Adsense Ad Impression Experience Restricted 2021


This article discusses the experience of limited Adsense ad impressions caused by Traffic Invalid in the past few weeks or even almost a month. It states that it is considered to bring in bot visitors (not real). However, there is no oddity at all from the CTR rate and the number of ad clicks like an ad click bomb.

It can be said that few people know about the cause of limited Adsense ad impressions, it could be because there is an error in the installation of the plugin used to share articles that puts it in a popup position on the edge of the screen (the author doesn’t know the term) on the website.


After 1 day of installing the plugin that is used to share articles on this site and the author tries to access this website using a smartphone on a different network, but the Adsense ad display does not appear at all or is blank.

After checking the Gmail inbox registered with Adsense, I found the message content from Noreply-adsense, namely that Adsense ad impressions have been limited due to Invalid Traffic. Thinking about it, this can happen because there is a possibility of installing the Share Article plugin (the author does not mention the brand) which is adjacent to the Adsense ad display which is not allowed because it can lure visitors to click on the ad.

This is the first time to get a notification letter from Google Adsense itself that this Adsense account has been limited because it is considered Traffic Invalid even though there are no abnormalities at all after checking Adsense monitoring.

In fact, the author has no thoughts or feelings at all that the installation of this Share Article plugin can have an impact on Adsense ad impressions, especially popup bottoms, causing the Adsense account to be restricted.


For how to overcome Adsense ad impressions yourself, you as a website owner or blog writer must know the cause of the limited display of Adsense ad impressions. For the author’s own version, the cause of this happened because there was an accidental error in the installation of the Share Article plugin which affected the appearance of Adsense ads, especially the popup section which overlapped each other.

For those of you who are experiencing Adsense ad impressions that don’t appear once or blankly on your website because Adsense ads are limited to Traffic Invalid and the cause of limited Adsense ad impressions is because there is an error in the Share Article plugin, either accidentally or intentionally. There are several ways to overcome limited Adsense ad impressions as follows:

Remove Plugins or Script Codes That Cause Restricted Adsense Ads.

You can remove plugins or script codes that can cause Adsense ad impression violations as long as the Adsense Ads account is being monitored by Google. After that, just wait for some time until the warning sign of restricted Adsense ads disappears.

For the Adsense ad code located above the it does not need to be completely removed and the automatic ad impression setting does not need to be turned off (disabled), unless the Adsense ad impression is limited because Click Invalid no Traffic Invalid. Invalid Traffic and Invalid Clicks are two different terms.

Creating Relevant New Articles in Blog Content (Optional).

If the number of visitors tends to be stable both in a day, occasionally create new articles that do not have many references on blogs with similar themes. Meanwhile, the number of visitors is unstable and even drops dramatically, so you have to regularly create new articles consistently and regularly. In the case of this point, it’s better to make 1 article in one day and be consistent the next day than many articles in one day, but not consistently (like this author) :D.

Try to make the new article appropriate or relevant to the content of your blog, it doesn’t matter if you make a new article that goes viral. As long as the content of the viral article matches the content of your blog. Do that regularly until the warning sign of the restricted Adsense account disappears by itself.

If you don’t have time to make a new article because of your busy schedule, you don’t have time to take care of Blog content, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t had time to write a new article. Most importantly, plugins or Script code that can cause Adsense account violations that are considered Traffic Invalid have been removed.


In the case of the Adsense account being restricted from the author himself, it happened because there was an accidental error where the Share Article plugin was placed on the edge of the website screen which overlapped with the display of Adsense ad impressions in a popup on the edge of the website screen, causing Traffic Invalid activity which caused the account to appear. Adsense is limited to ad impressions on websites / blogs.

To overcome the limited Adsense account due to Traffic Invalid the author’s version is to remove the plugin or script code that can cause a violation of the Adsense account itself.

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