5 Love Languages ​​What? This is how to express love to your partner

5 Love Languages ​​What? This is How to Express Love To Your Partner – The way someone expresses their love to their partner. Which one do you include?

“Why do I know about the language of love?”, “It seems that without the language of love, my relationship with him is cool”. But you don’t know that your partner is actually satisfied or not in your relationship with him. It could be that all this time he was just pretending to be happy so he wouldn’t hurt your feelings.

You give him A treat, but the one he expects is B.

You give attention to him, appreciation or praise if he gets an achievement. But even though what he needs is Physical Touch, just holding hands.

Love Language - How To Express Your Love To Your Partner

Or it could be a cuddle. The context is outside s3x, yes.

It’s important, not important, about Love Language. It’s not that I’m not grateful, but the way people want to be treated is different.

I used to protest because my ex’s treatment didn’t match what I expected because of this love language problem, but I didn’t respond with gratitude and respect for people’s efforts

5 Types of Love Language

1. Words of Affirmation

This first love language is for those of you who often hear positive sentences such as praise, appreciation, or sentences that express affection. That sentence becomes the basis of belief that your partner really loves you.

For example, you are very happy when your partner says “I love you so much”. In addition, sentences of appreciation such as “Thank you so much for making me happy all this time” are the most awaited sentences for those of you who have the love language of words of affirmation.

2. Quality Time

For those who like to spend time with their partner. You can say you have this one love language. Walk together, date without playing cellphone.

Communication is crucial for those of you who have a quality time love language.

When you are with your partner, you can share what you and your partner experienced that day. Starting from the story of random things or even serious things.

3. Receiving Gifts

For those of you who like to be given something/gift. Anyway, if you give it, it feels really good, even though it’s just a random thing, just a keychain. For those of you who have this love language, you may feel that gifts are a form of affection given by them.

4. Acts of Service

Feel loved well when you are happy when your partner takes you home. Or take care of your partner when they are sick, Cook your partner’s favorite food. Acts of service is a love language that is described by doing something / according to the partner’s wishes.

5. Physical Touch

Physical touch, the context is outside of s3x huh. A kind of holding hands, or cuddle. But yes, it’s true that a cuddle without sagne is impossible.

The point is in Physical Touch the context is outside of s3x. Maybe I’ll explain in more detail.

So, which is your love language?


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