used to build an application system or another before installing applications or supporting libraries in building the system. You can choose the operating system and the version to be used. For the Windows Server operating system, the VPS price is quite expensive due to the specifications provided at least 2 GB RAM, 2 vCPU, and 40 GB Storage.

Managed App Options (App Catalog)

For those of you who build an application system but don’t want to be complicated and bothered by manually installing applications or systems that don’t necessarily work, then you can use the Catalog App according to the needs of building the system. For example, you build an e-learning system at XYZ school, then you can use the Catalog App, namely Moodle.

VPS Cloud Service Financing

As far as the author’s knowledge, VPS financing is usually calculated from bandwidth usage, storage capacity, RAM capacity, vCPU capacity, Public IP, and the choice of operating system used in the VPS. For Cloud VPS financing from IDCloudHost, the system is pay-as-you-go (charged based on resource usage on 1 VPS). Here, no charge for the Static Public IP address listed can be seen in the image below.

Upload and Download Access Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest

To test the speed of upload and download access in this VPS, use the speedtest-cli tool service on the Linux operating system. For the tutorial, there are many tutorials about this on the internet. The results of these tests can be seen in the image below.

*DISCLAIMER: This test does not apply objectively because it only provides an overview of the upload and download access speeds on the VPS.

Experience from the Author

So far, the author uses Cloud VPS from IDCloudHost in building a REST API-based backend system using the PHP programming language, it is still safe and easy to use the VPS. Well, it’s only possible that there are problems during the process of exchanging data between the client-server which is sometimes slow. Later the author will update again to see the development of this Cloud VPS.

Tips to avoid an unreasonable reduction in your balance, then you can delete the Cloud VPS Compute service that is never used again, either temporarily or permanently. For Storage services, and others, the author has not tried it because it is not needed at this time.


Those of you who want to find a VPS or Cloud VPS yourself cheaply and without a credit card in building an application system or service such as a website, REST-API backend, file collection, and so on, then you can only use the Cloud VPS service from IDCloudHost. For registration, you can click the link here.


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