7 Advantages of the Akulaku Application that You Must Know

The need to pay bills, installments to get a loan is very high in Indonesia. Pinjol applications continue to emerge to address the needs of the community.

One of them is the Akulaku application, which is a versatile application to use. How to register at Akulaku it’s not too difficult, there are not many complicated conditions that must be met. What are the advantages of this one application?

The advantages of Akulaku for Loans up to Installments

the advantages of installing the Akulaku application
Advantages of installing Akulaku

Akulaku has become an application that is quite familiar in the community. On Google Play alone, the number who use it reaches more than 1 million people. Akulaku’s rating is also quite good at 4.4 stars.

This high rating and widely used, of course, cannot be separated from the advantages of the Akulaku application for the community. Those of you who are currently confused about finding a loan, need to know what are the advantages it offers.

1. Quick and Easy Registration Process

The first advantage offered is that the registration process is much easier than applying for bank credit. Most job requirements are barriers to getting credit.

If you don’t have a permanent job, you can still apply for a loan in the Akulaku application. In addition, the only requirement is an ID card and follow all applicable regulations.

2. Fast Disbursement Process

Need additional funds to build a business? You can get it faster than Akulaku. The terms are easy, plus the disbursement doesn’t take long.

The submission verification process only takes 1X24 working hours after you sign the contract. Then the money will be immediately disbursed in the account that has been given, so you don’t have to wait too long.

3. Also works for online shopping

Are you one of those who often shop online? Now you can use Akulaku as a shopping fund provider. You can borrow money at Akulaku to shop right away.

You can also shop at Akulaku in installments according to your ability. All your daily needs can now be met. Without having to wait for payday, and pay after getting a salary.

4. Long Loan Tenor with High Limit

Akulaku dares to provide loans with a limit of up to 15 million rupiah. The limit is quite high and will be very helpful when you need capital for a business. No need to wait too long for credit approval at the bank.

In addition to a long loan, you will also get a longer tenor, namely 3 months, 6 months, 9 and 12 months. There are even those that are up to 15 months depending on the size of the loan.

5. Applications that are definitely safe because they are legal

You can prove the legality of the Akulaku application for yourself because it is registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in Indonesia. As it is known that all legal online loan services must register their business with the OJK.

Therefore, Akulaku is one of the applications whose security level is maintained. You no longer need to be afraid of illegal online loans which are quite disturbing at this time.

6. Unsecured Credit

If you want to apply for a loan at a bank, this collateral or guarantee must be provided to provide security for the bank. If at any time the creditor is unable to pay, the collateral will be confiscated by the bank.

Unlike banks, the Akulaku application does not provide this collateral feature. So those of you who want to borrow large amounts of money don’t have to worry about collateral. If you don’t have assets that can be guaranteed, you can still get a loan.

7. Installment Feature Without Credit Card

To apply for a credit card at the bank, it takes a lot of time-consuming processes. Those of you who don’t have the opportunity to get this credit card can rely on the Akulaku application so you can buy in installments.

This installment facility can be done when shopping online and offline at all merchants affiliated with Akulaku. So if you want to shop with a higher nominal, Akulaku provides the best solution.

The Akulaku application is known to be safe and even provides many features. Those of you who like shopping certainly shouldn’t miss this service. Especially about loans and installment features.


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