7 mistakes applicants make when making CV (Curriculum vitae)

IT People Blog – CV function for applicants: As a medium to show abilities, expertise, skills, interests, achievements to HRD or companies for the process of applying for job vacancies

Functions of CV for HRD/Companies: As a medium used by companies or HRD to match skills, expertise, abilities, skills, interests, with the specifications of the workers who want to be recruited. In addition, the contents of the CV also determine whether the applicant passes to the next stage

The following is an example of a job applicant’s mistake in making a CV which resulted in his elimination from the competition between job applicants:

Try to pay attention to what are the requirements and qualifications for the above information lockers required by the company, namely;

1. Can operate Adobe Photoshop

2. Can operate Adobe Illustrator

3. Can operate Adobe Premier Pro

4. Can operate CorelDraw

Does not meet the qualifications

The mistake made by job applicants is not including skills and abilities according to what is listed on the job vacancy sheet so that the company or HRD does not feel the need for it.. Just imagine there is a job vacancy as a graphic designer on the condition that you can operate graphic design software, but what this applicant includes is Microsoft Office skills and mail archives that are completely irrelevant to your needs

Don’t be surprised if this type of applicant doesn’t get a job call because they may have fallen in the initial selection stage. Tips for job applicants, fresh graduates and experienced (unemployed) in CV writing according to their skills and abilities;

– The skills sought in job vacancies must match the skills and abilities on the CV

– If you apply as a graphic designer then you can add some software related to graphic design, if you apply as an accounting in a company then you can include skills to operate MYOB Software

– Don’t lie, let alone make up abilities that you don’t master

Include many skills even though you don’t master them, when HRD or job interviewers conduct direct interviews, it turns out that you don’t match what was written, it only makes yourself feel ashamed

2. CV display is less attractive

You may come across locker information that requires applicants to be “attractive” and “have a creative, honest, responsible and friendly spirit” meaning that HRD will see from various sides;

– If the photo looks standard, buriq, too formal, then it doesn’t show that you have a creative soul

– CV plain design in MS Word, looks untidy or has a less interactive design

– The color composition on the CV looks bad and weird, here’s an example

CV is not attractive

Try to compare these 2 CVs, which one makes you look as someone with a creative soul and attractive appearance?

CV is not attractive

Since there are too many applicants, a quick glance at an attractive CV design is enough to eliminate a CV list that looks boring or disorganized

Create a CV design with a comfortable, comfortable color combination, including information that matches the job specifications

If you find it difficult to design an attractive CV, on the internet there are lots of cool examples of CV template designs to apply for jobs… there are free or paid ones, so HRD will think this applicant is quite creative because the CV design is just cool

Fill in your CV with interesting and neat information so that HRD feels that you are really suitable to occupy the required qualifications

Although not everything we imagine can be as expected, it is difficult to do something without imagining it first

3. Information on work experience is not clear

There are also many job applicants who do not fully mention the details of their previous work experience, that includes job position, job desk and how long they have worked in that place.

Unclear work experience

The picture above is an example of a fatal error, besides that, the correct order of year should be the year you resigned from your latest job while the year below it was when you first started working, so it’s the other way around… this is an important thing to pay attention to among HRD but less known by job applicants

Want to know examples of correct work experience writing on a CV? this is an example

Unclear work experience

First, if you pay attention to the information on work experience, it looks neat and clear, HRD can find out the period of work from the range of years in and out of work, add a jobdesk or work carried out in that position, sequentially from the most recent work history (top) and previous work history.

This aims to make it easier for HRD to know your actions in the world of work, ensuring that your job desk will be in accordance with the required qualifications.

Therefore, look for a job that makes you comfortable and has the desire to develop further potential, not just going with friends

4. Fonts look ugly

The type of font used seems ridiculous and hard to read, the writing format is left and right with different spaces so it looks messy

Here’s an example of a CV that I mean, imagine yourself as HRD, how do you feel after seeing the application file?

Fonts look ugly

This CV seems to tell us to understand its contents by reading long meaningless descriptions, it’s cool because we often win, but if the CV model is like this, we just eliminate it immediately because it’s a waste of time to see the skills and skills you are looking for

Make a neat CV, if you want to tell more about yourself, take a look at the following cool CV designs

Fonts look ugly

The photos are beautiful, the CV design is neat and attractive, it just makes you feel cool… the impression gives a feeling of calm, comfort and pleasure

Never mind, this is an example of a font that I recommend (Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, etc.) should not use robots and use emphasis on writing styles such as uppercase letters, italics, bold, underlined etc.

Make things easy for others so that Allah will make things easier for you.

5. Wrong choice of vocabulary

Inconsistency with the language used also looks funny, make sure your CV later uses the same language, both title, content and everything.

Wrong choice of vocabulary

Don’t forget to include language skills if needed, for example for a job as a bank CS usually requires applicants to master English or at least be passive, as well as good communication skills in Indonesian

A few tips, if you find locker information in Indonesian and don’t require a candidate to be able to speak English, then just use good and correct Indonesian when making a CV, no need to mix it with foreign languages

However, if the locker information is in English, although it does not require the applicant to be able to speak English, the applicant may make a CV in English to demonstrate foreign language skills to HRD

Happy to make innovation at work will make your life easier, lazy to innovate will make your productivity look perfunctory

6. Does not complete educational details

Many applicants do not attach a detailed educational history ranging from majors in SMA/SMK, majors in college, final grades for UN/GPA, even though the information is important for you to display.

The order is the same as your work history, the top order is your most recent year of education, so your primary school education history is at the bottom

Does not complete educational details

The goal is clear so that HRD knows the background of your department, then the final score of the study results, other experiences, for example there has been a project, can also be told

7. Does not display language and ability scale

We may have seen a CV that displays a scale or status bar or a percentage of mastery of the language and skills required

It’s important to help HRD see how far your skills and mastery of language are based on grades

So, you can judge your own ability subjectively, of course it’s not excessive, here’s a simple example

Does not complete educational details

You have to be confident and proud of your abilities, it’s a testament to your dedication to learning all this time

Other tips in making a good and correct CV;

  1. Use polite and neat photos, not selfie photos.. make sure the photo is front and not side
  2. CV photos do not have to use a red and blue background if there are no further rules, just adjust it to your creativity as long as it looks appropriate and polite
  3. All the information summarized in the CV is enough for 1 sheet, you don’t need up to 10 sheets to tell about yourself
  4. The CV reflects a person’s personality, if the CV looks innocent it shows that the CV maker is the type of person who is not creative and has low enthusiasm for developing his potential (life just follows the flow)
  5. Examples of cool CV designs can be made on Canva

That’s an article about tips and tricks on making an attractive CV to be accepted for work, I hope what I write can be useful… that’s all and congratulations on receiving your salary



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