Analysis of the Results of The Fed Fomc Tampering Crypto

Analysis of the Results of The Fed Fomc Tampering Crypto – It is undeniable that coin events, CERTIK etc. often affect the price movement of a coin. But (personal belief) Whales/Popes are not 100% interested in these things, Whales, the scale of the margin/capital is already unimaginable to us, yes, they have to think big.

Analysis of The Fed Fomc Tampering Crypto Results - It's undeniable coin events

With Whales capital that is as bad as it is, automatically doing fundamental analysis must be Macro, or more precisely Macro Economics, and fellow Whales also have Whales Fight/Whales War too, you know, don’t think

So what are the most fundamental considerations for Whales?

in every transaction, whether on the Stock market, whether Forex, whether Crypto etc….

Whales will ALWAYS focus on and even bow to the actions of the Federal Reserve or the Fed. That is America’s Central Bank, for us it is Bank Indonesia….


Yes, it’s automatic, whether you like it or not, until this moment the American economy is still the benchmark for all economies in the world. Not to mention that Top Whales are actually 99.9% American, yes, all Americans… so that’s only natural.

A simple practical for you to monitor the Fed’s policies is when the FOMC Meeting is scheduled and when the Director of the Fed wants a press conference. Because that’s when all Whales will be on standby to make their transaction decisions. Check it out via the official website…

Whatever statement was published by the Fed at that time, whether it was a positive sentiment or a negative sentiment… DEFINITELY will have a significant impact on market movements.

“What is the movement in the market?”

In any market, in any market…

Stocks, Forex, Crypto… basically everything… even the JCI will be affected

Come on, you don’t have to go far, if there is a negative sentiment from the Fed… roughly speaking, the price of Jengkol in us can also go up * hyperbole

Even for example, when the #Ethereum 2.0 release schedule coincides with the Fed’s Press Release schedule which contains negative sentiment….it is guaranteed that the price of $ETH at that time will definitely drop and even dump…


For those of you who “like” fundamental analysis, let’s start to be sensitive and focus on the movements and actions of the Fed. Yes, what are you going to do? After all, until this moment America still has great control over the world economy… so let’s not go against the flow.

that’s the analysis of the results of the Fed Fomc Tampering Crypto

Hopefully useful.


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