Bot Auto Send Wallet Balance and Wallet Cleaner Bot Crypto

Bot Auto Send Wallet Balance and Wallet Cleaner Bot – Crypto transfer apps, also called peer-to-peer (P2P) apps, allow you to transfer cash coins from one person to another quickly and securely. They simplify payments and also allow you to use a digital wallet to link your credit card or bank account. You can make transactions and electronic payments with just a few taps on your mobile device.

crypto transfer app lets you transfer crypto quickly and easily. Some apps store your crypto and others transfer it from one bank to another. Several crypto transfer applications specifically cater to the specific needs of consumers.

In general, crypto transfer apps offer strong security features to protect your crypto. However, it is important to understand that if you send crypto to the wrong recipient, you may not get your funds back. The provider may not help recover misdirected funds. Only send crypto to people you know and trust

To sell your crypto via P2P trading, you must transfer your funds to [Dompet Pendanaan] first. The sell order will be deducted directly from your Funding Wallet.

Will my Wallet balance change after migration?

No, your funds will be safe. The Binance Technology Team will help you transfer all your P2P Wallet, Payments, Cards, and Gift Card balances to your [Dompet Pendanaan] you during migration, you don’t need to operate anything.

Bot Auto Send Wallet Balance and Wallet Cleaner Bot Crypto

For Fighting Fighters for those who have a private key / Phrase Wallet Bot, but we can’t guarantee you will get it right away, just keep on fighting fast + hockey, but not with those who use flashbot bots, friends

The illustration is already in the video, we made a testnet network to create an example of how the bot works

Support on the ETH & BSC Network, if Polygon hasn’t tried

Bot Auto Send Wallet Balance and Wallet Cleaner Bot Crypto

Usage :

git clone
npm install
node index.js

If you haven’t installed Nodejs, install it first

pkg Install nodejs < Termux

sudo apt install nodejs < Ubuntu

Before Run Edit the index.js file First Create Address Settings with Private Key wallet bot ,,

Oh yeah, this supports multi private keys so you can scan multiple wallets at once and then send them to your main address if you detect a balance…

The full explanation is on Github, friend..

If you don’t have an RPC Provider, you can use ours, friend, or if you want to make your own, the link is at the bottom

If you want to test a bot, what way can you use Testnet first 👍

RPC Provider ETH :






RPC Provider BSC :



This is the link if you want to make your own JSON-RPC Provider:


Ankr :

Infura :

Support our Telegram channel, friends, so that we can be enthusiastic about making cake content again:

Reference Links We Learn, Who Knows Anyone Needs:

That’s all Bot Auto Send Wallet Balance and Wallet Cleaner Bot

The best crypto transfer apps garner high app store ratings, help app buyers issue crypto safely, and involve no hidden fees. They also cater to the specific needs of consumers, such as international payments, social options, virtual wallet offerings, and more.


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