Characteristics of Toxic Relationships in the Household and Examples

Characteristics of Toxic Relationships in the Household and Examples of toxic relationship cases, what are the causes of a toxic relationship shop and how to fix a toxic relationship? Toxic relationships seem to have become a topic that is happening a lot around us, ranging from mild to severe levels such as physical, verbal, etc.

But unfortunately, not everyone is aware that they are in a toxic relationship, stuck with a toxic partner, or worse, they don’t realize that they are toxic themselves.

And this is what will slowly damage your mentality, lead to trust issues, or a high sense of insecurity.

Characteristics of Toxic Relationships in the Household and Examples

Toxic relationships or toxic partners are also not just about physical or verbal violence, you know.

Toxic itself can actually also be marked from the small things that happen in your relationship, it can also be by observing the attitude, treatment or habits of your partner.

So how do you identify a toxic partner or a relationship that leads to a toxic relationship?

Some of the signs that I will explain I took based on my own experience, and the people around me as well.

Characteristics of Toxic Relationships in the Household and Examples

1. Your partner is possessive but doesn’t want to be possessive.

Possessiveness itself is usually due to excessive feelings of love, thus creating an exaggerated expression as well. Including excessive jealousy.

The problem is, if you’re possessive, it’s like you can’t have friends of the opposite sex, you can’t reply to chats of the opposite sex, even if it’s just perfunctory or necessary, this is already toxic, right.

Especially if there are extreme actions like him cursing the people who chat with you, for example.

2. Manipulative.

Usually this manipulative person if he makes a mistake, he can really make you feel guilty.

Or like to use mainstay sentences to convince you, like for example “I was never good to you, that’s why you don’t believe me”.

3. Often accuse you of cheating or other accusations that are not clear.

In fact, he doesn’t hesitate to take care of you, speak rudely because of trivial matters like you replying to a chat late, for example.

And be careful, sometimes the person who makes accusations is the one who does it himself.

Why is that? because people who cheat, like to lie, usually unconsciously form feelings of worry or fear in themselves if their partner will act like that too.

That’s why the accusations arose earlier, because he was afraid of being digitized by his partner.

4. Never admit you with the reason “I don’t like to talk about relationships”.

But always demands you to acknowledge him, even publish your relationship.

For this point, it’s back to each person’s personal, not everyone likes to be published. But what you have to remember is that private and secret are different.

5. You must obey what he wants.

in other words, he is always in control of what you do. Including every decision in your life. As a small example, you can’t wear certain outfits for fear of being glanced at by other people.

And usually he will issue sentences like “I’m like this for your good” to make you always want to follow his wishes.

6. He doesn’t give you privacy.

A partner like this usually makes you and your world your own, so you don’t have a chance to enjoy your life and your privacy.

For example, asking for all of your social media access, checking every chat, who’s posts you like, etc.

And worse, if you do the same thing. It’s like checking every chat, asking who this is. You will be called excessive, possessive, complicated. If it’s like this, please, hurry up and realize that your relationship is not healthy anymore.

Especially indirectly, when you are stuck in a toxic relationship or toxic partner. That will eventually lead you to be a toxic person too.

So, for those of you who are stuck with a partner or relationship that I mentioned above, let’s consider it again.

Discussion Session:

1. hehe I’ve been in a toxic relationship until it really wasn’t strong enough and finally I chose to end it, and I’ve also been trapped in a toxic relationship which is a bit weird, I knew it was toxic but ended up being addicted hiks

Answer: It’s okay, it’s called life. Sometimes we learn from wrong choices. Hopefully now and in the future you won’t be trapped in a toxic relationship anymore

2. I know it’s toxic but it’s still being continued with the excuse that it’s been a long walk, it’s really sad to see it 🙂

Answer: Now, many people don’t want to be separated from toxic relationships because they feel love has been going on for a long time. Even though the more you continue, the worse it is, especially if you bring it to the wedding

3. You have to communicate more with your partner, so there won’t always be a misunderstanding, okay? This is a reminder too

Answer: Yes, if you can still communicate it, that’s fine, but a toxic relationship usually tends to be one of the dominant ones. So here there is one party who wants to be in control, and the other is being controlled. That’s why the manipulative attitude appeared earlier. And if it’s like this, just skip it..

Some Characteristics of Toxic Relationships in the Household and Examples


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