Bad Experience Using Shopee Paylater

Bad Experience Using Shopee Paylater – Bad Habits and Shopee Paylater Complaints – Shopee PayLater billing at home – Shopee Paylater late payment experience – Toxic collectors of expensive goods to use online loans this article is made for sharing, not offending anyone and I’m trying to share so that all my friends can be aware

Hello everyone, I’m sunny, usually called beautiful today, I’m really embarrassed, embarrassed because my family helped me, I want to share my personal experience with you if there are wrong words or offending certain people I don’t mean it I hope you understand

Bad Experience Using Shopee Paylater

Everything from the beginning I went to go 1 year to go everything was fine I’m just eating as much as I can I if I can afford expensive things 15k and I like it I bought the SE happy first! My first go as a carat means a lot to me, good admin, good friend, I’m really happy

I’m even the owner of one of the go, because I used to feel I was able to sell and be responsible. When I got here, I knew what this expensive item was and the meaning of that expensive item. Oh yes, it’s broadcast, oh yes, there are only 4 expensive items in the world.

Humans are creatures who are never satisfied, everything goes back to our own personality but friends, before starting this collect, it’s really fun, but let’s learn together before starting to collect what should we prepare. So that it doesn’t turn out like this

I started following my friends, you can blame it on me, but you don’t know the butterfly effect, eh, expensive stuff, this pose is really cute, and everyone wants to have it, maybe not all of them, but you know what it’s like to have cute expensive items. a million people

And it happened to me, after I bought the expensive stuff that everyone is looking for or has, guess what? I feel loved by everyone replying to my tweet to say congratulations “congratulations on seeing you finally” “so cool” guys for me your replies are very valuable

I feel “wow I’m cool”

“I want to have this wl ah this is cute and that’s also funny” I am loved by my friends, they even remember me as the sunny person who has this.

A little story in my real life, since I was a victim of bullying, I am really thirsty for validation, recognition from other people, amazing feelings from other people.

I started to exceed my limit, I can only afford to buy expensive things like this, I started “oh, it’s okay bro, can it be full or not in shoppe, do you want to use paylater?”

I started to go through everything so that I was loved to have this and that. I remember that sharing with the go child failed in full, first sharing, it can’t be canceled if it’s not full, if you share the deal with the seller, don’t you want to have to pay in full? Again, so that I can get validation, it’s cool to go this can-

Can you share this, bro, this is so cool, there are so many. I’m really hungry for validation. I buy expensive things to be loved by people not because I want and I love. I have used the $pay limit many times, what to buy? Buy paper with merch.

I just want to let you know if you’re starting to feel toxic “oh yeah why did I buy this, it’s okay, I’m happy” Yes guys I know KPop is for fun but we have to know the limits of our limitations and abilities.

In the midst of the hectic open merch everywhere and the ease of being everywhere, I hope you, I you, can all know your limits. I really got AT THE DEBT COLLECTOR am i embarrassed today? Yes, I’m ashamed I thought I could always afford to pay for it all but I didn’t

“This is a shame, why are you telling me like this” Yes, I’m ashamed that I will take this regret with me everywhere. I almost wanted to kill myself no, it’s not almost I’ve tried to commit suicide 3 times and the last time I threw my body away was when I was riding a motorbike

I was in an accident but actually I don’t want to go home confused, what do I pay for, what do I sell, especially how come I have expensive things that I love and value, but I’m selling them again when I’m stressed out. How come something can make me like this

I’m now learning to let go one by one, it’s really hard, but I have to sell them all again to get money to pay for my mistakes, I can’t see my papa and mama working and they only work to pay their children’s loans. Lord Jesus if I could turn back God’s time I wouldn’t want to

How can this happen, God I’m ashamed God I’m ashamed. Even though before being loved by someone else, our Lord loved us first, this is a verse from the Koran (sorry if the writing is wrong) from my kind-hearted friend, Dhabita, to remind me that before we want to die and don’t feel loved

Bad Experience Using Shopee Paylater

I made this article for my regrets, friends, regrets, I don’t know how to control myself, those of you who are still capable and even already working, still want to continue collecting? Don’t go on! As long as it’s in a healthy way, I want to give you a few tips

If you want to buy expensive things, what should you do?

1. Have money make sure you have a steady income, whether it’s pocket money from your parents, or from any business work, that’s fixed!

2. Create your limit! What price do you think you can only afford to buy in that range!

3. You have to be firm with yourself keep away yourself from “hey, borrow this first, I’m really okay, I’ll change it later” don’t say anything later or anything even if it’s if you or you really want but don’t have enough money stop there! What method do you use, sunny, do I want to?

4. Use whatever method of prayer, Ask God, gosh, it’s paper, like other people, there are only 5 in the world, if you ask the Almighty, especially if you want to save, you want to make a limit for yourself! God has 1001 ways to help you!

5. Think about your needs. If you buy this merch, are you sure the money can or can afford to buy this? Or is there another urgent need? Always make sure that you really don’t have anything else to do or that you already have some spare money!

End of this article, thank you, everyone has read all the way down here. I hope my delivery is clear, people have tried. But ask God for strength to do it! I’ll still be a part of the carat with or without merch even expensive goods hihihi!!

Oh yes, in addition, if you get to WTB WTB WTB until you get depressed, etc. I hope you stop, don’t ask questions, just stop being a mental illness fighter (I was diagnosed with a depressive episode) I’m pretty sad, I have to enjoy it, whatever it is, I have to be happy, don’t be sad because

Sorry, there’s a lot of additions, I’m not active on spay, it’s really toxic, I forgot to attach it, I also have 3 million in arrears in my apk. AWARE EVERYTHING, this apk gives you a lot of convenience and even connects to the shoppe platform that we use EVERY DAY!

What’s easy will definitely be difficult, what will be difficult choices will definitely be easy, I’m really officially closing this article, friends, I say goodbye to resign, take it easy, learn what’s bad, friends, this is additional advice from Kaka!!

Response :

– this is one of the reasons why my mom can’t borrow / use a paylater. If my mother said, for example, if you don’t have money, it’s better not to. save first until the money is enough before shopping

– Thank you, sis for sharing and luckily my spaylater has also been frozen since the last time I paid off my paylater so I haven’t used it since 2 years ago, if it’s still active now maybe I’ll be toxic with paper

– Thank you for sharing your experience. I also became more aware to know LIMIT. I don’t collect merch or expensive items, but I’ve always been a project committee. Me and my friends want to make a WAH PJ. Rent a good place, good and different freebies, it costs a lot but those who join are few

– I don’t know who you are, but I’m really proud that you’ve learned a lot about this. I hope you can do better in the future and thanks for sharing with others

– Thank you sunny dha dare to speak up to share your experience, I also feel toxic not by borrowing or the like, but more interested in buying expensive things compared to other needs, and usually I can save diligently, so I don’t spend a lot of money

– It’s true, last year I was still ‘brave’ to use a paylater to buy expensive items, but thank God I was always able to pay it off and it didn’t reach 300, but since the beginning of the year I’ve frozen the paylater-now, it feels really relief, more relieved than having a wl but borrowing money , it’s better if you want to do whatever it is, it’s better to save up first, if for example you don’t have money, you can split payments, as long as you use clear money, there are lots of good sellers who want to wait until the next event, as long as it doesn’t come

– I no longer use Spaylater because from the start I thought “I don’t work, where do I get money from to pay off” but my friend used to borrow my account spalter for debt until the limit was 7.5

– Keep up the spirit, maybe we don’t know because we haven’t studied. And now I learn from Kaka’s article. Thank you for sharing the best article. I actually found this when I was feeling “jaan mulu, makain mulu”. Wow, I’m touched by myself

– mjb, honestly I salute you, you want to share with other people so you don’t fall like you, and you are also aware even though it’s late and want to fix all your messes. a bit of a story, I started to stop crossing out expensive items since there was no income, what I have in my savings is running low because I collect expensive items

– this is why I don’t use paylater, the end is not profitable but even detrimental. original. moreover there must be flowers right. That’s why my mother always says “all you have is money, if you really need it, just borrow it from your mother, don’t ever use a paylater, it’s dangerous in the hereafter because it’s debt”

– Thank you for your experience, Sis, it’s really toxic if no one tells you, sometimes I think it’s okay to give yourself a reward but remember that there is a limit, only when it’s already millions, I’ll say I’m giving up but I’ll buy it again

– This is all human, Sis, because we are not free from all sins and mistakes, but I really salute you, you are aware and share all these experiences to give insight that I think is very valuable, may God bless you always


All religions are taught that debt brings problems, hopefully we can avoid all of this 🙂


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