Borrow money at BRI Bank without collateral

Borrow money at BRI Bank without collateral

Have you ever heard of KTA or Unsecured Credit? This type of credit does not require the provision of certain fixed assets as collateral. In some conditions, this KTA is certainly very profitable for customers.

One of the banks that presents this KTA loan option is Bank BRI with its BRIGUNA product.

What is BRIGUNA?

BRIGUNA is one of the loans from Bank BRI that is given to its customers with the source of payment (repayment) coming from a fixed income source (salary/pension). BRIGUNA is given to finance productive and non-productive purposes.

What distinguishes this BRIGUNA product from other bank’s KTA is: this credit is only given to employees who work in companies that have collaborated with BRI and their salary payments & pension funds are channeled through BRI Bank.

For more information about BRIGUNA, you can contact the call center of Bank BRI.

BRIGUNA Products

BRIGUNA is divided into 4 types, namely:


KTA facility from Bank BRI provided to its customers with a payment source (repayment) from fixed income (salary). Can be used for various types of financing.

The maximum term is 180 months or 15 years.


Credit facilities for BRI customers with a financing period when the customer has entered retirement. Repayment itself is taken from this pension. Can be used for various types of financing, ranging from productive to non-productive.

Term: a maximum of 180 months or 15 years or until the customer is 75 years old.


This type of BRI KTA is given to BRI customers with a repayment source from a fixed income (salary) starting from being an active employee until entering retirement. Can be used for various types of financing, ranging from productive to non-productive.

Term: a maximum of 180 months or 15 years or until the customer is 75 years old.

BRIGUNA Education

This type of KTA Bank BRI is specifically intended for S2 or S3 students who already have a fixed wage or income.

This loan/KTA requires the SK of the customer concerned as collateral. So you do not need to provide collateral in the form of property or other securities.

Term: Maximum 120 months or 10 years.

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Unsecured BRI Bank Loan Terms 2022

Well, here are the general requirements that you must meet when applying for this type of loan:

  • BRIGUNA application form.
  • Copy of Identity Card (KTP) husband & wife
  • Copy of Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
  • Copy of Family Card (KK)
  • The original SK for the first appointment as a permanent employee and the last SK
  • Original SK pensioner (for retirees)
  • Salary slip or pension payment list, either original or photocopy
  • Copy of BRI savings book
  • Copy of KARIP & pension book (retiree only)
  • Photo of husband & wife of 4×6 as many as 2 sheets
  • Recommendation letter from company boss

Additional Terms and Conditions for BRIGUNA Submission

  • The applicant is currently or has worked in a company that cooperates with Bank BRI.
  • He must be at least 21 years old and a maximum of 60 years old at the time of the application process. This age requirement can be replaced with married status.
  • Already have SK employees and retirees.
  • Have a letter of recommendation from the company.

How much is BRIGUNA’s Installment Fee & Interest?

Fees in the BRIGUNA application process:

  • You will be charged an administration fee of IDR 100,000
  • Provision fee at the time of disbursement with a value of 1.5% of the loan ceiling.
  • Other fees that you can confirm with the bank during the application period.

The total interest and installments are adjusted to the amount of the loan ceiling and tenor. The smallest interest rate is 1.46% (flat).

Then, what about the installment system? BRIGUNA is a product that can only be enjoyed by customers from partner companies. Because the payment of salaries/retirement funds of the Partner Company is made through a BRI Bank account. Thus, the payment is made using a salary deduction system (for employees) and pension deductions.

What are the advantages of BRIGUNA?

Compared to other Bank KTA, BRIGUNA provided by Bank BRI has many advantages. Among others are :

  • Does not require any additional collateral, you only need to guarantee your SK. In addition, there is no need for additional collateral in the form of assets or securities.
  • Provide life insurance with a claim of Rp. 500,000,000 without the need for a medical check-up.
  • The installment period is long, up to 10 years (BRIGUNA Pendidikan) and a maximum of 15 years (for BRIGUNA General, BRIGUNA Karya, and BRIGUNA Purna).
  • Small installment fees & interest.
  • The installment payment method is easy, because it goes through automatic deductions in your BRI account.
  • The number is not limited (except BRIGUNA Pendidikan).
  • Terms & documents requirements are easy.
  • Processing tends to be fast.
  • Has installment simulation. You can access the simulation of the BRIGUNA installment via
  • Provide credit reconstruction for certain conditions.


One of BRI’s KTA products is BRIGUNA. BRIGUNA can be used by customers who work as employees/retired from several companies that partner with Bank BRI. The terms of the 2022 Loan at Bank Rakyat Indonesia Unsecured are also considered quite easy. How, are you interested in applying for BRIGUNA for your various financing needs?

For more information, you can visit your nearest BRI Bank branch office or you can contact the BRI call center. Make sure you meet the requirements before starting to apply for this loan.



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