7 Best WordPress Plugins You Must Install

IT People Blog – One of the advantages of WordPress compared to other CMS is the large selection of plugins that you can use. This WordPress plugin will be very helpful for you in managing your website. Of course, each plugin has its own use.

Best WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins

The use of WordPress plugins aims to simplify website management. From process management to optimization. Currently there are many plugins that you can use. Here are some examples of WordPress plugins that must be installed:

1. Wordfence

This is a plugin that is useful for securing your website. By installing this plugin, your website will be protected from hacker attacks, injection of malicious malware to data breaches.

2. WP re-Captcha

As a website owner, of course you don’t want your website to be flooded with spam created by bots. To avoid this, one of the preventive steps is to install this WordPress plugin. by using this plugin, every user who leaves a comment needs to enter the captcha first.

3. Yoast SEO

There are many ways to optimize a website, from using manual backlink services to optimizing SEO. For those of you who need SEO optimization, one way you can do it is by installing this plugin. Later, by using this plugin .. you can do SEO checks easily.

4. Redirection

One of the problems that you really avoid as a website manager is broken links. This is because it will affect the ranking of content decreases. To overcome this, the step you need is to replace the broken link with a new link. However, if you do it manually, then it is quite inconvenient and causes new problems.

To overcome all these problems, then the thing you can do is to use this redirection plugin. later, the WordPress redirection plugin will really help you to replace all broken links automatically.

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5. W3 Total Cache

One of the advantages of using cache is that it increases speed and performance without increasing bandwidth. For those of you who want to get this advantage, then one way you can do is by installing this plugin.

By using this plugin, your website speed will increase significantly. This will certainly have a good impact on the performance of your website. In addition, this will also increase visitor satisfaction.

6. LiteSpeed ​​Cache for WordPress

Still related to improving website performance and user experience, another plugin that you can also use is Litespeed Cache for WordPress. In addition to helping the caching process, this one plugin also helps to increase the speed of the web server. Some of the features in this plugin, for example, are Lazy Load images, Browser cache support, database optimization, and also full page caching.

7. Image

If you have a website that contains a lot of images, visitors will have problems with slow website access because there are many large images. One way to anticipate this problem is to compress the image that you will use.

One of the plugins you can use to do this is imageify. By using this plugin, you can use images of the size you want without burdening the website.

Those are some examples of WordPress plugins that you can and need to use. If you are still confused about developing your website, for example you still need help for website optimization, then you can contact Trusted Website Services



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