Always Feel Sad and Lonely When We Are Alone

Always Feel Sad and Lonely When We Are Alone – Have you ever felt as if you had no problems. Meeting your hangout friends feels like nothing, Gathering with your friends at a reunion feels very full and energetic,

But then after coming home from there, you feel empty?

You feel no energy. No passion. It seems that after the people who share your laughter with you leave, your happiness goes with them.

Then, suddenly you cry.

Always Feel Sad and Lonely When We Are Alone

You realize that you are not feeling well.


Why does a person feel emptiness?

There are several possibilities that could happen:

1. Lack of sleep

2. Fatigue

Both of these are forms of physical factors that influence. when man lacks time to rest his mind,

When physical conditions are not good, we are less able to enjoy moments that should be happy and make someone feel energized. Feel filled.

In addition, there are other factors, namely from a psychological perspective, which encourages the feeling of emptiness to be felt.

Among others are:

-Boredom. Feelings caused by feeling monotonous. Feeling that routine activity is no longer passionate, but just meaningless repetition.

– Grief.

Grief takes various forms.

A new breakup, of course, forces someone to lose the role of a lover, to adjust to the situation, to a new status.

Likewise, other sorrows such as friendship break-ups, death, or the loss of other things.

Then another unique phenomenon is as I wrote in the title and opening earlier.

When people feel emptiness when they just come home from a meeting.

Just got home from his routine, work.

Sometimes these kinds of things also raise questions.

“Doesn’t he have a lot of friends?”

“Doesn’t he have circles?”

Apparently, feeling empty is not always because you feel you have no one, it can also be because you don’t feel connected to the people around you.

Even if someone has a friend, it will be a different story when he and his best friend graduate from college and work in different places.

Even if someone has an older sister, it will be different when the older sister is out of town while the younger sibling is at home.

There is an awareness that the people we care about have other priorities.

People who are important to our lives are not indifferent, but have their own problems that are not always about us, right.

Then slowly create distance, and encourage that sense of disconnection.

Apart from that what else?

Of course the habit of holding back.

Don’t want to bother, don’t have the energy to tell stories, don’t want to be pitied,

These kinds of things further support the creation of distance and distance of connectedness.

One thing that could be the reason is because meeting with friends, lovers, family is so important.

It could be that basically we already have a problem. But because of that meeting, the existence of that activity, it makes us momentarily dissolved in the moment.

But after that meeting, when they waved to each other and said goodbye..

Finally realized again that the self is full of problems, and feel alone.

So what are the ways to solve it?

1. Identify the root of the problem.

Finding out what makes this emptiness feel, which aspect is the problem, will help us to specify which areas need attention.

2. Self Care.

Doing activities that pamper, provide well-being and rest physically and mentally will help us to be calmer and less stressed by emptiness.

3. Share.

Although other humans will not always be there for us forever, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need them, right?

Share it.

Find the right person who wants to be your place to complain. you can listen to each other and understand each other.

Hopefully this short article can be useful, yes!

So Always Feel Sad and Lonely When We Are Alone


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