5 Ways to Know Our Cellphones Are Tapped Remotely

IT People Blog – How to find out our HP is being tapped is actually very easy. There are several signs that you should pay attention to so that you can be aware of illegal eavesdropping activities. By paying attention to these signs, you can know that your privacy while using your smartphone is always protected.

If you feel you are being spied on or there is a problem with the smartphone you are using. It’s good to start paying attention to the things below and take precautions so that your privacy is maintained.

Signs your cellphone is being bugged

How to find out our WA has been bugged or a smartphone has been bugged in general can be done by paying attention to the signs below. Listen carefully and carry out the inspection process regularly.

1. An active WA notification appears in the browser

A notification appears if it is active in the browser

When you use WhatsApp via a browser on a laptop or computer, usually there will be a message or notification on the smartphone if Whatsappweb is actively used.

If you feel you are not using WhatsApp in the browser. However, the notification appears, there are two possibilities. First you have not logged out in the previous session. Second, because there are people who tap by opening your account via a browser tab.

If you use Facebook, try to view the login history based on the location of the device.. if you see unknown devices such as Redmi 7A, please delete them permanently so that your account is logged out of the device.

2. Message read by itself

Message read by itself

Pay attention to the chat application or social media you have. If there is a message that has not been read/opened but when you open it there is a notification of blue check marks 2 (for whatsapp and messenger) even though you feel you have never read the contents of the message, it means that you should be wary of the possibility of eavesdropping.

This often happens to those who use WhatsApp. Message notifications suddenly blue ticks just like that even though you don’t feel like you open them at all.

3. A message was sent

Any type of message (text, video, file) that is suddenly sent even though you don’t feel like doing it can also be a sign that a remote cellphone has been wired. Others purposely sent the message for their own benefit.

4. Accounts that suddenly logout

Some social media accounts or other personal accounts are automatically logged out if they detect 2 devices online at the same time. The first online device will be logged out so that the second device can log in.

5. There is an illegal transaction notification

The last way to check if your cellphone is being tapped that you can watch out for is the entry of illegal notifications. You can get notifications in the form of OTP code information or sales/purchase transactions even though you don’t feel like doing that at all.

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How to stop your cellphone from being tapped

There are several ways to deal with HP being tapped or data being secretly taken. Do the following things on a regular basis.

Always pay attention to the 5 characteristics of a bugged cellphone that I discussed above on your smartphone to prevent unwanted illegal activities and privacy violations. This illegal sign often appears in the form of a notification.

Avoid placing the smartphone on the table, especially in public places (including office desks) without password protection in the form of a pattern or fingerprint. Other people can easily open it and do the tapping process.

No matter what happens don’t show your password, security pattern from your cellphone to others even though they are good friends

Don’t lend your smartphone to other people, especially those who are nobody or you don’t know before.

Lock important accounts on smartphone with password protection. Currently, almost all smartphone brands already support the feature of locking certain applications with a password. Lock some important applications such as digital wallets, M-banking, virtual accounts etc

How to find out our cellphones are being tapped is quite simple but underestimated. you just need to pay attention to things that look strange or suspicious on the smartphone. Like the appearance of a notification or a message that has been opened or sent by itself.

If this has been anticipated but each time illegal notifications appear again and again, it’s a good idea to start providing multi-layered protection including changing the PIN on several financial applications.

In addition, you can also do a factory reset, which is to return the Android settings and system to the factory defaults because some wiretapping applications work behind the scenes so that they are difficult for ordinary users to find.



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