30 Sample Questions about Number Processing (Microsoft Excel) 2022

This article contains several questions from numerical processing materials such as Microsoft Office Excel in ICT subjects for elementary, junior high, and high school. This is useful for searching for school assignments and/or exams of the day or semester.

1. Explain briefly about Microsoft Excel!

2. What is the difference between Microsoft Excel 2007 and Microsoft 2013?

3. Write down the function of the Title Bar in Excel!

4. Write 3 functions of using Microsoft Excel!

5. Write down 3 new features of Microsoft 2013 which were not in the previous version!

6. Mention the types of Formulas in Microsoft Excel!

7. What is the function of IF() in Microsoft Excel?

8. How to add a frame / border to worksheets (sheets) in Microsoft Excel?

9. How do I open an Excel file (.xlsx) to Google Sheets?

10. State the purpose of protecting Excel files!

11. Mention the steps to open Microsoft Excel!

12. How to save Excel data in CSV format?

13. What is the use of CSV in Microsoft Excel?

14. What is the function of hyperlinks in Microsoft Excel?

15. To calculate the amount of data in Microsoft Excel using the formula …

16. How to add a new column in Microsoft Excel?

17. Mention the function of Logical Formulas in Microsoft Excel!

18. State the function of Financial Formulas in Microsoft Excel!

19. The function formula of =SUM(B1:B3) is read…

20. The function formula of =LEFT(B2) is read…

21. Mention at least 5 keyboard shortcuts and their functions that you know in Microsoft Excel!

22. Mention the types along with a brief explanation of each type of chart found in Microsoft Excel!

23. Why does an error occur after formula execution in Microsoft Excel?

24. Why are some companies that prospective Data Entry employees are required to have Macro skills in Microsoft Excel?

25. What is the function of pressing CTRL + F in Microsoft Excel?

26. How to change plain text format to currency in Microsoft Excel?

27. What is the function of Formula PRICE() in Microsoft Excel?

28. How to delete rows in Microsoft Excel?

29. How to insert charts from Microsoft Excel data?

30. Make report cards for elementary school students as many as 5 students in one class consisting of 4 subjects, namely Indonesian, Mathematics, Civics, and English. Each of these students gets their respective scores from the subjects listed below.

Student 1: 80, 90, 90, 70

Student 2: 78, 80, 90, 65

Student 3: 80, 80, 80, 80

Student 4: 100, 70, 80, 85

Student 5: 80, 90, 85, 85

After you make elementary student report cards using Microsoft Excel, then you have to look for several criteria, namely:

a) Calculate the average of the subjects in each student.

b) How many students got Math scores above 80?

c) How many students scored Indonesian language below 90?

d) Sort student data based on the highest PPKn scores.

e) Determine “Pass” or “Fail” with the average value of all subjects for each student, which is a minimum value of 70.

How to answer question number 30, you can practice using Microsoft Excel through Formulas.

Hopefully you can get an overview of the questions and answer the appropriate, precise, and correct questions regarding the word processing material, namely Microsoft Excel.

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