BiliBili: Halal, legal, ad-free anime streaming app

Welcome to the IT People Blog. Lately, it seems that there is an anime streaming application with the name Bilibili (not a blibli buying and selling site, right!)

bilibili interface

Bilibili is a video sharing application for anime, comics and games based in China where users can watch popular anime without ads with clear picture quality and Indonesian subtitles. In addition, users can also upload their own videos, add comments and write reviews

The bilibili application is popular among wibu and Indonesian sub anime lovers, they can watch anime legally and for free even without registering in the application first they can immediately search for anime titles to watch anytime and anywhere

Suitable for those of you who want to move, previously used to download pirated anime on sites like samehadaku.. popup ads have appeared many times, pirated anime and don’t respect anime studios at all, begging for donations for server maintenance reasons even though if we donate it will become a jariyah sin because we indirectly help the distribution of pirated content on the internet

Why is the anime content provided by the bilibili app legal? because they have collaborated with Funimation as the most popular anime distributor company since 2019 and in 2020 the Sony company invested more than 400 million dollars in bilibili so that we can enjoy HD anime streaming quality for free

Now we can watch a list of the latest anime, epic anime such as one piece, bleach, kimetsu no yaiba legally, for free and most importantly it is equipped with Indonesian subtitles

Here are the advantages of bilibili as the most complete Indonesian subtitled anime watching application:

1. New anime available

No need to be afraid to miss the latest anime episode broadcast schedule, you will get a notification every time your favorite anime list has published the latest Indonesian sub episode

It already includes several anime released last October’s fall and more than 300 anime are available to enjoy for free

2. Streaming HD quality anime

You can watch anime on Bilibili in HD quality, it can be downloaded and saved for offline viewing at any time… besides that it is also legally licensed aka halal

3. Indonesian subtitles available

bilibili anime subtitles

Even though it’s made in China, most of the anime and movies that are uploaded are equipped with multilingual subtitles including Indonesian, Chinese, English

4. Watch anime without ads

Users don’t need to pay a monthly subscription fee, they are free to watch anime videos without ads, both inserted through the application or appearing paused when streaming anime online.

5. Favorite list feature

You can add anime series to your favorite list to watch later both online and offline

6. Live longer than die silly

Instead of coming home from school, fighting, drunkenness, dating and breaking up in the end, they end up fighting, racing, and gluing which ends up being ridiculous, it’s better to watch anime

7. Upload your own video

Users can upload their own content, of course this is a place for talented illustrators to market their brands

8. There is a bullet comment

This is the number of comments stretching one line that can fill the video frame, we used to often see the NND video sharing site (nico nico douga) and now we can see it on bilibili

9. Videos can be downloaded

All anime videos can be downloaded for free even in the best quality, even so specifically for premiere episodes you need a monthly subscription and of course to enjoy more anime lists

After knowing what are the advantages of Bilibili as the most popular anime watching application among webumen and anime lovers, now is the time to install it on a smartphone;

For Android and Iphone users, please open Playstore/Apstore and type “Bilibili” or “Bstation” if you find it directly download and install (file size 39MB)

Bilibili is also available in web version addressed but the best viewing experience I recommend through the official app

So what are the shortcomings of bilibili as the most popular legal anime streaming application?

1. The anime is incomplete, some familiar anime titles you may not find in the search list

2. Most of the anime is the latest season, there are still not enough old anime

3. Subtitles sometimes appear sometimes not, the subtitle language feels weird

4. There are often vulgar/bokkep anime recommendations, these are not derived from search suggestions but are purely suggestions for anime that are often watched.. Incidentally, in our country, the majority of brains are blue film enthusiasts.

hetong recommendation

5. A lot of unclear video uploads from other users or we call it trash creations

6. Not safe for small children especially under 18 years old considering there is no age content filter, registrants under 18 years old should have adult category censorship on anime recommendation listings

7. Anime titles are sometimes translated so users find it weird

8. Not all episodes in one anime are equipped with Indonesian subtitles, this makes some users feel disappointed

9. The anime series is not complete, either the ova version, the movie or the special episode

10. The downloaded file is automatically stored in the internal memory because when downloading there is no option to select storage

11. Initially bilibili was devoted to anime, for some reason now there are more and more semi-movies with a lecherous touch

Let’s upgrade bilibili account to premium

We can stream indo sub anime in HD for free without the hassle of ads on bilibili, but with a premium membership you can watch videos in higher quality 1080p+, enjoy some of the latest exclusive content earlier than other pirated webs, and of course access more than 800 complete anime series

Subscription prices start from Rp. 57,000/month, Rp. 159,000/3 months and Rp. 499,000/year

subscribe to bilibili

subscribe to bilibili

Thus the review article regarding the Bilibili application as a recommendation for streaming Indonesian subtitled anime without ads and for free which is intended for all anime fans in Indonesia, also share your experiences in the comments so that in the future developers can launch better versions



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