6 Things To Do To Succeed At A Young Age

6 values ​​or attitudes that we need to focus on so that it is easier for us to achieve success in any case.

To make it easy to remember, I short “CHANGE”

The way I see success changes as I get older and my career matures.

In the past, I thought that “Success” should be enjoyed by oneself ONLY.

But, for me now, success can also bring change to the world around us.

Bringing change is not just about saving the earth, preventing war, eradicating poverty etc.

But what we do brings changes for the better for the environment, friendships, families.

Therefore, these 6 values ​​are needed to be able to bring about change.

#1 C – Collaboration

We are social beings, not created to be Superman. So we will definitely need help from others to achieve what we want.

Therefore, the spirit to collaborate is very much needed to achieve success.

If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

By collaborating, we open up opportunities for others to fill our blindspots.

With that, they can also learn and understand what is in our hearts and heads.

I’m the happiest when I get this message from my team:

“Sis, thank you for inspiring me to do something beyond that I could imagine. It’s a new thing for me.”

Bringing change in someone’s life, starting with collaborating.

#2 H – Humility

Humility to always want to learn, makes it easy for people to help us and gain new insights that we never knew before.

Success is never a matter of feeling “true”

but focus on self growth.

Humility means having the generosity to let people fill in what is lacking in you.

Once I realized that there was so much I could learn, I realized I couldn’t do anything.

It was when I realized that I had room to learn new things. That’s where I grew.

#3 A – Achiever

Many people are easy to compromise what is their dream. Settle for the less, rather than what he/she deserves for.

Meanwhile, sometimes to be successful, we need to be persistent and laugh to achieve whatever we want.

If we don’t insist and push through what we want or dream, who else will want to help?

Well, it takes the Achiever’s spirit to be able to withstand every pressure so that it doesn’t get sluggish and give up easily.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

#4 N – Nimble

There are times when our plan to achieve something needs to be ‘adjusted’. We need to be individuals who are agile and easy to adapt.

There is no one path to success.

If Plan A doesn’t work, you have Plan B, Plan C, Plan D to achieve that.

I remember my college days, where I had to juggle between thesis-work-personal life. And I was looking for an internship at that time.

I applied to 10 different multinational companies, and only a very few called. I was a little depressed at the time, but so what?

Then I thought “do you really have to be in a multinational company to achieve the dream I want?”

I decided to try it locally at a local agency that wasn’t too bureaucratic

And, I learned a lot at the company before I moved to the multinational agency that I was interested in.

I learned, sometimes, there are doors that are closed by God because he wants to give us another way that is better and better for us.

However, if we are not nimble enough to see that, then it will be difficult for us to find the right path.

#5 G – Grit

And to achieve success, it takes persistence that allows us to never give up to achieve what we want.

Persistence to be able to ‘chuckle’ to achieve what we want. This needs to be trained.

I remember when I had to work from 4 am to 9 pm because I had to leave early in the morning so I wouldn’t get stuck in traffic.

I remember writing a thesis at McDonald’s at 2 am after working overtime, because the deadline was tight and non-negotiable.

It’s okay if you remember those times

But in fact, those times have shaped who I am today. Who is resilient and persistent in the midst of a crazy job.

It formed my mindset not to take things for granted. And for sure, keeps me Humble until now.

#6 E – Extra Mile

This is a simple thing that makes us not get the success we want.

If asked to do 60, why can’t I do 100?

If asked to do 100, why can’t I do 200?

This is a mindset that I see rarely exists in the generation that wants everything to be instant.

Early in my career, I was always excited when I was given a job that was out of scope.

Because I feel I can learn new responsibilities, new things from there.

Do I get paid more? Not really.

But I got more than salary.

I remember being told to organize a Global conference at my office in Bali. I’m not EO, not my division.

But my boss believes in me, so yes, I want to do it or not.

Not paid more, but I got new friends, new perspective and new trust from my boss.

Have a “Be-Do-Have” mindset, not “Have-Do-Be”

Show you can be a manager (Be-Do) before you have the title, then you can later get the title (Have) don’t reverse it..

And all that comes from doing something with the Extra Mile spirit.

So that’s about 6 traits so that we can get success that brings changes in our lives or in other people’s lives.

#1 Collaboration

#2 Humility

#3 Achievers

#4 Nimble

#5 Grit

#6 Extra Mile

It looks simple, but it’s really hard to do.

That’s just a short article for me tonight. Hopefully it can help you to be more able to have the right attitude to achieve success.

Sharing, in your opinion, out of the 6 traits above, what is the most difficult to do?

Let’s discuss!


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