Causes of Self-Decreasing ATM Balance

Causes of Self-Decreasing ATM Balance

Have you ever felt that your ATM balance was decreasing on its own? Or all of a sudden? There are many causes of self-decreasing ATM balances, here are some of them:

Reduced Due to Bank Administration Fee

Every month your ATM balance will be deducted by bank administration fees and card fees. The amount itself is quite diverse, depending on the type of savings and the services you use. As an example :

  • BRI Bank administration fee for Simpedes savings is IDR 5,500/month.
  • Bank BRI administration fees for BritAma savings are IDR 12,000/month (balance above IDR 10,000,000) and IDR 11,000 (for balance below IDR 10,000,000) with a monthly card maintenance fee of IDR 2,000-IDR 6,500.
  • Bank BCA administration fees for various types of savings are IDR 7,500-IDR 20,000/month.
  • Bank BNI administration fees for various types of savings are IDR 5,000-IDR 18,000/month.
  • Etc.

Well, if your ATM balance is reduced on the same date every month with the nominal as above. So, you don’t need to worry because it is a bank administration fee. There is definitely a discount on the administration fee, except for some special types of savings. Like SimPel and My Savings.

Reduced Due to Other Transaction Admin Fees

In addition to being reduced due to monthly bank administration fees, another cause of self-decreasing ATM balances is due to admin fees that arise from a transaction. Examples are transfer transactions from different banks, bill payments, use of ATMs at other banks, top up e-wallet, SMS Banking, checking checking accounts, and so on.

For the above transactions you will be charged an admin fee which will be deducted directly from your account balance. So you don’t have to worry. The above fees will be charged per transaction. If there is no transaction, then you will not be charged this fee.

For its own purpose varied. It depends on the type of transaction, the volume of the transaction, the policies of each bank, and the type of your savings.

Reduced Due to Dormant Fees When Your Account Is Inactive

The third cause of self-decreasing ATM balance is due to dormant fees due to your account being inactive for a certain period of time in a row. The dormant fee for each bank is different. Usually starting from the range of thousands of rupiah per month.

To avoid these penalty fees or dormant fees, make sure your account is always active. At least you have to make transactions once a month using this account, and the account must have a balance.

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Reduced Due to Auto-debit Bills

What is Autodebit? Autodebit itself is an automatic payment system per certain date that will directly reduce your savings account balance. To use this Autodebet feature, you must connect your bank account to another service.

Example :

  • Auto debit to mutual fund investment applications such as Bibit, Ajaib, and the like.
  • Autodebit for automatic bank loan payments every certain date.
  • Autodebit for credit card bills.
  • Autodebit for payment of BPJS bills, Insurance, Motor Vehicle Loans, Electronic Goods Credit, PLN Bills, PDAM Bills, and so on.

With this Autodebit feature, you don’t have to pay or deposit money again for certain types of bills. Your account balance will be automatically reduced to pay this bill every certain date.

To find out if your account is connected to an Autodebet application, you can contact Bank BRI’s call center at 14017 / 1500017.

Reduced Due to Account Burglary

For the points above, you can breathe a sigh of relief because your savings have been cut for certain reasons. The nominal and the date of deduction are fixed.

Then, what if the case is an account burglary? At this point you must be vigilant.

Example: previously there was Rp 10 million in your savings, you did not make any transactions. But, it turns out that when you check again your balance is only Rp. 50 thousand. This is certainly very troubling, isn’t it?

One of the causes is the existence of fraud with the mode of account burglary. Try to remember again. Is there a foreign number that asks for your account number, card number, OTP code to access your Mobile Banking, your ATM/Passbook is lost somewhere, or there is a stranger pretending to help you at the ATM machine.

If so, maybe you were cheated by irresponsible people. How to solve this? You can make a fraud report to the bank and to the authorities. If you are still worried that your account balance will be lost after you refill it. Then, you can close the account and open a new account.

Make sure that you do not share your account information and personal information with other people to keep your banking data safe.

Reduced Because Your ATM is Used by Someone Else

The last cause of self-decreasing ATM balance is that your ATM may be used by someone else. In this case, someone else has access to your ATM along with the PIN.

The person may take some money from your ATM. However, have not confirmed it to you. So you will be confused why your ATM is reduced.

Well, in this case you need to confirm it with the people who have access to your card. But, if it turns out that no one is using your ATM. So, you should be careful. Don’t hesitate to visit the nearest BRI office or contact the BRI call center for more information.


There are several causes of self-decreasing ATM balances, including: monthly bank administration fees, admin fees for certain transactions, dormant fees, active auto debit bills, account burglary, or someone else taking money from your ATM without your knowledge as the owner account.

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