7 Used Items That Sell Hard in the Market Place Online

IT People Blog – Hunting used goods is not a taboo anymore. In fact, there are many people in Indonesia who deliberately use used goods for reuse. So that this triggers the sale of various used goods that are selling well in the online market place lately. It doesn’t matter if the item has been used, a number of people are scrambling to get it.

Of course, this phenomenon is getting more and more interesting to follow every day. For both users and sellers of used goods, this is mutually beneficial. If you are interested in knowing more, what used goods are sold online;

Second-hand goods that sell hard

1. Secondhand clothes

One of the items that sells well in the market and is used is clothes. Especially if the shirt has a well-known brand from a world-famous designer. Not only limited to adult clothes, apparently there are also many used children’s clothes that are currently selling well in the online market place. As long as the conditions offered are quite attractive and clean, then these used clothes will be hunted by many buyers at prices that are still quite high.

In various online market places today, there are even those that specifically sell used or preloved clothes from abroad. So it is not uncommon to find used clothes products of good quality at super cheap prices. This makes many people more interested in buying these used clothes. Looking attractive nowadays, you don’t need to spend too much money, you just need to buy branded used clothes at cheap prices, so they can look trendy and cool.

2. Baby Equipment

There are quite a lot of mothers who are currently thinking about buying used baby gear. Especially for the types of goods that are only used in the short term but have a fairly high price. Examples such as baby cots or strollers (only used 3-4 months). Instead of buying new baby gear at an expensive price, the alternative to buying used baby gear is an attractive option.

Therefore, it is not surprising that currently there is a special community to sell used baby equipment that is no longer needed. Besides being cheaper, generally used baby equipment has important functions and good performance because of the short duration of use. So even though it’s used, there are still many who are interested in owning it.

3. Branded Bags

Who would have thought that it turns out that branded bags are one of the second-hand items that can be sold at high prices. There are many used branded bags currently adorning e-commerce in Indonesia. Especially if it still has a good and prime condition, of course many enthusiasts want to have it.

Not only limited to branded bags with prices of hundreds of thousands of rupiah, even expensive used bags with prices of tens of millions are still selling well in the market place. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many mothers who are enthusiastic about selling their used branded bags to make profits in cyberspace.

4. Branded Shoes

Not only branded bags, but apparently shoes with interesting brands have also become the target of people in various market places. Especially for famous designer shoes from abroad which are sold in limited editions. Instead of being sold at a cheaper price, it seems that it is actually being sold at a price quite expensive for collectors. For example, the limited edition Nike Air shoes are only available in a few pieces in the world. Or it could be shoes made by famous designers like Channel or of course branded shoes like this are the target of certain collectors.

In addition to special edition used shoes like this, there are many other branded used shoes that are liked by online market place lovers. Whether it’s shoes for men, women’s shoes, or even baby shoes. As long as it has a pretty good appearance and is well-maintained, then used shoes will sell well in the market. For example, used shoe products are quite luxurious, such as the output of Gucci or Channel.

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5. Gadgets

Second-hand goods that sell well in the next online marketplace are gadgets. Currently, there are many sellers of used gadgets that offer various brands with complete features. The prices offered also vary, ranging from cheap to quite expensive.

This is seen as a solution for those who want to have a cool gadget with limited funds. Especially if the used gadgets offered still have an official warranty. So this kind of gadget will be hunted by used gadget users in Indonesia. Starting from smartphones, laptops, to tablets, and so on. The demand to access the virtual world via gadgets seems to encourage the high need to have gadgets, including used goods.

6. Musical Instruments

Furthermore, used goods that are sold online in the market place are musical instruments. Most musical instruments are sold at a fairly expensive price. For example, for a certain brand of electric guitar, or for example a classical piano. The high price of these musical instruments makes some people prefer to look for branded used musical instruments that are still worthy of use and of good quality.

Generally, buyers of used musical instruments require these instruments for certain purposes. So don’t be surprised if there are often special communities that sell and buy used goods on the market place.

7. Branded Watches

Second hand goods that can be sold expensive next are branded watches. Many know that quality watches that are still good are often sold in the market at quite high prices. Especially if you carry the latest technology and have materials made of leather or stainless steel.

To get around the high price, many end up hunting for used branded watches in online market places. Besides being cheaper, on the other hand, the functions and models provided are not much different. So it is considered more economical for some people.

Those are some used items that are selling well in the online marketplace today. The high level of consumption of the Indonesian people but with limited economic capacity makes the option of using used materials a solution. Therefore, a lot of used goods businesses have started popping up lately through online market places. If you are interested in trying this one business, just try starting to sell secondhand goods that sell quickly as listed above.



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