6 mistakes that fresh graduates often make

In the graduation ceremony session, graduates from well-known universities may celebrate it happily and lively, but don’t forget that after graduating from college, we become fresh graduates who are ready to step into the world of work. Many of those who already have work experience have been laid off, let alone fresh graduates who graduated yesterday afternoon?

Finding a job this year is indeed difficult and easy, I mean it’s difficult if you graduate from college but don’t master the skills needed in the world of work, for example, an IT graduate but can’t code, skills only operate Microsoft Office 😂 .. then it’s easy if you have relatives families who work at PT because the system is familial (when applying there is an option to include an employee card if there is one from the family who works there) such as being able to help negotiate with work entry fees xxxxxxx

Because many have sent applications here and there and have not received an interview call, try to understand some of the following mistakes by fresh graduates when applying for jobs;

Mistakes that are often made by fresh graduates

1. Carelessly choose job vacancies

Most fresh graduates carry expectations from their families to get a job soon.

Applying for a job without understanding the requirements and the type of job being applied for is a fatal mistake.

The job you want to apply for must match your educational background and company needs so that your skills are really appreciated, it’s not important to get a job first, after that if you’re bored, just resign… it’s not that easy, Ferguso!

Some types of work are binding, for example, the warehouse admin must hold the original certificate and work there for at least 3 years …. then the programmer’s work is also tied to a work agreement witnessed by a notary for 3 years

Don’t let the feeling of being stuck in a job after being accepted, so you can’t work optimally. Even worse, if you violate the work agreement, you can be subject to fines whose nominal value is between tens to hundreds of millions

I used to apply as a programmer, with a work agreement witnessed by a notary for at least 5 years and of course I was also financed by courses to deepen my programming knowledge. It’s like we go to school and then we get a project order directly from a client. If I’m not mistaken, the fine is almost 100 million to replace the cost of education for 5 years.

Luckily, I refused hehe I can’t imagine being haunted day and night by coding work deadlines even though the pay is big (if freelance) while if you join people the minimum wage is + a little bonus

2. Not planning a future career

When we are on vacation, we look for tourist info here and there to plan the places we want to visit, while for future life plans it just flows like water without a plan?

An example of working at PT B1$1 with a UMR salary deducted by BPJS contributions. Working in the lab, 10 years of service, the salary is only that much. No plans to improve performance so that you get a promotion or get a better job offer?

Having a career plan is very important to help you focus on developing your skills and knowledge. If life without a plan then the future is not clear. If you are laid off, your income is gone and you live without a direction

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3. Underestimating health conditions

Most of the fresh graduates are still young and active in taking additional work so they forget to eat and drink, it happened to some of my friends who work in big cities with high income. Instead of collecting a lot of money, but due to the habit of delaying eating, snacking on junk food and drinking sweet drinks every day or dropping out at work.

As soon as he was taken to the hospital, he was diagnosed with acute gastritis and diabetes, even though he was still young, you know, now he is back in the village and continues to struggle.

Eating irregularly, stomach ulcers immediately recurred, drinking ice mixed with sweetness immediately felt a little dizzy, the position he occupied when he worked at the company in a matter of days had been replaced by someone else

The savings are used up for treatment. But the wheel of life continues to spin, hopefully with the skills it has, it can open new business opportunities in the village

4. Random CV

In making a CV, there are several rules/rules on how to make a good and correct CV so that the application file sent is not thrown into the trash by HRD.

Many things need to be considered when making a CV because the contents of the CV explain the work experience, skills and personality of the applicant.

If the CV is seen as unattractive by HRD, the information about yourself will not be read. Like writing a work history, it must be sorted from newest to oldest, don’t reverse it! Then there are other rules in choosing a profile photo, which is clear, don’t wear a mask!

Another fatal mistake might be not explaining the skills that match what the company needs in the vacancy. What you’re looking for is graphic design, but the CV says the skill “can operate Microsoft Word, Excel” let alone a bachelor’s degree, my neighbor in 3rd grade is also already proficient at using the office

5. Don’t just rely on online job sites

In the past, if you wanted to find information on job vacancies, you had to buy a magazine/newspaper and look at a special classifieds page. If now almost every month there must be a Job Fair, online jobs on freelance sites are scattered, there are also lots of job seeker sites

On social media, there are also many job vacancies, then the urban village wall magazine is also always updated. If you want to get a job quickly, you can post it in the school alumni group

6. Not investing

If you are a fresh graduate, you feel ashamed you still ask for pocket money from your parents, even though when you were in college, you used to ask for gas money and buy internet quota.

The college years are actually very suitable to be used for investment so that when we graduate from college we already have the capital to open a business or the capital to take care of the job application files.

It is undeniable that some jobs that involve insiders come at a cost. For example, a security officer with an annual contract extension and only the UMR salary must pay to be able to fill the security personnel slot at PT.

Although not all but this kind of practice is commonplace around our lives. You can also invest money for course fees in order to obtain certain certificates that can be used to apply for jobs.

That’s a little advice from office workers who have been unemployed for 1 year at home because they are busy blogging, it turns out that working + blogging is better than blogging at home hehe

Thank you and thank you


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