Bot Shopee Auto Buy Flash Sale Revesery

Shopee Auto Buy Flash Sale Revesery Bot – Shopee is an online shop website with many products for sale. These items include clothes, shoes, bags, toys and many other items.

Surely you already know and remember that this shopee often provides discounts and exciting events. One program that we will not miss is the Shopee Flash Sale.

Flash sale shopee is an online shop that offers huge discounts. Discounts usually reach 90% of the selling price of the product. Many loyal shopee customers want to get this shopee flash sale. Shopee is indeed one of the ecommers who often hold flash sales of Rp. 1000. Every day there are many people waiting and wanting to buy what they are selling. How not to get goods for Rp. 500,000 for only Rp. 1000.

So you just pay for shipping to your home at the usual price. Wow, for example in a flash sale, you can buy a fan for 300,000 rupiah for only 1000 rupiah.

But not everyone can get flash sale items from this shopee. The reason is, many people want the cheap stuff they sell.

But you can follow the steps in 8 tips to learn how to win at Shopee flash sale so you can win what you want in Shopee flash sale 11.11 or 12.12

However, some time ago it was reported that the winner of the 11.11 flash sale, shopee used BOT to automatically purchase the iPhone flash sale at the 11.11 flash sale with a video of only 12,000 rupiah.

The viral video shows Shopee flash sale bot users getting and buying an iPhone 12s in seconds.

Out of curiosity, beginners tried to investigate the robot.

Bot Shopee Auto Buy Flash Sale Free


– Check Variant Product Flash Sale

– Shopee pay Activation

– Shopee Product Rp 1

– Shopee Pay Disbursement

– Shopee Voucher (Claim)

Bot Shopee Auto Buy Flash Sale Revesery

How to Use the Application for the First Time:

Download the bot file here

1. Fill in the name of the folder first, the name of the folder serves to indicate our shopee account will be stored in which folder

2. Click “Create Account Folder“, or just click “Open Browser

3. Login to your Shopee account first

4. Click the blue “Save Cookie” in the app

5. Click “Close Chrome” if you want to close the Chrome browser that was just opened with the application

How to Use Telegram Bot to Report:

1. Click “Tools” at the top of the application

2. Select “Telegram Bot”

3. Fill in the User ID with the Telegram account used

4. Fill in the Bot Token with the bot you want to use

5. Send the first message to the newly created bot, if the bot has been made for a long time, then skip this tutorial number 5

6. Click “Test Send Message” if you want to test whether the telegram bot can work or not

7. Click “Save” when finished

*Taking User ID, using bots @myidbot

*Creating bots to get bot tokens, using bots @BotFather

*If you want to disable telegram bot, delete User ID and Bot Token, then click “Save”

How to Place an Order or Start a Shopee Bot:

1. Select the account folder you want to use

2. Copy the link of the item you want to buy, then Paste the link into the “Product Link” section

3. Click “Get Product Info”

4. Enter the Max Price of the item, for example the original price is 12,000, enter the max price at 11,000 or the flashsale price, which is 1,000

5. Choose a Payment Method, there are only two methods available, if you want to change, you can change it when the item is obtained and

change it on Shopee

6. Choose Product variations

7. Choose a courier

8. Set the date if needed

9. Set Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Ms

*Set the hour, fill it with 1 hour before the flashsale hour, for example starting the flashsale hour at 12:00:00 Noon, then set the hour at 11

*Set minutes and seconds, at 59

*Set Milliseconds as freely as possible, max at 700

10. Click “Save Order” at the top, next to “About Application”

11. Click “Run Bot”

How to Take Cookies:

1. Select an account that you want to retrieve cookies from

2. Click the “Tools” menu

3. Click “Fetch Cookies”

*Notes: Don’t use the main account, usually the driver is loud, manual, let alone a bot

That’s all the Shopee Auto Buy Flash Sale Bot for Free


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