45 Examples of Visual Basic.NET 2022 Questions


Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET) which is a programming language that is usually taught by lecturers who are in charge of courses related to visual programming or OOP (Object Oriented Programming) in creating a Desktop-based application product.

For courses, especially computer majors concentrating on Informatics Engineering, information systems, information management, or informatics engineering majors that concentrate on application development (app developers) or programmers, courses must be taken as a prerequisite for graduating from college.

This collection of questions can be used for reference, school assignments, coursework, exercises, quizzes, Mid-Semester Exams (UTS), Final Semester Exams (UAS), and Comprehensive Exams that are theoretical in nature, although there is little practice.

1. Explain the history of VB.Net!

2. What is the difference between Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic .NET 2003 / 2005 / and above?

3. What is the .NET Framework?

4. Explain the steps in creating a new project in Visual Studio with VB.Net as a programming language!

5. What is the difference between Class and Module in VB.Net?

6. Explain how to add a new form in Visual Studio!

7. Explain how to delete a form in a project in Visual Studio!

8. How to add a reference or library to a project in VB.Net?

9. What is the function of the Error List feature in Visual Studio?

10. Explain the steps in saving all forms at once in a project in Visual Studio!

11. Does each version of Visual Studio have a different version of NET.Framework? Give the reason!

12. Mention the differences between Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012 in your opinion!

13. How to write form in Visual Basic.NET?

14. What is the function or use of NuGet?

15. Mention at least 2 types of versions of Visual Studio 2017 or 2019!

16. Can Visual Studio run on Linux operating systems? Give the reason!

17. Can Visual Studio be run on MacOS operating system? Give the reason!

18. Mention how to set startup on the choice of one of the forms that will be run the first time!

19. Mention at least 5 toolboxes and their functions in Visual Studio!

20. Explain the function of the Form_Load event on the VB.Net form!

21. Is this VB.Net programming language an object-based programming (OOP) language? Give the reason?

22. Why did you choose the Visual Basic.NET programming language in creating desktop-based applications?

23. Can the VB.Net programming language create web-based application products? Give the reason!

24. Mention the differences in how to connect SQL with MS-Access into Visual Basic.NET!

25. What does ODBC stand for?

26. Mention the use of ODBC in VB.NET!

27. Can VB.Net applications run or debug properly if there is an error in SQL or MS-Access coding such as database connection?

28. What is the function of TextBox in VB.NET?

29. What is the function of DataGridView in VB.NET?

30. Give reasons why VB.NET is often used to create desktop or web-based applications related to transactions or business such as ATM machine applications, applications needed by internal offices!

31. Can a desktop application be made to detect faces from a webcam with VB.NET? If yes, then Explain how to do it!

32. How to create a menubar in a form using VB.NET?

33. How to display data from MS-Access database into DataGridView with VB.NET without coding!

34. State the advantages and disadvantages of Visual Basic.NET!

35. How to save data into MySQL database online with VB.NET?

36. What is the difference between Dim and Private variable deceleration?

37. What is meant by “Dim writing tool as String” in the command code?

38. What is the difference in data type between Double and Decimal in VB.NET?

39. Can the VB.NET programming language make learning media applications? Explain why!

40. How to enter data source from SQL or MS-Access database into VB.NET Form without coding?

41. Write a program to calculate the average UAS score of students or students with VB.NET!

42. Make a program to CRUD data items with SQL (SQL Server or MySQL) and VB.NET!

43. How to fix or resolve if there is an error when opening a project in Visual Studio caused by NET. Incompatible or synchronous framework?

44. How to solve if there is an error or error caused by NULL which is mainly the database in the VB.NET form?

45. When can you use the VB.NET programming language in creating desktop or web-based applications?

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