6 Causes of many lizards at home and how to get rid of them

Welcome to BlogPeopleIT. One of the animals that we often encounter at home besides ants is the lizard, although these animals do not attack humans, the presence of lizards in the house is very disturbing and makes some people feel amused.

Especially if we often encounter these lizards in the kitchen and dining table, it must be uncomfortable and disgusted to imagine that the rest of our food is contaminated by lizard licks that carry bacteria. Escherichia coli the cause of stomach pain and other digestive disorders, it’s still lizard licks, you know, if it’s contaminated with lizard droppings which contain millions of harmful bacteria that cause symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, high fever to headaches

The cause of many lizards at home

So, why do we have so many lizards in our house? In general, a clean and tidy house is rarely occupied by lizards, but if the house is dirty and messy, it will definitely become a favorite place for lizards to leave their eggs.

In this post, the Helmykediri blog will share a little knowledge about the reasons why there are many lizards at home whose causes are quite trivial;

1. Many ornamental plants in the house

The effects of the pandemic over the last 2 years have pushed some people into the ornamental plant business such as taro, widows have holes, mother-in-law’s tongue, aglonema and so on.

Collecting ornamental plants, apart from having economic value, also enhances the appearance of the house so that it looks beautiful, shady and fresh

Unfortunately, the lush terrace with ornamental plants invites all kinds of insects to come and nest there, even though we all know that small insects are the lizard’s favorite food. So it’s only natural that lizards from the next door neighbor’s house often play in your house to look for insect food

2. The house is full of mosquitoes

Some types of mosquitoes that are dangerous include: Aedes Aegypti the cause of dengue fever, mosquitoes anopheles the cause of malaria, there are also ordinary mosquitoes that carry larvae filarial worm which attacks the lymph nodes and causes swelling (the term elephantiasis)

Lizards are natural predators of mosquitoes, of course mosquitoes are lizards’ favorite food, so don’t be surprised in the rainy season when mosquitoes are actively breeding we often see lizard colonies hunting for their prey on the ceiling of the house.

3. The house is close to the garden

Incidentally behind my house there is still a garden that is quite spacious and I plant various kinds of vegetables, I also usually plant beautiful flowers and it’s fun when I do the gardening.

The reason why lizards are seen a lot at home is because lizards make your home a base camp, so when the lizards are full of hunting insects and mosquitoes in the garden, they will rest at home to unwind.

We all know that in the garden there are lots of mosquitoes and various insects, so it’s no wonder that if the food and nutritional needs are met, a lizard can breed quickly.

4. Close to water sources

Lizards living in the world also stop by to drink, one of the reasons why lizards often come to the house is to drink just like humans, plants and other animals.

Water helps meet fluid needs and maintain the lizard’s metabolism. Usually, lizards are more often seen in places close to water sources such as sinks, leaking pipes, swimming pools, bathrooms and dining tables. Lizards also usually soak in water to cool their bodies, so it’s no wonder we’ve seen this lizard trapped inside. glass

5. Dirty and dirty house

Dirty houses are suitable as nests for lizards, especially lizards love the leftover food that is scattered about. These are the most suitable environmental conditions for a lizard colony.

If you want your house to be free from lizards, then always keep it clean, don’t let food crumbs scatter, spray the room with baygon and always wash your feet before going to bed.

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6. The house of many jinn

According to Ustadz Adi Hidayat, the appearance of many lizards in the house is a sign that the house is inhabited by genies. Kanjeng Nabi said, lizards are small evil animals because in the past when Prophet Ibrahim AS was burned by King Namrud, the lizards deliberately blew fire to make it big. So in Islam, killing 1 lizard with one stroke without torturing it will get 100 goodness

Here are the reasons why we have a lot of jinn in our house,

– Deliberately keeping the genie and performing pesugihan rituals

– Accidentally invited the genie because at home there are many statues, paintings of humans, often used as places of immorality

– The occupants of the house receive a magic message we usually call witchcraft or witchcraft

– Rarely pray and recite at home

After knowing the reason why there are so many lizards in your house, then we will discuss how to get rid of lizards

1. With natural ingredients, namely egg shells: lizards don’t like the fishy smell of eggs, so break the eggs and place the eggshells in a place that is usually used as a place for lizards to hang out

2. Use Anti Lizard Spray: this is a special spray formulated from chemicals that can eradicate lizards, although toxic to lizards but not harmful to humans. Prices start from 30 thousand please call the number below to order

3. Turn on the air conditioner: lizards are small warm-blooded animals so they don’t like rooms with cold temperatures, especially lizards that never wear clothes.

4. Closing food: it’s easy to find food in the kitchen, making some lizards often visit your kitchen just to ride breakfast

5. Coexistence with lizards: the average life span of lizards is 10 years, you have to get used to coexistence.

Thus the article about the causes of many lizards at home and a powerful way to get rid of lizards, if you feel disturbed and can’t sleep please contact [email protected] or call 08001333777. Thank you

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