8 Mistakes During UTBK Preparation and Independent Examination

8 Mistakes During UTBK Preparation and Independent Examination – If I make a thread about my mistakes during the preparation for the UTBK, does anyone want it or not?

Do you know? Currently, there are three entrances to higher education, namely the National Selection for State Higher Education (SNMPTN), Joint Selection for National Higher Education Entrance (SBMPTN) or now UTBK through the Computer Writing Test and Independent Entry Path. For prospective new students, it is important to know the path of entry.

8 Mistakes During UTBK Preparation and Independent Examination

Although there are various ways to get into college, as a prospective student, you must be prepared and able to prepare yourself well. By doing the best possible preparation, you will be more prepared and confident when entering college.

You have to learn more by doing the exercises. The more practice questions you do, the deeper the material you will learn.

To be better prepared for college, you should avoid these 8 things. Don’t let you do this and fail to get into your dream university.

Mistakes in preparing for UTBK and self-exams

1. I’m just glued to ONE campus and ONE major that I’ve always wanted.

because of this, I became less research about campuses and other majors because I was being “really stupid” I just

to accept at PTN X majoring in Y which in my opinion is really wrong because it will make you not have a clearer plan for what will happen in the future.

2. Write down material that is NOT IMPORTANT or write down material that you already understand

I THINK that doing this thing is the dumbest thing that

I’ve ever done because it is a huge waste of time. For instance, I wrote down material about 7th grade junior high school lessons (examples of 7th grade junior high school material that are relevant to the UTBK are discounts, angles, area and circumference of a flat shape, etc.) even though I was already “complete” there but with

It’s stupid, but I wrote it down with an excuse to study the UTBK in a coherent way 🙂 and because this is a waste of time, so I don’t FOCUS on material that I can’t do but instead REPEAT material that I can already do.

3. “not honest”

I think this is one of the important things you need

do it. So, there used to be someone (yes, now there’s still someone) and now he’s a newcomer, Yujiem. Well, I’m in a study group with him and there are a lot of people in that group who share like e-books, right and then he asks, “Are these ebooks legal or not?” and I’m there like “what the hell??

I’m afraid that the police will catch him if the e-books are illegal” and now I feel guilty because I think his HONESTY in using the legal “books” did not immediately take him to the Yujiem gate. moreover, IMPORTANT for you not to cheat or look for UTBK leaks. bcs I did that and now

I didn’t pass while “that person” got it because most likely he didn’t try to find a leak about the UTBK.

4. buy expensive BOOK” but DON’T USE

I should be grateful because I have resources to study for UTBK, which maybe people find it difficult to buy books to prepare for UTBK.

so, you bnr “must take advantage of all the resources you have as much as possible. If you (only) have a Wangs1t book, then you should maximize your use of that book.


That’s all I capslock because it’s really stupid and this is also related to points

number one. because I already explained in the first point that I lacked research, so when I registered for the UTBK section, I chose PTN and majors, I just didn’t think so because I DON’T KNOW about other majors. pill 1 and pill 2 I’m two” it was tight and at that time I thought “ah org pill 2”

it has a lot of capacity” yes, there are many but the fans are heavy and tight :). If I say, it’s better for you to do as much research as possible so that you don’t confuse yourself on the day of the selection of PTN and majors.

6. “CLOSE” yourself to God because there is a will

it’s clear that you want it

I was accepted into PTN and the major I wanted. Never forget that God knows what is in people’s minds and hearts. So I mean, God knows which servant really wants to be closer to him or because he wants to. try to “get closer” to God because

Do you really want to be close like that (regardless of whether you are accepted or not) because if it’s not like this, when your AMIT is not accepted, you will be very disappointed and maybe you will blame God later if you fail.

7. I didn’t try to take the self-exam for reasons that I made up myself

what’s that mean? DEFINITELY I took the self-exam but I didn’t maximize the opportunities that I had to the fullest. long short story, I didn’t join UM from PTN X because I was afraid of the association there first

even though when you think about it, it doesn’t seem too bad, who knows, but I can survive there and one more story, I didn’t register at PTN Y because I doubted my own potential. So the self-examination is making an essay, while I’ve never done an essay, so I’m

think that guns will pass first or in other words “lose before the war”. BUT if I try, who knows I’ll be accepted :’).

8. Start studying after the announcement of SNMPTN
Who’s still relaxed and looking forward to SNMPTN? Being too confident with the results of the SNMPTN will make you ignore and not study the UTBK material. Starting to study after the SNMPTN is announced will reduce your preparation to pass the UTBK.

In fact, the capacity quota for each project on the SNMPTN pathway has been set, only 20% of the total capacity. Therefore, don’t just rely on SNMPTN. Even if your transcript is good, you still have to prepare for the UTBK.

Among the several mistakes in preparing for the UTBK SBMPTN above, what are you currently doing? You can start developing new habits by studying independently, okay?

Ok that’s it and thank you for reading. I hope my mistakes can be a lesson for all of us


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