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IT People Blog – Playing videos on certain devices requires a certain format. Because not all devices can play all kinds of video formats. For example, when someone plans to play a video stored on a flash drive, of course it is different from the video format for a DVD player

There are several ways to make videos on a flash drive that can be played on a CD/DVD player. It’s just that maybe many lay people don’t know the specific steps or methods. Therefore, it’s a good idea to look at information related to recommendations for the best CD video formats and converter applications.

Best Video Formats dvd

Types of Video Formats

It will be useful if you know in advance the types of CD/DVD video formats that are widely circulated in the market. In order to have a basic knowledge of the video format used before converting it as needed. In general, the video formats that are often used are as follows.

• MPEG-2 . format

This format is the standard DVD format. The quality of the images produced from this format is quite clear and attractive. So many people use this format in making and recording videos.

• AVI Format

This video format has long been used on various devices. So do not be surprised if it is supported by many video player tools. Unfortunately, the AVI format has a larger file size than other formats with standard image quality.

• MOV Format

This format is often used when playing videos using the Quick Time player. Currently the MOV format is also quite widely used in cyberspace for certain types of videos.

• MPEG-4 . format

MPEG-4 is also one of the most widely used video formats. This format can be played on a DVD player easily. In addition, this one format also has a smaller file compression.

Advantages of Formatting Video

As for doing the video format brings many advantages. Whether it’s doing video formats for DVD players from flash drives, to formatting videos for DVD players from other devices. By first formatting as needed, this can provide the following benefits or advantages;

• Changing the video format helps to show the video directly on certain devices. For example, if you change the video format to MPEG-4, you can play and watch it directly on the DVD Player.

• Formatting the video also provides the advantage of a smaller file size compression for the video. So it can be stored on various devices without consuming memory capacity.

• Formatting videos also makes it easy to move video files from one device to another.

Example of a Video Format Converter Application

After reading the information above, it would be interesting to know what examples of video format converter applications currently exist. So if you want to watch videos on different devices it can be done easily. Here are some applications that help format video for DVD players from flash drives or from other devices.

1. Media Converter

The first video format converter application is Media Converter. This application can be used on Android phones easily. So don’t be surprised if many smartphone users choose this video converter. If you want to try it, immediately download this application via

2. Video Format Factory

Next is Video Format Factory which can be an alternative way to change the MP4 video format to be played on VCD. The advantage is, this application has a small size, so it can be used via Android smartphones easily. If you are interested in using the video format converter, you can download it immediately at the link

3. Video Converter Compressor

Another video format application for the best DVD player that can be accessed via an Android phone, namely Video Converter Compresser. Not only is it useful for converting types of video formats, but this converter also helps reduce video file sizes optimally. Therefore, this application is also widely used by users and video makers via smartphones. If you are interested in using it, immediately download this converter apk via the link

4. iSquint

Those who want to convert video formats via iPhone or MAC, we recommend using a suitable video converter. One of them is iSquint, which can help convert various types of videos on the iPhone into various formats needed. Not only can it change various formats, but this application helps the format process faster than other applications. Therefore, if you want an effective and efficient video converter, just download this application at

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5. MPEG StreamClip

Furthermore, there is also the MPEG StreamClip application which helps the video on the flash drive to be played on a CD/DVD player. This application can be used both on Windows and on MAC. In addition, this application also makes it easy for users to download videos on YouTube or on Google. No wonder many people like this interesting video converter application. If you plan to use MPEG StreamClip, immediately download the application at

6. AVS Video Converter

Then there is also a video converting application with the name AVS Video Converter. This application can be used to convert various types of video formats into videos that can be played on the iPhone. So if you have an Apple gadget, you should use this video converter application. For those who want to download the application, you can get it at

7. TENcorder

Finally, there is also an application that is useful for converting MP4 video formats to be played on VCD. Through the TENcorder application, users can freely change various video formats with ease. Whether it’s for ripping DVDs, downloading various types of videos, and so on.

By using TENcorder of course changing the video format and at the same time compressing video files becomes easier. Get this interesting application at the following link

That’s some information about the video format for the best DVD player, starting from the benefits to the apk converter that you can try to apply. Thanks to the information above, changing video formats is no longer difficult. So you don’t have to worry about the video being unread or you can’t watch it using your device.



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