7 Tips for Managing Boarding Children’s Finances to be More Efficient

IT People Blog – Tips for managing finances in the style of boarding children are important things to be considered by every nomad who works or continues education outside their area. In general, boarding houses, which are dominated by students, are often short of money at the end of the month.

In fact, managing the financial conditions for boarding children is very useful so that they can manage pocket money which is fairly mediocre. In addition, managing financial conditions will also help boarding children in meeting all their urgent needs.

Therefore, on this occasion, we will review tips and ways to save on monthly expenses in the style of boarding children to be more efficient. Are as follows:

Managing Finances Like a Boarding Child

Make a Monthly Expenditure Plan

The first tip that every boarding child must do is make a monthly spending plan. This tip will really help boarding children in managing their financial condition every month.

How to do it, simply make a list of expenses and the amount of monthly money received. After that, make a priority scale of monthly needs that must be met first. Adjust to the amount of money you have.

If the boarding house has implemented this method, then the steps or process of saving money can work better. One more thing, boarding children also have to pay attention and comply with the monthly shopping list that has been prepared previously. As much as possible do not spend money outside the monthly shopping list.

Apply the Simple Life Principle

This may be one of the principles that must be owned by boarding children who live just barely. Although it sounds trivial, not all boarding children can live simply, moreover they are far from parental supervision. Even though only in the overseas world, boarding children can learn to live independently and simply.

The challenges that must be overcome in implementing a simple lifestyle are in yourself in spending money extravagantly or buying things that are less useful.

If boarding children can live simply, it is guaranteed that they will have no difficulty in managing their financial conditions. In addition, all desires to live extravagantly can be suppressed. The advantage is, if there is an urgent need, then they will have no difficulty because they already have savings or reserve funds that come from a simple lifestyle while living life as boarding children.

Remember Parents’ Message to Save

As explained above, living away from parents has its own risks in managing finances in the style of boarding children. The reason is, when they are with their parents, there are still people who remind them of what to buy and what not to buy. Meanwhile, when they become boarding children and are far from their parents, all of this control is in each boarding house child.

For this reason, boarding children must always remember their parents’ messages about frugality and use that message as a guide so they don’t live extravagantly. This is because parents who can educate their children well will definitely convey the message so that children become good individuals and can live independently in the future.

Therefore, always remember the message of parents to live frugally. In addition, always think about how difficult it is for your parents to find money for each of your boarding costs. In fact, it is not uncommon for parents to be willing to live in poverty to make their children happy.

Borrow Books from the Library

The next tip for managing the finances of boarding children is by borrowing books from the library. In the life of a boarding house child, which is dominated by students, it cannot be separated from the need to buy books.

This is because books are a supporting need for students. The problem is, the price of books for lectures is not cheap. For this reason, if the required lecture books as a reference source are in the library, it is better to borrow the book than to buy it at a bookstore. This will really help to save your financial condition.

Apart from borrowing books from the library, you can also borrow books from seniors. However, if the book must be purchased, then look for used books which are usually provided in bookstores. With a relatively affordable price, the function of a used book is not much different from even a new book.

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Utilize Campus’s Free Wifi to Do Assignments

Besides books, internet connection is also one of the needs of students in completing their assignments. It’s just that to get an internet connection, boarding children usually have to go to an internet cafe or buy a data package.

For that, there is a solution that you can do, which is to take advantage of the free wifi on campus to retrieve all sources of assignment material from the internet.

Using the campus’s free wifi will reduce the total monthly expenses as a boarding house child. You no longer need to spend money to buy data packages or just go to internet cafes.

But what if there is no free wifi on campus for students? Don’t worry because you can also stop by a friend’s boarding house or food stall that provides free wifi.

Running a Business and Doing Part Time Jobs

Boarding children who can run a business or do part-time jobs are categorized as extraordinary individuals. The reason is, apart from their busy lives as students, they are still able to do a good job. In this case, good time management plays an important role.

For boarding children who are interested in running a business activity, they can start from a light business such as selling snacks on campus. No need to be ashamed to do this because who knows from these simple business activities you can find a way to run a bigger business.

The profits from the business can be used to meet daily needs. In addition to getting financial benefits, running a business will also help boarding children develop their skills related to the business they are running.

As for boarding children who want to work part time, of course there are lots of job vacancies to choose from. Examples are being a copywriter or article writer, keeping a shop, keeping a credit counter, and so on. That way, boarding children no longer need to rely too much on the monthly pocket money obtained from their parents.

Cooking Food at Kosan

The last tip for managing the finances of boarding children is by cooking their own food in the boarding house. For your information, when compared to other expenses, spending on food takes a fairly large portion. This is because food is a primary need for everyone, including boarding children.

To overcome this, try to process and cook all the food ingredients yourself in the boarding house. You can buy raw food ingredients such as tempeh, meat, vegetables, and so on.

In addition, cook your own rice at the boarding house. By doing this, besides being able to save and manage monthly finances, you will also be trained to live independently.

At least those are some tips for managing boarding children’s finances that you can try to apply, hopefully they are useful.



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