AIDA Concept Model and Brand Examples According to Experts

AIDA Model Concepts and Brand Examples According to Experts – AIDA is a formula that is often used in sales, marketing, and content writing.

And in the era of social media like today (think youtube, FB, IG, Twttr) the process of building hype to produce mega hits might be easier.

When someone already has a massive and strong social media audience base, creating hype becomes easy to do.

The film Pengabdi Setan became a mega hit not only because of its remarkable and familiar product (remake) but also because its creator (Joko Anwar) was able to create hype via Twitter and IG.

Remarkable product x creative hype = mega hits.

In the hierarchical buying decision model, the AIDA principle is known:

Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action

So consumers must first be aware, know, grow interest, then desire will appear and then purchase action.

Don’t end up buying it right away.

The process of awareness or product introduction will spread if the creator is able to create hype.

If hit makers already have a massive audience base, then their creations will easily spread and have the potential to become best sellers.

Interest and desire will appear if there is a combination of “elements of novelty and familiarity” in the released work (as has been reviewed above).

Radityadika and Ernest Prakasa may be a sample of accomplished hit makers in the country.

Their film products are always best sellers. Why? Because they both have a strong and massive audience base.

Plus they are both good at creating hype around the launch of their works.

Most of us when we make sales either in the marketplace, whatsapp group or website only include features and features.

In fact, if we can make the description more attractive, of course the closing of a sale will be even greater.

For example, when writing a title the sales headline is usually just written.

“SELLING Original Lombok Pearl Necklace”

Whereas if we want to apply A (Attenttion) the first thing we have to do is attract readers to stop and be curious about our headline.

After the headline, usually the seller will write down the features/features/materials of the product.

So from now on, try to replace it with interest to make it even more interesting for readers to scroll your offer to the bottom.

Interest : By using [Produk ini] Automatic!! You will be the center of attention in [kantormu,sekolah,tongkrongan] dll according to the product.

Desire: This product is made of genuine Lombok pearls taken from a depth of 1km under the sea (for example) the color will match the outfit you are wearing.. FIX is even more beautiful

Action: Complete your collection now because stock is very limited!!

This concept is similar to Ariana Grande’s song lyrics: I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.

What is it and how do you use it?

Before we buy an item, we will always go through 4 stages:

1. Awareness: See ads on social media

2. Interest: We are interested in the ad

3. Desire: We want to have the product in the ad

4. Action: We buy the product

Well, each of these stages needs to be thought out carefully, but I often see that many MSMEs or social media content pay less attention to this.

AIDA Concept Model and Brand Examples According to Experts

We try to discuss one by one in a simple way. I hope this helps.


1. Awareness

At this very early stage, we need to focus on finding ways to get the attention of the right audience.

For example, Maudy owns an import bookstore business. First of all, Maudy needs to choose media that is often used by book lovers.

He found that Twitter was the place to be. At this stage, Maudy needs to notice that her goal now is how she can reach as many book lovers as possible

The more people who know about Maudy’s business, the more opportunities Maudy has to sell

Maudy also asked, what can I do at this stage? He tried to brainstorm and write down several possibilities:

1. Make a popular book review

2. Collaboration with a Twitter account that loves education

3. Book giveaway

4. Create a thread for a favorite book from a famous person

After thinking about it and adjusting it to the target audience, Maudy actually wanted to try implementing 2 initial points: book reviews and collaboration.

“Okay, now how can I make this book review and collaboration interesting, huh?”

2. Interest

After knowing which media is the right one, the intended target audience, and what kind of content you want to create, Maudy also devised a way to get people interested in knowing more about the business and its products.

At this Interest stage, Maudy focuses on empathizing with his target audience. He is looking for, what are the problems/pain points of the prospective customers?

Apparently, at that time, many people were influenced by their opinions and were full of emotion when they saw a Twitter thread.

Maudy then realized that he could create content about the importance of critical thinking on social media.

He then remembered that there are 2 books that can help with this problem: Calling Bullshit from Bergstrom and Thinking, Fast and Slow from Kahneman.

Then created a thread with the first tweet like this:

“Social media makes us often trapped in spontaneous thinking, which is emotional.

This is certainly dangerous and Kahneman is trying to help us think critically through an analytical system.”

Maudy also continued the thread by following good copywriting tips:

1. Make a simple sentence/paragraph

2. Use language that suits the target audience

3. Systematic and measurable

Happy to be halfway there, Maudy is now thinking of ways to get people who have read the thread to buy the book.

“Ah! I think I can discount this book for just one day…”

3. Desire

Maudy’s thoughts had just entered the Desire stage. How do we make people who have endured reading the book reviews become buyers.

One way is to provide limited promos. This makes people interested in buying, yes while on discount.

Maudy needs to find a way so that her target audience has an urgency to buy the book. That is indeed the right thought, what else can be done in the Desire stage?

Try giving advice to Maudy by replying to this tweet.

4. Action

Now, Maudy was quite happy. Now it is enough to give a simple call to action so that people who are already interested in buying it actually buy it.

“Selling through e-commerce, people are used to it and it’s safe.”

Finally, Maudy sold Kahneman’s book through various e-commerce sites and provided the link at the end of the thread.

He wrote again, “Limited discount for the first 50 buyers!”

That’s it!

You have learned the AIDA formula and this can be done not only for sales, but also when you have a social media account or something.

At the desire and action stage, all you have to do is change it to “Follow”

to learn new things, FREE!”

Next, maybe I’ll try to share in more detail, such as how to create a customer persona and a customer journey map that helps us at the awareness and interest stage.

Also other things.

Ohya keep in mind, we need a lot of experimentation too to implement this AIDA formula. Nothing is done right away, it needs a process.

If you want to try it, feel free to DM, I’ll give you some suggestions that (hopefully) help. It’s free, there’s no paid consultation.

Btw, many people request AISAS because it is now more often used among digital marketers.

Some AIDA Model Concepts and Brand Examples According to Experts


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