Boyfriend Rental Indonesia – Revesery

The place is for cool guys to rent, from pucekboy models to thin wibu ones wearing anime t-shirts, to fat guys wearing beards who like anime to premium class cool guys with the style of Korean boys and business kids KW9



• Name: ilman enjoyers

• Dom: babelan plosok refuse to slide

• Advantages😮‍💨🔝 :

– able to receive spoiled bait Riko Simanjuntak

– always according to the origin of my bird being sucked

– full indian playlist🎸

– managed to survive from kopit

– understand s3x education

– loving parents

– I hold 11 pro max

• Cons:

– disrespectful😔

– not good at psychology test😞

– always feel less funny😞

– always get shopee poison

– don’t like promiscuity

————————————————– —————————————————-

• Name: dwinanda Amer️️

• Dom: jakarta

• 17 years old

• Drink amer, eat cigarettes, support Persija, humiliate vtubers, get drunk, pray that tomorrow can be drunk again, skipping games, brawls, doxxing vtubers, make noise in the banser group, big fans of parents, brand ambassadors stamped with parents

• Offline dating services:

– Invite to banser headquarters

– Invites to be a Persija supporter

– Invite malak at the port of priok

– Invite extortion to buy amer️

————————————————– ————————————————


• Name: evos david frifayer

• Dom: jakarta

• Age : 9 years

• hobbies: playing frifayer, holding small people, getting angry, punching people, watching windah basudara


– evos fans

– can’t relax

– mulu in-game blamer

– likes ninju orng

– if you get a troll team, you get angry until you turn into a jinchuriki

– if that’s the case, only Minato can seal it

– small penis ️ but if angry️..uhmm take the torpedo up from sleep️

• service dating:

– ayang ayangan chat

– vc while sneezing

– lick his snot

– just lick your snot let alone your tempik

– carry you until diamond

– willing not to eat if you are not told

– good, let it die boy

– keep the game pabji haram

– disband banser

– report group genshin impect

————————————————– ————————————————


Name: Aidil

dom: poor

Age: 18th


-Skin according to drawing

-High 1btc


Hobby: crypto, trading, working on airdrops, coin entry

The advantage is being able to be a friend who is quite cool to be invited to make a Cibaduyut project, smokes samsu🤮, drinks water 👍, rarely takes a shower


– no minus (most minus in shiba inu)

————————————————– ————————————————

• Name: Uwu pies

• Dom: tokyo

• Doesn’t like being naked (a little naked is okay), Still a virgin, not very good at rocking, Shy, shy of a cat but willing, Doesn’t like lying and shy, Pink doesn’t like rubber tires

Offline Services Dating:

– Go to Barbershop Bogor to be handsome️
– Touch a little (not a lot aaa️)
– Invite to HIV/AIDS seminars️

– cuddle but must be clean

– Give extra Emotion to be fresh

————————————————– ————————————-

Raka Fahlevi the most hurt ️️️

Profile :

• Name : The Most Hurt Raka

• Dom : Land of dawn

Hobbies: Playing ML, don’t eat if you haven’t prayed, rivals for science, I’ll suck your nose, let alone your nipples hehe

• Characteristics: 200 Cm 25° Mature Sapodilla Skin Calculus

• Cons:

– salt warehouse cigarettes

– Sometimes like Snoring

– Never eat drink sleep

– Likes anime porn

– His life is only for anime

– If the anime character dies, he becomes a satboy

– Can’t tell the difference between humans and anime

– Eats Nuts but the skin is the same

– likes to wait for kindergartners

Online dating services:

– Teaches how to play ML, you don’t live if you don’t play

– invite a sleep call (not weird weird)

– debate soju and cool sari

– ML And anime

– ever 1st place violated Allah’s command

Offline service dating:


– Taught to play ML

– Eat Monas

– malboro cigarette filter

————————————————– ———————————

• Name : Don Jesty

• Dom : Purwokerto

• Can sing rock metal songs, Mixer akimilaku Dog kacili wa, CEO of PT pixiv, subscriber to trakteer, user jhonson, good at making video pauses

• Traits: 176/64, Body contains anime MCs, Bicycle Pedal Skin

• Cons:

– Can’t wake up in the morning

– Shout out loud when you sing

– Not sensitive

– Loves hentai anime

– Rarely recite

– Cook salted eggs

– Can’t tell the difference between candlenut and coriander

– Not Vegan

Online dating services:

– Teach Scream Voice

– invite a sleep call (not weird weird)

– filter cigarettes and kretek debate

– netflix and chill

– discuss the history of ML heroes

Offline service dating:

– Invite to eat frogs

– Ciki thief in the shop

– disbanding mass organizations

————————————————– ————————————————– —

Kareshi Ren Albion️

• Name: Albion thomas Shelby

• Dom: Madiun

• Specifications: Attention, acting like a gangsta, professional ML player, midlaner

• hobbies: playing games, Isep cigar as big as kanjut badag, 25k debt, Dor gofud

• fav food: whatever i eat comes from Gofud from rico

• Characteristics: tb 168, not skinny, not fat, black leather tires

• excess:

– good at rolling

-natural make up

-doesn’t like to lie

– don’t smoke

• lack:

– not polite

– suck

– skill nop pretentious imitating pro player

Onrain hidzuke service :

[online date]

– chat

– always give support

– ready for sticker spam ( ni88a twerking)

– ready to be a global top love clown

– ready to help get your mood back

– send voice note misuh using java language (jancok, asu)

– accompany you when you’re broke

– can be patient with you (I’m good at playing mobile legend + ready to look for angela sighs)

Ofurain no hidzuke service

[offline date]

– ready to cosplay solev, peaky blinders

– teach you to drink whiskey

– take care of the cellphone counter

– holding hands? Can’t be a muhrim

– can req outfit (pancasila youth, casanova, tank top, sarong)

– take pictures and make racist tiktok

– Pat2 I senpaii until smooth

– You can wear couple clothes (as long as the couple is peaky blinder)

offline special service can pm admin ^^

️Mamad Nasdem️
Name : Mamad Nasdem️

TB/BB : 175/89

– Hobby: Playing drama, likes fishing

-Favorite food: seblak tampol

– Dislikes: Sakura Haruno, Kurumi

Online services:

– Listening to you recite the Koran ️

– talk about anime kny

– spiderman spoilers ️

– ready to bang on people’s houses

– paskibra training

– farming

online services:

– Meet the crowd️

– pointing practice

– play genshin until the end ️

– no kissing

– can hug as long as you take a shower first

– you can hold your head as long as you wash it first

– eat together 2 portions

————————————————– —————————————————

Daus Ketos ️

• Name: Daus Ketos

• Dom: Wuhan. China Palembang

• can even greek, can speak 9 languages, doesn’t like smoking, likes women, has big ambitions to conquer the regime of zeus

• Loyal, if you die, you are ready to take revenge

• Characteristics: tb 180/75, proportional, skinhead, ash skin with red tattoo

• Cons:

– failed in love

– once shot but was rejected

– often stay up late

– a bit insensitive

– likes women

– destroyer

– don’t believe in god

– will definitely listen to every topic you like

– attention

– can req calls

– personal counselor

– remember to pray

– accompany you gabut

– vcs (video call prayer)

– Chat god

– invite greek raid

– invites opponents ares

– back to the time of titan

– student council seminars

– raid together against zeus

– enter Cronos’ stomach

– fight chimera

– to the hot spring

– blade of chaos sword practice

– invite to tartarus



Name: hafiz Skinhead Domicile: Cimahi Type: anime reincarnation, high meme literacy, racist, cheerful, religious debate, can tell the difference between ginger and kencur, not recipient of KIP card Hobbies: Hina Genshin, Invites fishing Fav food/drink: Peeing elementary school children

Characteristics: – Height 174cm – 52kg (mc anime) – white borax

Online Service – chat (spam sticker ni88a twerking) – face pap – you can request anything you want – always listen to your vent and complaints – ready to help change your mood – can’t send voice notes (fan microphone) – get ready with satirical jokes/ genshin/makar – ready to swim in the ocean of your love – ready to kick you – can’t type handsome – reminding you to pray

OFFLINE SERVICE – physical touch (holding hands and others) – can’t oufit (plain black shirt, volcom hoodie) – personality request (so anime guy / racist guy / pedo) – can take photos or make tiktok together ((scandal) costs more ) – deep talk (talk more than 24 hours, idle) – can really accompany you to play at the internet cafe, especially when you are given extra milk, kiss and mix vitamin c – you can wear couple clothes (especially couple anime clothes / Pancasila youth outfits) – you can cuddle until you do as long as it’s brushed – can be taught trading even if it’s minus – can make you any delicious food


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