Can Bubble Photos Be Made Ava

Can Bubble Photos Be Made Ava – Please for anyone who feels that the update / profile photo is from the bubble, please replace it. Lysn has its own terms and it pays. So you want it in any form, it can’t be distributed arbitrarily. There are still many photos that can be used as your ava or hype upchar.

Fansite photos can only be used as filters if they have permission to masternim, and if you want to make ava, don’t crop the watermark. And as far as I know, bubble photos can’t be used as ava either.

This is actually not only for TWICE’s RP but can be used for other RPs as well.

Can Bubble Photos Be Made Ava

Wow, what are you talking about????

Ok, without much foul talk, let’s see tonight’s discussion with me!

Just a reminder, this article aims to educate and share with each other, as well as remind other TWICE RPs. Because sharing is caring, why not? Haha

You must have or have often reminded RP TWICE who still likes to share bubble content, right? For those of you who don’t get tired of reminding them, I thank you because you care about reminding them and don’t get tired of reminding them.

And for those who are still difficult to distinguish bubble content from others, check out this article. Because there will be a lot of information. So let’s check it out!

Well, the more sophisticated the technology, the more sophisticated a platform to bring fans closer to their idols. Maybe in the past there were only fansigns, concerts and fan cafes (cmiiw).

And in recent years, there have been more and more applications to bring idols closer to their fans, and they can even interact directly like there is no space barrier, for example weverse and lysn (I think there are many more).

For TWICE themselves, they joined the lysn application, what is lysn? Okay, let’s talk about the application first. lysn is a chat application between fans and idols. This application is designed for fans and idols to communicate with each other.

In lysn there is a feature called Dear U. Bubble chat, its function is we can receive chats from idols and send chats to idols, but we must have tickets to be able to chat with them. This makes the chat feel even more special.

To use Dear U Bubble, fans have to pay around IDR 50 thousand for one ticket per month, up to IDR 157 thousand for three tickets per month. This ticket is meant for the number of artists you want to chat with. 1 ticket is valid for 1 artist.(cmiiw)

Now the main problem is that lysn does not allow to repost dear.u bubble on any platform, if you want it for free we can only see idol posts through the timeline (cmiiw).

Ok, from the explanation above is the reason why bubble content is not allowed for roleplayers to make it a cha update or even make it ava. Because in addition to being paid, it’s not allowed

Then how to distinguish bubble content from those that are not? If you want to upgrade but are afraid of being wrong, ok here I will share my experience, how so far, if I upgrade on a personal account.

My advice is, avoid updating characters from accounts that only share photos and without descriptions. Besides bubble there is also paid content for Japanese fans but I forgot the name. Maybe someone knows?

Well, I want to ask how do you usually upgrade? Come on, share your opinions and experiences in updating characters or if you want to respond to bubble chat questions, you can too. Remember everyone can have an opinion but use soft language, so let’s respect each other.

Thank you for those who are willing to share and have opinions, hopefully we can both become good RPs and more and more people will know about the idols we play, even more so from the good side.

Smarter and smarter in playing the role, guys. Don’t let the roles we play have a bad impact on the idols. Ok, that’s it for today’s dungdungser! See you guys!


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