3 Ways to autopost-autoshare blog posts to social media

Welcome to IT-People Blog. In this post, I will share several autoposting services from blog articles to social media to make it easier for blog owners to reach traffic sources from popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and so on. Of course, in addition to increasing social signals, traffic, autolink building, it also speeds up pages indexed by Google

It is undeniable as SEO actors, we may agree to say that bringing in 1,000 daily visitors through the power of social media is much easier than bringing in pure organic visitors from search engines, that’s because on the first page of Google it is only filled with the 10 best search results that have previously been published. ranking based on SEO and not necessarily our posts can appear on the first page of google because our competitors are currently quite a lot

While on social media, we have many loyal followers who are willing to follow the link you share. Back to the topic of discussion about how to autopost the latest articles on blogspot/blogger to our social media accounts easily and automatically

Here we use the RSS Feed feed page which is not full as bait to lure visitors to our main site, some of these autoposting services are free but limited even though the monthly subscription price is quite cheap, it’s worth the effort you get

1. Autopost by Dlvr.it

Dlvr.it is an automatic posting service to social media, users can share photos, articles, videos automatically to all social media networks such as Google Business, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many others.

If to share blog posts we can choose the source from the RSS Feed, we can also choose other social media networking sources to increase reach and increase interaction.

How it works, Dlvr.it will detect any new content published via RSS Feeds or other content sources and then scan the RSS Feed page to automatically forward a copy of the information to the social media accounts that have been linked exactly on the same day and time.

That way the author can take a break after publishing the latest article because the Dlvr.it bot will work automatically forwarding the information to many social media accounts automatically

How to use Dlvr.it for blogger;

– Visit the site https://dlvrit.com/ then use the register, if I usually use the SSO account Twitter/Facebook/Google

register dlvrit

– After successfully logging in, then we try to connect Dlvr.it to the social media networks that we have, here there are quite a lot of choices ranging from facebook, twitter, instagram, inkedin, google business, pinterest, stumblepon, reddit, wordpress, tumblr, blogger, discord, stocktwist, etc., first I tried to connect to a pinterest account > click the pinterest logo

connect social media accounts

– Login to your pinterest account by entering your username and password (just use a dummy account that is usually used for spam) after logging in give dlvrit access to manage your pins

manage pinterest account

– Select the board to put your pin later, here I created a board on my pinterest account with the name “The King of Bloggers“then click connect

select board

– Do the same with other social media networks. Because I’m a free user, it’s natural that I have a limit, which is a maximum of 2 social media network accounts (I chose Pinterest and Inkedin) and 50 post feeds/month for free. To get started click Post setup

auto feed setting

– Here there are several sources of content, namely RSS Feeds, YouTube, etsy, shopify, substack and so on, because I want to autopost from blogs to social media so I choose RSS Feed

rss feed settings

– Enter your blog’s address or directly enter your Blog’s RSS Feed address then click the connect button

select rss feeds

– For postal settings, choose standard, if you have basic English skills, you can definitely answer when the latest post is published select share right then and there or put in queueas well as questions first post taken from last post or latest postcan also be adjusted with the image below

auto post setup

– Select a social media account for automatic post placement, here I select inkedin and pinterest then click the button start posting

make your first post

Monthly paid pro plan upgrade starting at $10.79 to add 10 social profiles or $14.99/month unlimited plan to add unlimited social media accounts and unlimited posts

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2. Autopost by IFTTT

The way IFTTT works is more or less the same as Dlvrit, the difference is that in IFTTT the platform choices are more complete because it is not only limited to social media network accounts but also bookmarking applications, recording sites, shortening shortlinks and so on. Users can connect up to 20 applets and make all accounts work together

Examples of available sharing platforms include notion, diigo, pocket, instapaper, tumblr, twitter, blogger, trello, webbly, bitly, nimbusnote, evernotem raindropio, onedrive, buffer, reddit, delicious, flickr, facebook page, narro, newsblur and so on.

Just imagine that only once a post is blogged, it can automatically spread / auto post to various social media accounts, social bookmarks, so it also indirectly builds the foundation of your Off Page SEO. You don’t have to go to the trouble of building links to the most recent posts page after publishing content because IFTTT will do everything for you automatically

Tutorial on autoposting blogs to social media using IFTTT services;

– Please visit https://ifttt.com/ login using SSO apple/google/facebook it’s up to be fast

register ifttt

– After that go to the profile settings page > scroll to the middle and find this setting “Auto Shortener URL” and uncheck it then click save

set the profile first bro

If we leave the check tick, our url will be shortened by the default IFTTT shortlink like in bitly, because I’m afraid this shortlink has a limited active period so I unchecked it so my URL will be shared as is www.helmykediri.com….. instead of IFT. TT/756Ydd..

– After that click the explorer menu and in the search field type RSSbelow it has appeared various automatic service options that you can use such as rss to pocket, rss to diigo, rss to facebook page etc. choose what you want

ifttt service

– For example, here I select RSS to Tumblr > click connect to connect to your Tumblr account

setup tumbler from rss

– Give IFTTT permission to manage your tumblr account including posting and reading content

give access to tumblr

– Next we set the feed page, in the feed url enter the name blog/atom.xml (exp.https://www.helmykediri.com/atom.xml) or whatever RSS Feed page you have, in the tumblr account section select the tumblr account you, the tags are the same as categories / hashtags then click save

set autopost to tumblr

– If the status is connected, it means that it has been successfully connected, all the latest posts on the www.helmykediri.com blog will be forwarded to my tumblr account homepage

successfully connected tumblr

– Do the same with other rss services, namely rss to diigo, rss to reddit and so on. Once you post an article on your favorite blog, link building is automatic, so you don’t have to be tired of looking for social signal backlink services or backlinks that don’t have to have a good increasing effect on the blog.

Oh yes, the free account limit at IFTTT is free to link up to 5 accounts and post 100/month, if you pay it starts from Rp. 87,000/month, it’s cheap right?

If I personally take advantage of several autoposting services from blogs to free versions of social media by taking advantage of the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, for example IFTTT to autopost to Pinterest only for premium/pro members, I choose Dlvrit because it’s free, after all, my Pins on Pinterest are also indexed. google so I think it’s good for strengthening pages in SEO, as well because on dlvrit there is RSS autopos available to inkedin and google business which IFTTT doesn’t have

3. Autopost By Postrs

This is also an auto-posting service, autoshare blog articles to social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Pinterest and so on.

Free users are given access to connect 1 social media account and 10 shares every month, while for paid users more features start from $5/month for 500 shares, $10/month for 10 accounts + 2k shares and $40 for 50 synced accounts + 5000 share

If I personally want to make the best of the facilities, all I have to do is create an account > settings > forget > create a new account again > settings > forget > repeat .. hehe

Here’s how to autoshare autopost from blog to social media,

– Please access the site https://postrss.com/ then login as usual

– After that enter the account menu, connect your social media account (twitter, facebook, linkedin, pinterest, vkontakte)

select social media account

– I chose Vkontakte, this is a social media site similar to Facebook, but the version is simple and quite popular too. Click the link here that I circled in red

take tokens

– Please give postrss bot access to manage your vk account

approve postrss access

– Copy the address bar, containing your token

url alias address bar

– Paste it in the url field and send it, until here 1 social media is connected to your account

successfully connected vk account

– Then switch to the target menu > please create a new target and name it according to the task

do the task first

– In the source, please set it according to the image and don’t forget to enter your blog’s rss feed url

set rss source

– Next on the target, please select the social media account that was connected earlier

select target rss

Done… 5 minutes after posting the blog, it will automatically be shared to your vk account homepage

Actually there are still many autoshare services and autoposting blog articles to various social media networks and social bookmarking sites, but it seems impossible for me to write them all here, maybe I will write in another post… hopefully it will be useful



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