7 Signs of a Dehydrated Body and How to Overcome Them

IT People Blog – Knowing the signs of the body lack of fluids is very important to maintain stamina. Especially for those of you who often do intense activities such as working outside the room or exercising. If the body becomes dehydrated, some organ functions will be disrupted until fainting

To find out what are the signs of dehydration or lack of body fluids. you can read the article below.

Signs of a Dehydrated Body and How to Overcome It

How to know the body lacks fluids (dehydration)

There are several signs that indicate that the body is dehydrated or dehydrated. Pay attention to the signs of lack of fluids below and take immediate action if you experience them.

1. The body feels weak

One of the most common signs and experienced by many people when the body lacks fluids is feeling weak. This often occurs while fasting or after intense exercise without any fluid intake at all.

This limp condition makes you unable to do activities properly. In very severe conditions, a person who is severely dehydrated can faint, especially when the surrounding environment is arid and hot

If your body feels weak when exercising or doing any activity. It’s good to stop it immediately or take a rest

2. Dry lips

The body, especially the skin, needs fluids to keep it moist and healthy. If the body lacks fluids, the skin will become dry, especially around the lip area.

Pay attention to when you do intense activities every day. The area around the lips may be dry if it is not accompanied by consuming adequate amounts of fluids.

Symptoms of dehydration will be very dangerous if you are the type of person who does not drink water too often. The risk of experiencing severe dehydration will be great and may cause kidney problems.

The appearance of dry lips is also followed by a bad breath. This condition is normal for those who are dehydrated during fasting.

3. Have decreased consciousness

Dehydration that is already very severe will cause a person to become weak, making it difficult to continue activities. Even if they are in the room they will feel helpless until their consciousness decreases.

If it is very severe, it can reduce a person’s consciousness so that they hallucinate until they lose consciousness or faint. Loss of consciousness This can lead to death if not treated immediately

Decreased consciousness will generally end with a fainting condition. If you feel a loss of consciousness, immediately stop any activity and rest as much as possible.

4. Cold feet and hands

Symptoms of dehydration cause the feet and hands to feel cold. Some people also experience a condition of profuse sweating so that their bodies are helpless

Lack of body fluids is usually triggered by excessive sweating conditions. There are also those caused by a person’s laziness in meeting their daily fluid needs

5. Urine is less and more yellow

Another sign that needs attention and is a common problem when there is a lack of fluids in the body is reduced urine or urine. Even if you feel the urge to urinate, only a small amount comes out.

Some people also experience conditions such as anyang-anyangan. The area around the bladder feels uncomfortable so that it makes work concentration decrease.

In addition to a decrease in the amount of urine, the color of the liquid also becomes more concentrated. Usually slightly yellowish or orange due to the increased ammonia content in it.

6. Heart palpitations and tightness

A person who lacks body fluids generally also experiences shortness of breath so that the heart rate increases.

This condition only appears in those who experience a fairly severe level of dehydration. The effects of dehydration cause problems in the performance of organs in the body so that the effects are quite pronounced

7. Cramps in the muscles

Dehydration causes fluid in the body to decrease including loss of electrolytes such as salt and potassium. These electrolytes are very important to keep the organs in the body functioning normally

When salt and potassium levels in the body decrease, the problem that often occurs is muscle cramps, especially in active areas (thighs, back, arms, neck).

For example, you have a lack of fluids due to running. Because the muscles that are often used are in the leg area, it is more likely that cramps will occur in that area and cause painful pain

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How to deal with lack of body fluids (Dehydration)

How to deal with a lack of body fluids can be done by doing some of the efforts below before the situation gets worse

1. Drink water

The easiest way to deal with dehydration is to drink water. In one day it is recommended to consume about 8 glasses or 2 liters of water.

Some people who have higher fluid needs, can drink up to 10 glasses. Especially for those who do strenuous activities such as exercising or working under the hot sun.

2. Consume fruits and vegetables

In addition to drinking water, another way that can be done to maintain fluid in the body is to regularly consume fruits or vegetables that contain high enough water content.

Some fruits that are highly recommended are watermelon or melon (if most can be diabetic). As long as the fruit contains enough water, you can consume it in sufficient quantities.

3. Consuming drinks with electrolytes

Drinks to overcome dehydration other than water are drinks that have a fairly high electrolyte content. you can consume various types of isotonic drinks that are out there such as Pocari Sweet, Coconut water etc

Another alternative is to make broth or low-fat skim milk. This fluid will help you meet the needs of electrolytes so that the feeling of weakness can quickly disappear.

If you don’t have time to make broth, you can mix salt with water and drink it. Adjust the amount of salt to his needs every day.

4. Being in a cold room

A person can also become dehydrated because they are in very hot areas and trigger sweating. So that the condition of dehydration does not get worse, it is better to immediately enter a cold room.

5. Take a shower or bath

The last way to deal with dehydration is to take a cold shower. Making the body or skin wet will reduce the limp effect. Moreover, coupled with consuming foods that contain lots of fluids.

When you exercise, your heart pumps more oxygen-rich blood to your muscles than usual. This causes the body temperature to increase and the heart rate to beat faster. If you take a shower immediately, the blood vessels will widen and make you vulnerable to various diseases that can strike suddenly, such as a heart attack.

Therefore, the most important thing you should do right after your workout is to cool down. Cooling must be done to make the heart rate and body temperature return to normal.

Signs of a lack of body fluids are actually easy to spot. The signs are very clear, especially for those of you who often do intense activities. There are general signs such as weakness, dizzy eyes, difficulty breathing and stiffness in the joints.

The cause of lack of body fluids is the habit of drinking little water and lack of consumption of fruits and vegetables and solid activities. As a result, the body sweats a lot without any incoming fluid to replace the fluid that comes out


** The article is not written by a health person, compiled from various sources


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