7 Tips for buying a new car for cash without money/credit

Welcome to IT People Blog. In this post I want to write an article about how to have a new car without having to take credit or taking savings in the bank.. some people may argue that the increasing number of cars on the highway causes traffic jams, increases air pollution, destroys the ozone layer, increases the number of accidents and so on. .. as an alternative for the government to increase the number of public transportation until the implementation of the odd-even system

However, some people like me really want to buy the latest car for the reason that the comfort factor is guaranteed, it seems practical, privacy is maintained when on vacation with family, all of which cannot be achieved by public transportation and of course you have to have a garage at home 😂, don’t park carelessly, let alone blocking the access of some public roads

It’s okay to have the desire to have a new car, as long as you still use rational and lawful ways to get it, even though you don’t have enough money to make that wish come true.

Personally, when I buy a new car, I want cash, not credit, let alone to pawn my property to owe it to the bank

Here are a few tips for getting a new car without having to take credit, let alone breaking into a savings account for future purposes

Tips for buying a new car with cash

1. Selling valuable assets

Buying a car with a credit system is the same as plunging yourself into the most hated act of usury in religion, moreover usury feels suffocating, especially for those of you who do not have guaranteed income every month, for example contract employees

Which worthless asset might make big money in a short period of time? you must be willing to sell valuable assets to get some money quickly and immediately fulfill the desire to buy a new car

Choose valuable assets that are considered unnecessary or rarely used, for example, if your parents own several subsidized housing that have been paid off but are rarely occupied or even if they are contracted out for a year the results are small, it could also be in the form of rice fields or land that is not productive but the location is quite strategic, assets that are trending tends to decrease every year such as houses near mines etc

2. Selling findings

Ever heard of the term treasure hunter? some treasure hunters are willing to plunge into the bottom of the Musi river to find the remains of Sriwijaya heritage.. lucky if you manage to find valuable objects such as gold-plated statues which if sold sell for up to 200 million

Being a treasure hunter today is equipped with a variety of sophisticated equipment such as metal detectors, drilling machines and the like… when I saw online stores, these kinds of tools cost under 3 million how come I got a complete set

Go to an ex-mining place… who knows if you find gold flakes or visit locations that are believed to have once stood a kingdom

Actually selling treasure is a criminal act in accordance with Law No. 11/2010 concerning Cultural Conservation Article 23 where the punishment is a maximum of 5 years in prison or a fine of a maximum of Rp. 500 million, unfortunately this is still not so emphasized at this time because the relevant agencies even report findings a treasure is not necessarily they care and want to check the location so most treasure hunters sell it to collectors

3. Enter the car prize draw

We never know what our future will be like the story of a UNESA student named Mirza Aminullah who won the BMW 320i Luxury car through Bukalapak’s Serbu Seru program.

Winning the lottery is uncertain, relying on luck and not necessarily luck, but if Mirza Aminullah didn’t try to bid on a red BMW car priced at Rp. 30,000 through Bukalapak’s Serbu Seru program, how could he possibly have a luxury BMW car at his age?

My advice, take part in the lottery from a well-known and completely safe company like an official banking institution in Indonesia, not from fake branch banks that whisper deposits with car prizes because as far as I know, the bank is very diligent in collecting home payments to take premium payments. but when the time comes for disbursement, it can be delayed for months until it is not paid

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4. Become a reseller of goods

The point is not to help sell items with little economic value such as tai-taian toys, beauty soap or cakes, but valuable items such as property, apartments, housing, land and so on.

That way, the money you set aside to buy a new car will collect more quickly, if you have a friend who is a motorcycle and car owner, you can help trade them for a pretty intensive profit.

5. Selling part of the kidney

Kidneys are vital organs of the body that are in charge of filtering toxins and cleaning the blood, humans are born equipped with 2 kidneys so that if one kidney is problematic, the other kidney can be overcome… that’s the reason why some people are willing to sell 1 kidney to have a new car without having to credit

The following conditions must be met if you are interested in selling a kidney:

– Age between 18-50 Years

– Do not smoke, if you have a smoking habit you should stop a few weeks before the examination procedure until the operation

Have an ideal body weight because obesity is often accompanied by cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes

Have no history of infectious diseases such as hepatitis B or HIV AIDS

You can sell a kidney on the grounds of a donor, but if the advertisement sells a kidney openly, it can be considered a criminal act in accordance with Law no. 36 of 2009 concerning Health in article 64 paragraph 3 which explains that organs are prohibited from being traded under any pretext. Criminal threats for violating this law can be punished by a maximum imprisonment of 10 years and a maximum fine of 1 billion.

6. Looking for a rich partner

Luckily for those of you who are still single at this time because love is blind, you can try PDKT with a partner whose economy is middle and above. That way when you get married later you can ask for a dowry in the form of a new car

In addition to choosing a life partner based on face, you also need to consider other metrics such as how much he loves her, her nature, her job, her house and don’t forget the most important thing is her wealth.

Most of today’s millennial generation work as entrepreneurs, businessmen, of course their salaries are more than civil servants

7. Debt on loan is illegal

We have often heard the news where there are people who are stressed and commit suicide due to having arrears in illegal loans whose interest continues to swell, just imagine in illegal loans when you owe 5 million you only get 4.3 million, the lack is considered an admin fee with a short tenor and their profits reach 50-70% when the return does not include daily fines for late payment of installments

The good thing is that debt on illegal loans is usually not complicated, so when you submit a request directly the funds are sent to our account, the limit continues to increase when you often pay off online loans in certain applications.

You can take advantage of this by owing to several illegal loans at the same time, prepare data in the form of a selfie ID card and a new bank account in your own name

Your risk must be willing to have a history of SILK or BI Checking in the future, but it’s okay if you don’t plan to deal with bank loans or buying subsidized housing in the future

You can check the list of legal and illegal fintech here > https://www.ojk.go.id/

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) itself supports the government’s call to ask the public not to pay arrears and interest if they have already borrowed money from unlicensed online loans or illegal loans.

Illegal borrowing also violates the criminal provisions. So, both civil and criminal, all illegal loan agreements are considered invalid in the eyes of Indonesian law.

This method is actually not recommended considering that the debt is taken to death, don’t let you die of curiosity because you haven’t paid off the debt.. borrow as necessary and pay according to the amount of your loan

Thus the article about tips on buying a new car for cash without taking savings and credit, the methods that I post are not all justified, so remember the risks of all your choices in the future



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