8 Easy and Effective Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

IT People Blog– In recent years, the existence of social media Instagram is in great demand by users. Especially for people who like to show their aesthetic photos through Instagram social media. Indeed, Instagram is one of the social media that focuses more on uploads in the form of photos and videos which are then supported by interesting captions. Not infrequently many are looking for ways to increase followers.

How to Increase Instagram Followers

In addition to personal photos, it is not uncommon for people to fill them with educational content which is shaped like a microblog. Here, influencers can spread kindness through interesting content. Until now, the Instagram application continues to grow, offering newness to its users where there is currently a new feature called Reels, which is the feature of uploading videos with various edited creations using certain effects.

Not only that, Instagram also provides a bussines version for those of you who want to market products through social media. Instagram is one of today’s product marketing options that can reach young hits.

Well, to be able to reach a broad market, of course, it must be supported by a large number of followers or by installing Instagram Ads. However, if you want a free one, these tips to increase the number of followers are the key.

Here are some ways to increase followers that you can do to increase the number of your followers easily and quite effectively.

1. Follow as many other users as possible

Well, for those of you who are new to activating Instagram, of course you have to follow some people. In this case, make sure not to follow people carelessly, but see your potential to be followed back or not. Usually people prefer to follow other people who are already known, such as friends, relatives, or someone who has a match with you.

Not infrequently people will follow back if there are similarities such as hobbies, likes, or anything related to what you like. This will increase the likelihood that the person will follow you back. For that, you have to be good at choosing and sorting out which ones have the opportunity to follow back and which ones don’t.

The way to increase followers that you can do is enter the comments column on an already crowded account post. Then follow users who are active and have the same interests, this will provide a large enough opportunity for you to be followed back or followed again.

2. Optimize the use of hashtags and popular account tags in every post

Well, the next way you can do is to optimize posts by using hashtags. The use of this hashtag is quite influential on the posts made, because this hashtag allows your posts to be widely spread through the use of popular hashtags.

In addition, you should also ensure the correlation of the post with the hashtags that you include so that it is more aligned. Make sure every time you post you include hashtags or popular account tags so that they can be reached more widely.

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For example, for posting or marketing food products, you can include hashtags in the form of #foodkekinian #jajananmurah #jajananhits or something else. Make sure to choose hashtags that are popular and appear a lot as you type in the post menu.

3. Increase Quality Content

The next way to increase followers is to create quality content. Most people like content that is current, up to date, and informative. However, it is adjusted again to the realm of the account you are developing, if it is a personal account and you want to get a lot of followers you can provide interesting content through your activities or share information related to what you like.

For those of you who develop it for business, you can provide input in the form of informative content. Don’t get me wrong, lots of content doesn’t mean random content. This is to increase the trust of other users regarding your account. You can do research beforehand to create interesting content, so that it can make people interested in following your account to get more updates.

4. Use the Right Time to Post Periodically

Posting time is one of the factors that can get you lots of likes. In addition, with interesting content you can make other users follow your account to see more information.

However, how to increase followers is indeed quite difficult and requires a lot of time and effort. Here you have to do a test, what time your post gets a lot of likes.

Well, then you can use that time to start posting regularly. Or it can also predict most people’s leisure time, for example around 8 pm many people start playing social media, one of which is Instagram.

5. Ensure Attractive and Quality Photos

Instagram is one of the social media that prioritizes visual appearance. Therefore, installing attractive and quality photos is a recommendation for users to be able to get a positive response. It’s not easy to make interesting and good photos, you have to adjust the appearance so that it is pleasing to the eye.

Not only that, you can also optimize the use of filters that you think are good as a way to increase followers. The use of this filter can also beautify and sharpen your photos. So that when uploaded it will look more attractive.

6. Write Interesting Captions

After getting interesting content and images, it is necessary to maximize the caption. The existence of this caption can also support your post. Here you can tell more and attract other users.

Not only interesting, but make sure the caption you use has communicative diction. So that people also enjoy reading it. Usually with communicative words you can get comments from other users.

The many comments you get on each post, being one way to increase followers is quite effective to attract other users and follow you.

7. Take advantage of the Story Feature to Upload Content

This story is a communicative feature that you can use to interact with other users. In addition to being used to up your own content, you can also share from other people’s posts that are in line with the account you have. Through this story you can see how many people viewed and responded to your story.

Making this story post doesn’t even need the right time like a feed post. This is because within 24 hours the post will disappear by itself. Like other social media, which only displays the story feature within 24 hours.

8. Use the Follow-Unfollow Technique

The last way to increase followers is to use the Follow-Unfollow technique. You can do this method if you have a lot of followers. You can follow accounts with high followers then there will be the same accounts looking for followers, click follow and then unfollow for a while.

However, this is also very risky if the people we unfollow find out, you may also be unfollowed. Therefore, in this case you also have to be careful and choose an account that is rarely active.

That’s how to add free followers that you can do easily. Providing content that is interesting and needed by people is one of the most effective ways to increase followers to get followers easily and quickly. Don’t forget to always include tags related to your posts as search reach optimization.



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