4 Ways to remove photo background online without the help of an application

IT People Blog – Have you ever wanted to delete a photo background or change the background color of a photo but couldn’t edit it using Photoshop? Don’t worry, now you can remove the background online. So you don’t need to have special skills in editing images or photos as in Photoshop, CorelDraw, or other applications.

Removing photo backgrounds online is indeed one of the quick steps that you can use to get photo background editing results. You can adjust the background color as desired. Of course, this is very helpful for those of you who don’t want to spend a lot of money for studio photos, just take a photo using a cellphone and change the background online.

There are so many sites that provide easy photo editing services that are accessed online, here are some of the worst photo background editing sites.

Remove Bg

Https://www.remove.bg/ This has become one of the most popular online background remover applications. In less than 5 minutes, your photo can be changed with various colors available in the color panel of the Remove bg site. The steps are very easy, follow the following tutorial to use this site.

remove photo background with remove.bg

1. Open the remove.bg site on a search engine via a PC or cellphone.

2. After the site opens, click “Upload Image” to select the photo you want to edit from your HP gallery or PC storage.

3. Next, wait for the photo to upload perfectly. To successfully upload it doesn’t take long, less than 1 minute with adequate internet speed you can already see the results of this site, namely removing online photo backgrounds.

4. The next step, you can directly download photos whose background has been deleted or directly edit the background color by clicking the “Edit” menu in the upper right corner.

5. Next, you will be redirected to a new page to choose the background you want, here you can choose various backgrounds, namely blur, photo, or color.

6. After finding the right background, click the save icon in the top right corner. Then you can choose to share it by clicking Share image or directly download it by clicking Download image. Automatically edited photos will be downloaded and stored on your device.

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Remove Bg makes it easy for its users to get the facility to remove online photo backgrounds for free with the addition of a background color. So with this you don’t have to bother re-editing it to give it color.

Adobe Spark

Spark Adobe is a free background remover site provided by the Adobe company. Not only for editing photo backgrounds, here you can also edit videos, posters, banners, slideshows, social graphics online. Then how? It’s easy, let’s follow the steps below.

remove photo background with adobe spark

1. Go to spark.adobe.com or https://spark.adobe.com/tools/remove-background or just type in the search “Spark adobe remove background” in your web browser either via PC or cellphone.

2. Once logged in on the Adobe Spark page, click on the top left corner right on the three line icon. Then select the Features menu. There will appear several options for editing photos or videos.

3. Select the “Remove Background” menu to remove the photo background as you wish.

4. After that, a new page will appear. Here you can upload your photo by pressing the “Upload your photo” menu, then “Upload image”. Select the desired photo through the gallery of your HP or PC device.

5. Wait for the upload process, this process is not long but also adjusts to the internet speed you have to remove online photo backgrounds.

6. After the upload process is complete, the photo will appear without a background. You can directly download it via the “Download” button in the lower left corner. But make sure you have signed in first if you already have an account. If not you can register first to be able to download it.

There are so many facilities offered by this site, besides being able to help you remove the background… you can also edit videos too. So you no longer need to bother asking for help from people or professionals to edit your photos, with this site you can already get professional photo editing results.

Clipping Magic

Well, there is also Clipping Magic, which is a free online photo editing service provider site. Through this application you can remove online photo backgrounds and crop photos that are equipped with photo editing tools. This site provides a very good service for its users where you can use it to remove the background as well as get a clip editor.

Very profitable isn’t it? You can replace and remove the background of your photos quickly, easily and practically. Not only that, you can also edit and remove a large number of backgrounds at once. Let’s just look at the steps below.

remove photo background with clipping magic

1. Go to site clippingmagic.com via a web browser.

2. After that, you will see a screen for uploading images on the “Upload image to start” menu.

3. Select the photo you want to remove the background from using this Clipping Magic site.

4. Then, wait a few moments until the photo is 100% uploaded and a photo image without a background appears.

5. After the image comes out, you can directly edit it and adjust it as you wish. You can use the tools available on the site or directly download it.

6. Click the download menu to save the photo remove background.

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This site provides one thing that is different from other sites, where you can organize and re-edit the edits to remove photo backgrounds online. The existence of these tools makes it easier for you to adjust the photo edits.

Edit Photos For Free Online

Judging from the name, you can already guess that this is a free online photo editing service provider site. Through this application you can resize photos, crop, give watermarks, to remove the background easily. The method is very simple, here are the steps to use Edit Photos For Free Online.

Photos For Free Online

1. Come in editphotosforfree.com via a web browser.

2. Next you will see some of the editing features offered, such as remove background, make image transparent, typography maker, compress multiple PNG, and many others.

3. Choose what you need, to remove the background then you can select the “Remove Background” menu.

4. Next, select “Choose a photo” to find the photo you want to remove the background from.

5. Then, wait for the photo upload to reach 100%. After that, you will get the results of removing your photos. You can directly download it on the “Download” menu, or continue to edit photos in the “edit” menu.

Well, those are some online sites that provide background removal services that you can use easily and for free. You no longer need to download the application. You can remove photo background online, simple and free photo background editing. However, of course, to be able to get results with a large and clear resolution you have to pay according to what is stated on the site.



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