7 proven blackhat SEO methods to rank

IT People Blog, When we first became bloggers, we were always oriented to important things such as how to make money from blogs, how to increase search rankings, how to increase traffic, how to outperform competitors and so on. Various methods we learn no matter it’s black hat or white hat techniques.

Trying blackhat SEO techniques is proven to give relatively faster results but over time, you will realize that the effort is just a waste of time. Why?

Optimization using blackhat SEO techniques only provides short-term benefits while optimization using whitehat SEO can legitimately help the popularity of your website exist in the long term and of course the benefits are much greater.

Actually I don’t really care about your fate, because whatever happens to you will have no effect on my life.

On this occasion I will show some references to Blackhat SEO ideas that have proven to be successful in providing temporary rankings

1. Using a used domain

Maybe you’ve heard that some bloggers use used domains to optimize SEO, although there are various methods.

Some focus on looking for domains of former educational, historical, cultural sites, because they may have quality backlink sources from .edu and .gov sites.

Using a used domain

You can reactivate the used domain as a money-making website or be redirected to the main domain to flow authority.

I see on several forums there are quite a lot of used domain sellers but it’s a shame if you buy it even though you know they don’t have backlink sources from .edu and .gov sites

2. Embed in footer

What do blogger templates have in common with each other? they both have a footer bagian

Embed in footer

Most template makers will paste the link link in the footer to the premium template purchase site, usually users of the free version of the template have limited features and if you delete the credit link in the footer, the website page display will be damaged or automatically redirect to the template maker site.

You can take advantage of this… look for some blogger templates that are very popular today such as linkmagz, viomagz, kompiflexible, igniel then edit the footer

Embed your site’s link in the footer, add some encryption code and automatic redirection if the user deletes your credit link there. Then share the template to various blogger groups that you follow

You will get lots of backlinks to the main site. It’s proven to be successful in boosting rankings quickly but no one knows how long your site will last

Note: Very tydack recommended!!

3. Dominate with google sites

The next blackhat SEO technique is to create a website page with a .google subdomain which is known to have high authority. Formerly called Google Page Creator, if you now visit it, it has turned into a workspace site, alternatively, Google has prepared Google Sites as a structured wiki platform to create personal websites to support personal and corporate needs.

Website address: http://sites.google.com

You can create some simple websites to drive competitive keywords about; credit card, insurance, forex trading or whatever you are targeting.

Dominate with google sites

Your site URL will look like this: https://sites.google.com/view/Blog-Orang-IT

From the site that I created in 3-5 minutes, I’ve gotten a backlink from DR 93 Ahrefs version or DA 97 MOZ version

I’ve also seen several times selling backlinks from google.sites which they say have been indexed by search engines, with this kind of link you can also manipulate the DA score to increase client confidence in your website.

Read also: Hiding backlinks from ahrefs

4. Spam backlinks

If you have a large number of backlinks pointing to a single domain it will boost its ranking for each keyword but I don’t know how long it can last.

Although Google has a number of sophisticated algorithms such as pandas and penguins, they can still be fooled even if only briefly. Back in the 2010s buying and selling links in large quantities was quite popular

If you do it today, it might not work if done in the usual way.. then how?

Here I created 1.3 billion backlink profiles to encourage one keyword to occupy the top Google rankings for 2 weeks before being kicked out by Google from search results.

Spam backlinks

5. Imitate famous brands

You can register several domain names associated with well-known brands, when you post news on social media it will indirectly attract the attention of people to follow the link.

Although this is related to copyright abuse by imitating the name of a trademark, in the world of blackhat SEO it is not considered taboo. The future consequence may be that your domain will be removed from the registrar’s list due to a trademark copyright claim but in most cases it is very rare.

Imitate famous brand

Social media users tend to open links from sites they think are quite familiar, for example tribunnews-kediri.com .. you can register the domain for $9.99 and of course it is not part of tribunnews.com media

The more traffic, the better your ranking in search engines.

6. Doorway Pages

Currently there are many autoblog tools such as coffee, xml blogger generator, code farmer, robot x blogger and so on, these tools can help you generate hundreds to thousands of new blogs (.blogspot) and fill content in them (spintax) automatically

Let’s say you create 1000 new blogs with 1000 content in each, now you can submit sitemap to googlesearchconsole, inject keywords and use indexing service (optional)

In a few days 1 blog already has hundreds of indexes in search engines, while you have 1000 blogs

It’s time to play the doorway.. these are pages that are optimized with certain keywords just to make sure they rank in search results but when a user tries to open the page, they are automatically redirected to your page..

Doorway Pages

Although it proves to be helpful in rankings, it doesn’t last long..

7. Copy content

Publishing duplicate content can lower your rankings, but that’s rarely the case for websites that have higher authority than the copied website

There are only medium-sized bloggers who target the content of new blogs or the term small bloggers to scrape the content and repost it.

Usually they take advantage of expired domains or better yet like the main domain. When they repost content from small blogs, it is usually their blog that is indexed by Google first and gets ranked

We can easily find these small blogs in related forums or groups, they innocently post their website addresses in order to get visitors in inappropriate places.

Well… that was 7 dirty blackhat SEO ways that have proven to be successful in ranking higher in search results. However, this post is only intended as a reference considering that this kind of SEO strategy does not last long and is high risk. Thank you and thank you



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