BNI Loans for Employees, Quick and Easy Funds Needed Solution

IT People Blog – There are many advantages when you become an employee whose salary is paid through BNI. Not only fixed income, but also providing BNI loans for employees through its flagship product, BNI Flexi.

BNI Loans for Employees

Trust in this bank is based on the financial ability of employees/employees for a long period of time. This makes banks willing to provide loans to their employees. So for employees who are in need of fast funds, they can use this shortcut.

The BNI Flexion loan itself is a BNI product that is in great demand, especially by employees and employees whose salaries are distributed through BNI. This is because BNI Fleksi itself is included in the unsecured credit category.

This means that only employees whose salaries are distributed through BNI can apply for the BNI Flexi KTA product. So they can use the money for whatever purpose. For example, financing daily needs and even business capital.

Benefits of BNI loans for employees

As it is known that BNI itself always strives to provide the best service for each product it has. In the BNI flexion loan product, you can apply for a credit ceiling of up to 500 million rupiah.

This ceiling is quite large. You can even use it for the purposes of buying a house, car, or home improvement. Then added by the loan period which is quite long.

Customers are free to choose the repayment period of up to 15 years and of course with the Top Up facility but it depends on the size of the loan you want to use.

As for the interest from the BNI Flexi product itself, which has been set is 0.92% per month with a ceiling of 5 to 100 million and the period from 15 to 24 months.

Then for an interest rate of 0.96%, the credit limit obtained is 5 to 100 million rupiah for a period of 27 to 36 months. Meanwhile, if you want a longer period of about 39 to 48 months, the interest rate is 1%.

Finally, if you want to take a longer period of 50 to 60 months, then you have to pay an interest rate of 1.04%. This indicates that the longer the period of time you take, the greater the credit will be

When you withdraw the BNI loan fees, you will be charged a 1% provision fee of the total loan, an accelerated repayment fee of 0.5% of the principal installment, along with an administration fee of 100 thousand rupiah.

In addition, customers are also required to pay for life insurance during the loan period. This plays a role when the customer’s credit installments fail due to an accident or death.

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Loan Requirements for BNI Employees

Of course, before you start applying for a loan, you must first complete the following conditions. So that later the loan process can be faster. Here’s the full explanation.

1. Indonesian citizen (WNI) or currently domiciled in Indonesia

2. Have a minimum age of 21 years at the time of application and at the time of settlement, a maximum of 65 years.

3. Have a minimum income of 3 million per month

4. Employees who have distributed facilities in the form of payroll payments at BNI

5. Prospective debtors are active employees with a minimum position of staff at:

  • Employees from BHMN Higher Education and employees in BUMN/BUMD when appointed as permanent employees.
  • TNI and POLRI with a minimum position of 2 years as active members
  • Civil Servants and State Universities Non-State-Owned Legal Entities (BHMN) when designated as CPNS
  • Is an employee at PNM (Multinational Company) with a position as a permanent employee for at least 2 years
  • Is a permanent employee in a Domestic Private Company with a position as a permanent employee for at least 1 year
  • An employee of a Foreign Private Company at least 2 years

6. Complete all required documents

Then for some documents you need to prepare such as:

1. Photocopy of identity such as Identity Card (KTP) or passport and also family card (KK)

2. Salary certificate or salary slip

3. SK employee or permanent employee

4. Photocopy of savings and current accounts for the last 3 months (copy of account mutation)

5. Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)

6. Make a statement that you will not move payroll until your credit is paid off

7. Letter of determination of tenure obtained from superiors

How to Apply for a Loan for BNI Employees

You can use 2 ways to apply for credit to BNI bank for civil servants and employees, including directly coming to the nearest branch bank office or registering online.

If you come directly to the office, then you only need to bring the terms and conditions mentioned above. Then later CS will help fill out the application form.

Meanwhile, if you choose to register online, then you have to scan and then input all the data into the BNI e-form online.

But before you start filling in all the data, you must first check the installment table from BNI loans for civil servants and employees. So you also know how many times you have to pay in installments and the amount of the loan you need.

That’s an explanation of BNI loans for employees starting from the requirements to how to apply. After getting a loan, don’t forget to pay it on time. So you are not penalized or fined.



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