Application To Make AU on Twitter

Application To Create AU on Twitter and Android AU Needs – These are all the apps I used while writing Alternative Universe (AU). I don’t make tutorials, but if you want to ask questions, please drop a question in the column provided at the end of each article for each application, OK?

I want to ask, what application do you use to make it? I want to do that, I thought about it yesterday

I made this article because I often get DMs asking what apps I use to make au.

Application To Make AU on Twitter

I’ll do it in general (ios and android) because I tried to make au using android or ios.

Everything I write here is in accordance with my experience, so don’t judge, huhuhu, you can add more if you have a much better reference or application

I use this application on Android, the chat display looks like an iPhone message. the results are pretty good on android, but when i try it on ios, i don’t even like it. the features are also reduced in my opinion on ios.

In my experience, while using the MEMI, it’s much easier on Android than on iOS. then on ios memi it often comes out on its own, it’s not clear, it’s weird. the color is also all red, you have to edit one by one if you want it to be blue like imess.

for andro ok.

for ios, I don’t recommend it.

For fake chat too, I was told the app is called iFake, I’ve never tried it, just maybe you guys can try it who knows it’s much more suitable on Android than Memi.

For chat that looks like Line chat, I tried an application called Moso, but I’m not comfortable because it’s complicated to use. For those of you who are patient, it shouldn’t be a problem, but I prefer to use 2 Lines, a little more complicated but real

I like using TwiNote because uploading photos can be more than 1, whereas if I use Social Maker, I haven’t found a way to upload more than 1 photo in the fake twitter section. he can also ss directly from the app, no need for manual ss.

(+) = plus points

(-) = minus points

Apps for AU Android Supplies

1. whatsmock β€” fake whatsapp.

9.7/10 this application must be very familiar, yes. whatsmock is an application that you can use to create fake chat (whatsapp).

looks android, emojinya iphone. I think this is the best fake chat app, really. it might be a bit annoying with the watermark, but you can cross it out if you want, or maybe if you use a pro you can delete wm, right? i remember.

plus points:

+ can call & vidcall (user – user (can’t vid/call for groups))

+ there is a whatsapp status

+ can change wallpaper

+ can set the font & distance between texts with the clock in the chat bubble

+ can change user status (online, typing, hidden last seen, last seen at ….)

+ no user limit

+ can create groups & there is no member limit

+ can send photos

+ can send stickers

+ can send vn (can be in the form of direct vn or audio)

+ there is a dark mode

+ can change bubble chat status (not sent/clock, tick one, tick two gray, tick blue)

+ can change the date format which is usually in the middle of the screen (the blue one ). it can also create a text divider (like ‘you blocked this contact’, etc).

+ can make unread messages (pict)

– the status is not realistic because the caption is on the left. different from the original whatsapp where the caption is in the middle.

minus points:

– morals

– the wallpaper is often blurry when applied.

– not really a minus but kinda annoying for me: the font size can be adjusted, but the emoji size doesn’t change that much. so sometimes the emoji like to look really big.

– quite a lot of ads.

2. twinote β€” fake twitter.

the best application for fake twitter in my opinion πŸ‘πŸ»

+ can create multiple accounts & can save profile

+ realistic appearance

+ there are 3 modes (white, black, dim)

+ can make private acc

+ can make verified acc

+ can up 4 photos

+ can set how much twitter engagement (like, q/rt, comment)

+ can make a trend

+ there is a dm & can make a group

+ if you want to save the results, you can click the camera in the top right (pict), so if the tweet is long, you don’t need SS. an example of the result in pict 2

– The emojis follow each device

– dm display is less realistic

– can’t upload videos

– Sending dm is a bit tricky

3. ifake β€” fake chat.

9/10: this is the most complete fake chat app, really.

this is specifically for fake chat, yes. so there’s only chat. looks a lot.

1. twitter

2. message

3. telegram

4. tinder

5. instagram

6. messenger

7. whatsapp

+ because it is multifunctional. so for those of you who love memos, you can use this.

+ iphone emojis

+ iphone display

+ can add date

+ can set the size of the chat bubble

+ can create groups

+ can change wallpaper

+ can send photos

+ there is a dark mode

– lots of ads

– if you want to save a chat, you have to scroll from the top because the way to save it is using the save button from the app (pict)

– a maximum of only 3 chats, if you want unlimited you have to be pro. you can also not pro but watch ads and one day a maximum of 3

– photos for profile can’t be cropped. so we can’t set it up again, you know. understand gas?? :’

– I don’t like the look of the whatsapp chat bubble (pict)

– if PP is not given, the profile section will be white (light mode) or items (dark mode) are not formed

4. Instagram β€” fake instagram.

9/10 β€” real instagram to make fake instagram (chat, igs, profile, etc.) because I haven’t found a good fake instagram app on android

+ that’s a lot. realistic, for sure. it’s just, yes, it takes a bit of effort especially if you want to chat because you have to go back and forth & create multiple accounts

but yes it looks good, realistic too. The emot clearly follows the device. if you want to be an iph emote, just use zfont okok

5. pinterest β€” aesthetic photos.

100/10 β€” like this app, it really is a lifesaver, seriously. Looking for any photos, 98.5% found

+ from the boards you made, you can add more sections later, so they’re more organized

+ not only photos, you can search for videos too

+ basically it’s like if you are confused looking for aesthetic photos, looking for inspiration, on pinterest it’s the best

There’s also a lot on pinterest if you want to look for editing stuffβ€”for example: keyword canva, color palette, ibis brush, recommended font phonto, and others

From me personally, there are no minuses, really. love you pinterest, thankyou for existing

6. wps office β€” narrations.

8/10 β€” I used this to write a two-column narrative. example :

Actually this is fine, really, it’s just a shame he doesn’t have to be a pro like that. like changing fonts, etc., must be a pro. but it looks okay okay

7. phonto β€” text editing.

100/10 β€” the TOPPPPP text editing application πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» the choice of fonts is very, very, very aesthetic

+ you can set the color yourself

+ can color gradation

+ if you make a new color, you can save it

+ can make a stroke (outline)

+ can add shadow / shadow

+ can add a plain background (like the model on Instagram)

+ can set the spacing:

example, example

+ can be curved / make the text curved

* all the options above are in the ‘style’ section when you press the text

+ when you’re done editing, you can save the photo in the project section (if possible in the future you want to edit again / still need it)

+ you can see the preview before saving. It’s in the three dots in the right corner

+ you can add photos on top of photos, but the photos you add can’t be adjusted (cropped)

Β± can add text to videos too, but different applications

there are no minuses, love u phonto

8. ibis paint x β€” editing.

10/10 β€” I usually use it to edit doodles, because I really don’t know how to edit other forms other than doodling here wkwkwk

+ a lot of brushes (import yourself, many on pinterest)

+ when you’re done editing, you can automatically make videos while you’re doodling

uh honestly I don’t know what else to write, even for the minus I don’t know what to write because I don’t think there is …. TT______TT

9. capcut β€” video editing.

9/10 this is the best & most complete video editing app on Android (besides AM because I can’t use AM). you can use it if you want to make a trailer, fmv, or something like that

+ can add text

+ can import fonts

+ lots of effects & filters

+ this effect is complete

There’s no minus whatsoever, really, it’s just that if it lags, it really lags like that

10. KBBI V β€” dictionary.

15/10 β€” this app is very very useful for me who likes to confuse which words are standard and which are not standard

+ the app is offline

+ easy way to make

+ he has been grouped like that, for example: word class = verb, adjective, etc

there’s no minus because it’s really good & very useful

11. screen master β€” screenshots.

20/10 β€” very good & very very useful. because i want to fake chat with iphone look and i don’t like bubble chat meme, so i use this πŸ˜€

At first, you must be a little confused, but you can just tinker with it after a while, how come

If anyone wants to ask about the screen master, you can drop it here, okay!

12. canva β€” editing.

9/10 β€” this is a really cool app. can make covers, posters, or other edits

minus one point because I’m annoyed that it’s a bit slow when I move elements/press buttons in Canva. I’m an impatient person because

btw, I don’t use the app, I use the one via the web because I don’t have enough memory. The important thing is that you already have an account, how can you use it on the web?

there are so many cute & aesthetic elements/stickers that you are definitely looking for. Just look for the keywords on pinterest/twitter, there must be a lot. the fonts are also VERY nice and beautiful

Canva, that’s all, as long as you know how to make it and how to edit it, you’ll definitely make a lot of good edits, right?

13. picsart β€” editing.

9/10 β€” I usually use this for collages, doodles, manips, etc.

again uninstalling because the memory is running out so I can’t show you how it looks

The brush is not as good and as good as the ibis, but it’s still worth it, why use it for doodling. there are lots of tools too.

14. tellonym β€” interact with readers.

8/10 β€” okay, just a little slow. you can use this app for readers feedback (like cc)

+ there is a notification if there are new tells that come in

just look it up

15. line, telegram & google classroom β€” update notifications.

10/10 β€” all 10/10. This is for those who are lazy to open tags (like me) just use (one of) this app.

Later, all you have to do is open an open chat/group/channel/class, then when you update, copy the link, send it to the group

Alright, that’s all…. I don’t know what else to talk about. you don’t have to look at it, okay?

So Many Applications To Make AU on Twitter

Those who want to ask questions may, who knows, there is something I haven’t reached yet, maybe later I can help share or help what your difficulties are


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