8 Ways to rewrite articles to be unique and free of plagiarism

BlogPeopleIT – Not all knowledge is created by the thought of one human being, these sciences will later be spread in various different ways of writing even though the core of the discussion is the same.

Rewriting articles is not an easy matter, sometimes the author gets stuck in a few sentences of the original author so that the articles produced by the second author seem plagiarized, unoriginal and do not have their own copyright.

In this post, we will discuss how to write unique and plagiarism-free articles based on other people’s content;

How to rewrite articles to be unique and free of plagiarism

1. Read the reference article thoroughly

A good writer is also a good reader, before writing a particular article you should thoroughly read some scientific references that you find. This needs to be done so that the author understands the essence of the topic of the article that he wants to rewrite so as to produce more complete and updated information from the original source.

Writing rewrite articles using the per-paragraph reading technique tends to produce plagiarism-type articles, especially if the author is stuck to rewrite a paragraph into repeated explanations as a result the impression that the main information will be piled up with less important information.

Whereas in rewriting an information we must collect the essence of several references, only then rewrite it in one whole paragraph with its own unique style of language.

If possible, make plots about the important ideas of each article you read so that later your rewritten article can be better than the source article and seem unique.

Even though it is called a rewritten article, the quality of the information is more valuable so that the author has confidence in his own article

2. Find some references

Some writers are fixated on only one reference that is considered the best, even though it causes the content of the article to be limited to that discussion, and increases the risk of great plagiarism unless the author does get an order for an article whose number of words is shorter than the original article then the author can focuses on one source of long and complete articles to summarize the essence only

If possible, use more than one article reference, the results will be better, the article is rich in information and seems much more valuable than the source of the rewritten article but if you write according to the client’s order of 500 words, 700 words then your writing will be really limited.

Using several reference articles makes our writing richer and more valuable, but care must be taken to choose valid and relevant reference sources.

3. Create your own outline

Before rewriting the article, the author must first compile the article framework to make it easier for the author to complete his written work and seem more structured in the order discussed. The author can determine what will be reviewed in his writing and reach the desired word count target

The framework made by an author makes it easy to write the parts of the article that you want to review first, later these sections will be arranged in a table of contents which makes it easier for readers to find certain information from the whole article quickly and easily.

Actually, it’s not only rewrite articles that require a writing framework, other types of articles also need it because it’s impossible for you to write various discussions in a long paragraph line.

A good writing framework helps writers stay focused and not get out of topic for the article, especially if the author uses more than one source, the writing framework can be longer and more complete.

If the source article only discusses “the difference between slr and dslr cameras” then the rewrite writer can add a new framework that discusses the meaning of each type of camera “examples of cameras and their advantages and disadvantages”. This makes the author more focused on the topic he is reviewing

4. Use a different language style

One of the challenges for rewrite article writers is how to present the same information in a different language style, that’s why if we rewrite from a long and complete source of information to a shorter one, the impression is less good and not more valuable because actually the rewritten article must remove ambiguous paragraphs and replace them with paragraphs that are easily understood by the reader

So the rewritten articles must be better than reference articles, even though they are not the results of their own research. It’s like the author of the source article is tired of doing research and publishing the results while the rewrite writer only collects information by referring to the results of other people’s research/findings, so the rewrite article writer has more time and energy to make better articles.

Every writer has his own style of conveying information, that’s why I suggest that the rewrite writer reads the entire article and collects reliable references so that he can explain things in detail and with the various methods/methods found.

In addition, having more information also makes it easier for the author to resubmit the information based on his own thoughts without colliding with information from one other’s article.

However, no matter how unique the author’s style of language is, he must still pay attention to the target reader and the type of article, such as health articles delivered in a relaxed language style that tends to make readers feel doubtful about the validity of the information even though the rewriter has included a series of research sources.

Meanwhile, articles with simple tutorial technology topics, if explained formally, also seem long-winded because readers prefer to directly practice the steps without paying attention to lengthy article explanations.

5. Use headings and sub headings

The use of headings, sub headings, sub sub headings, etc. can be used to create a good and correct article framework so that it does not get out of topic. Often rewriter article writers get out of topic because this type of writer is all trade, aka rewriting all articles, all niches and all topics.

Headings and sub headings have their own roles and they must be distinguished in their use because the html code is also different.

Now from these headings and sub headings, they will be assembled in a TOC (Table of Content) or table of contents so that readers can find information more quickly without having to read the entire article.

Articles that apply headings and sub headings will look more structured, SEO Friendly, and interesting when compared to an article containing full paragraphs which makes the reader feel bored and less efficient as well as reading the entire information even though it only takes a few paragraphs.

Sub headings will provide further description of headings, as well as sub sub headings will share explanations from sub headings one level above

When the main heading discusses “the difference between DSLR and mirrorless cameras” then the sub heading can focus on discussing the meaning of DSLR cameras while the sub headings can discuss examples of DSLR cameras complete with specifications which, if you want to be further elaborated into sub sub headings, focus more on explaining one brand. dlsr camera and so on

The use of headings and sub headings is important for both rewrite/non-rewrite article writers and readers because the main ideas in the article will be written according to their sections.

6. Give a characteristic in one paragraph

Every good article has credibility and is sourced from valid references. Writing rewriter articles by sticking to valid reference articles is good but it would be even better if you provide a piece of information from your own thoughts.

For example, when comparing the advantages of Windows 11 with Windows 10, I personally have been using Windows 11 for 6 months, so I have felt more or less the advantages/disadvantages of this windows.

Now that additional information is not contained in the reference source article, but the result of your knowledge from personal experience which is added to the rewritten article so that it has a characteristic. Unfortunately this is not easy because most article rewriters don’t have specialists and only trade, they write on all topics

Giving characteristics to articles is indeed difficult, the best step is to stay on the safe path by reading a lot and gathering information so that when writing articles we rewrite as if we are experts who have been filled with knowledge and try to convey it to someone through writing.

7. Compare the quality of writing after completion

After completing the article rewrite, don’t forget to compare it with the original article and measure the greatness of your article. If the reference article only discusses 10 solutions, then the rewrite article should discuss up to 12+ solutions but with writing that is short, concise, clear and easy to find.

For beginners, you may have to compare every sentence and paragraph to avoid similarities, even though the phrase of the article looks the same in the future it is still considered plagiarism because most amateur class rewrite writers only change passive sentences to active and vice versa, the resulting paragraphs seem like the results of a diction converter based on word synonyms.

If you unconsciously write sentences that are similar, you can give a touch to make it look different from the original paragraph. Also don’t forget that rewrite articles must be of higher quality than reference articles because the sources are more numerous and updated

8. Avoid using spinner tools

Articles produced by current spinner tools, especially those that are already AI-based, will seem strange and unclear. Writing rewritten articles on your own can be understood, although sometimes it takes time, while machine spinner articles are sometimes completely incomprehensible.

Reading an article from a spinner machine requires more energy, when the word “virtual world” is changed to “pseudo world”, the reader thinks for a few seconds what is a pseudo world? oh virtual world, of course this drains energy

This is an example of a spinner from a paragraph from an article about virtual reality:

“Even when you are on vacation, this product must be used because it can help you see beautiful panoramas. You can even record sound so that when you miss it quickly you can see it and feel like you are back. So this technology can help you on vacation without spending too much money.”

In addition to using a vocabulary of synonyms, the sentences that are reversed become increasingly difficult to understand, some words feel strange and the paragraph becomes poetic and it is not known what they mean. Readers may get stuck on a few paragraphs and take a few seconds to understand them

There are lots of article spinner tools sellers out there who claim the results are human friendly as written by humans, even though when read it is clearly ambiguous and feels strange. That is why amateur writers are still better than users of spinner tools. But we also never know how this spinner tool will develop in the future

Thus the discussion about tips for writing unique and plagiarism-free rewritten articles. Hopefully what I wrote and the tips provided are useful. Understanding the topic to be written is important to produce credible and quality new writing



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