5 Paid features of CCleaner, the best computer junk cleaner app

Welcome to IT People Blog. In this post I will review a little about the premium features of the Ccleaner Application, previously CCleaner was the most popular temporary file and junk file cleaning application with the number of user installations on computers reaching more than 2.5 billion units, even though Ccleaner itself from the beginning of its appearance until last year brought up various negative speculations even Windows Defender itself marks it as Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) or the least desired application because during installation the cCleaner program often brings bundles of other unnecessary applications such as Google Chrome, Google Toolbar, Avast Free Antivirus and AVG Antivirus Free

For ordinary users or not being careful when installing the CCleaner junk cleaning application, they will be surprised to see some unwanted applications suddenly appear on the desktop screen such as AVG Free Antivirus, it comes from the Ccleaner installation bundle that the user is not aware of (forgetting to uncheck the installer’s default application option). ) when first installing the CCleaner program to the computer

Also the controversy that occurred since 2017 and after, where hackers managed to break into the Ccleaner installer on Avast servers (this product has been acquired by Avast) and infiltrated various malware such as trojans, keyloggers and so on.

Microsoft’s relationship with CCleaner also doesn’t look good considering that from 2018 to 2020, Microsoft through Windows Defender categorized CCleaner as an unwanted application, it’s only natural because Microsoft has not supported the registry cleaning utility because it is considered to cause some programs not to run.

CCleaner speeds up computer performance by cleaning junk files, unused registry files, reducing the load on hard disk storage memory.

How CCleaner improves your computer’s performance?

By cleaning junk files, removing unnecessary settings and updating outdated drivers to optimize operating system performance

CCleaner itself is available in 2 versions, namely free and premium/professional/pro plus for Rp. 477,224/PC for 1 year use

Let’s review a little about some of the paid features of CCleaner which I think are pretty good.

Oh yes, for CCleaner installation, you can download the application here https://www.cleaner.com/ or for Windows 11 users, you can download the application through the Microsoft Store (I think it’s getting better..)

ccleaner appears in the microsoft store

1. PC Health Check

search computer junk files

The computer health check feature will later appear as a quick and comprehensive fix recommendation to improve computer performance including removing privacy, junk files, minimizing application startup and analyzing security security.

speed up computer with ccleaner

With one click, users can solve various problems that hinder the performance of the operating system and make it faster

2. Update software/Software Updater

automatic software update

Ccleaner free users can only scan some expired applications, while Ccleaner pro users can scan and update applications to the latest version

Using old versions of applications increases the risk of security holes and has higher vulnerabilities, especially if you don’t download the application from the official website but from a third-party site such as helmykediri.com, it definitely feels suspicious.

It is hoped that updating the installed application to the latest version can maintain system security and close bug gaps that can later be exploited by hackers

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3. Driver update

It’s no longer the time to save tens of GB of ISO driverpacks or download free driver finder applications whose endings are limited or load many default application bundles, for example IObit driver booster when installed, auto install friends, IObit surf browser, IObit advanced system care, IObit unlocker, etc.

search for the latest drivers automatically

Windows 8 and 10 users have had difficulty updating drivers that match their devices, fortunately the CCleaner veri pro application is equipped with a driver search and update feature to the latest version, users just need to scan and update drivers without worrying about compatibility because in my experience when using Windows 11 and update the installed driver so far, no lag problems and so on

4. Scheduled cleaning

CCleaner pro version users have access to enable features “Run Cleaner on a schedule” where users can schedule a complete automatic cleaning (Health check) or custom by specifying the time, date, day and repeating the computer cleaning schedule automatically which will run behind the scenes

ccleaner automatic cleaning

Suitable for those of you who have a computer for shared use or have a computer maintenance role at school, just schedule the process of cleaning junk garbage and patching computer performance automatically + scheduled even when you are not in front of the monitor screen

5. Intelligent cleaning

Another feature that is only offered to CCleaner Pro users is smart cleaning, allowing custom cleaning.. so in the previous 4th point there was a scheduled cleaning where users could choose to use full cleaning or custom cleaning

smartcleaning settings

Here you can determine smart cleaning settings by creating several rules, for example cleaning is done when junkfiles have reached 1GB capacity, automatic cleaning of browsing history and so on.

The rest of the other features that can be enjoyed by free or paid CCleaner users;

6. Safe browsing feature

Clear browser history, delete user account cookies to protect user privacy and maintain account identity

Be careful if you are automatically logged into certain sites and forget to save your user+password, when you run cookies cleaning you will be logged out of all sites that you can access so far without having to log in again for example social media sites like facebook, twitter, youtube, blogger etc.

7. Registry cleaner

Over time your registry can become cluttered with errors and corrupted settings causing it to crash. Outdated software drivers can also cause similar problems. CCleaner’s patented registry cleaner cleans up this mess to make your PC more stable, and Driver Updater helps you take care of unmanageable and outdated drivers.

Often when we uninstall some software, sometimes the registry settings are still there and make the installation process of new programs chaotic, for example, when Smadav Antivirus is blacklisted, you can just imagine

8. Optimize windows startup

Many programs run silently in the background when you turn on your computer. CCleaner helps you work faster by letting you disable unneeded programs.

Examples of programs that automatically run when they start Windows for the first time include IDM, SmartCleaning CCleaner, Antivirus, Java, etc.

Thus the article about 5 premium features of CCleaner Pro that Free users cannot enjoy, besides that there is also a business version of CCleaner for business players where the license price for some PCs is cheaper + equipped with a remote cleaning controller feature. Enjoy the 14 day trial version hehe



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