25 Forbidden Words That Shouldn’t Be Searched On The Internet

IT People Blog – Actually, Google already has a filter to block the appearance of sadistic, horrible, violent and crime images. However, we can turn off this safe search filter feature by first activating the VPN

The following is a list of forbidden keywords that should not be searched on Google because they can shock internet users;

Forbidden words that cannot be searched on the internet

1. Kekma.ga

This is a shocking site that was first launched on April 23, 2019. When accessed it initially displays a warning notification for 18+ then when the user forces login then the browser display will be forced to full screen and there is a loud scream that makes the user startled and their mouse cursor changes to an icon pen1s.

Several videos that appeared on the homepage immediately shocked visitors because they contained gore scenes and were not worth watching, for example a man inserting a screwdriver into his penis, a dog being skinned alive, a person whose face was crushed by a bear being scratched, having sex with a corpse (like a doll. .) and what makes me have no appetite is not bloody gore content but lecherous content that shows a crazy man showing off his penis in the middle of a concert hehe

Oh yes, if you try to access kekma.ga or kekma.net now you can’t anymore because on February 16, 2022 the site creator removed all sadistic and crazy content from the site after 3 years of operation because the goal has been fulfilled, namely to popularize a site in the world without a budget. ads in the modern internet era (success got 30 million visits). So, kekma.net has been closed and can’t be accessed anymore

Although the community sites stumpgrinder.info and tube-kekmahub.com can still be accessed, the content is normal (normal shock level) and on February 28, 2022 Kekma.net officially deleted the site.

Search interest with keywords kekma.xyz , kekma.ga soared because it was popular in the reddit community and trending as a joke on MeMe. In conclusion this site has been removed by the creator so you don’t have to bother looking for their new domain name.

If someone asks, “What is the new domain kekma.ga?” the answer is no!


Maybe ordinary people think when typing the keyword Goatse on Google displays games or images related to sheep or other similar animals. The fact is not so after I tried to type Goatse in Google and switch to picture mode I was surprised because the search list that appeared showed a man who was opening his ass hole wide!!! b4ngs4t


If you can survive seeing the pictures that appear when typing Goatse, try now typing the keyword Fournier in a google image search… and are you surprised?

Fournier’s keywords show pictures of people with diseases that eat away at the human body physically and you know which part is gnawed at? that’s the dark part, so you will see bad sex pictures on google

4. Blue Waffles

From the name it sounds delicious but try searching for this word on google, for a husband after watching pictures of Blue Waffle it can cause symptoms of impotent for a moment, why? because this keyword displays a scary woman’s sex in blue/black because of a disease that attacks the reproductive organs

5. Mr.Hands

Well, my initial guess was like bl0wj0b turned out to be wrong, so Mr. Hands tells the story of an engineer who had a hobby of doing wikwik with horses until he died (either from being kicked by a horse or torn apart). This incident had shocked the public and became a trending topic on the Internet. The American government and several western countries have immediately issued a ban on having sex with horses and other animals

6. Tub Girls

If we translate the word Tub Girls to mean a women’s bath, maybe it’s like the porn movies you usually watch where there is a scene of a woman playing so and so in the bathtub hehe but it’s not, now try typing Tub Girls 1967

It features footage of an old-school film starring Warhol, showing several naked girls serving customers in a bathtub with a black and white film background so it feels like watching an old-school movie.

7. Meat Spin

Meat Spin if we interpret it maybe the meat is spinning, yes, if it is related to gore content, it must contain poor humans who have had bad luck due to work accidents. Unfortunately that’s not the case, Meat Spin features content where a man is doing sexual intercourse with the same sex. Of course this is a disgusting spectacle for a real man like me but if you watch l3sbian it’s normal

8. Cake Fart

Your guess is correct that the keyword Cake Fart displays a picture of a cake in the shape of a human ass complete with farts, more specifically the cake really looks like a butt and smells like farts.

Somehow this obvious manufacture can cause a phobia for someone who receives a Cake Fart birthday cake gift

9. 2 Girls 1 Cup

Hearing this word, it’s possible that what appears in a google image search is 2 girls sharing drinks/food in one glass.. yup that’s right

2 Girls 1 Cup is a Hungry Bitch trailer for a pornographic film from Brazil which shows content of women pouring their eek into a glass and eating their eek with other female friends and even sharing the eek through word of mouth.

10. Lemon Party

If what appears is an image of a group of people drinking lemons, but it’s not that simple

Lemon Party features a disgusting commercial of one of its lemon drinks showing bug1l grandpa drinking lemons while doing disgusting things

11. Maggots In her V

Again, content that can make us lose lust with our wives, this displays maggots/worms in a woman’s eg v is really disgusting and traumatizes us

12. Serena McKay

If I watch this sadistic video, I want to feel like skinning the lives of the people who are recording it, so Serena Mc Kay is the name of a girl who died because she was brutally bullied.

Live the girl was beaten and kicked in the face until she died in a pathetic condition covered in blood by the bullies even though the girl was already weak and did not fight, the bullies were very happy by lifting the girl’s head to be beaten many times until she died

13. Tumbling Dolls of flesh

This is the keyword to find blue films of the sadistic horror genre, even though it’s just a film but the graphics are terrible and full of blood. I was amazed when I saw a woman’s jaw being pulled out. Once again this is just a sadistic film but it looks like it’s real

14. LOL Train

LOL Train is different from Fake Train and Fake Taxi, it features a row of men sticking their breasts into a garbage can to form a train. It’s crazy, but it’s disgusting to imagine a scene like that

15. Clown Song

These are not clowns trying to cheer you up by singing but creepy clowns. For someone who is afraid of clowns, you definitely can’t sleep for days if you watch Clown Song content on Google

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16. Pain Olympics

The championship endured the pain? It’s normal to watch videos of people being whipped until they bleed but what if the Pain Olympics featured a man who took up the challenge of cutting his own sausage? guaranteed direct impot3n a week haha

17. 1 man 2 needles

This is an unusual way for men who want to have a very large penis, so to fulfill this obsession, the most extreme way in the world is taken by injecting silicon until its size grows like it wants to explode.

18. Commercial Shotgun

When I typed Shotgun Commercial on google a result came up which made me ask “how come?”

The content shows someone executing and shooting people in the head as if considering human life to be unimportant.

19. Special Fried Rice

If we type in the keyword Special Fried Rice on google, a photo of delicious fried rice appears, but when I turn on the VPN, the photo that appears turns into a fried rice dish with a tytyd piece on it. For the men who watch, they will feel pain and numbness in the anus

20. 1 man 2 spoon

Immediately, yes, if we type in the keyword 1 man 2 spoon on google, then an image of a bulging eye appears until the eye has been removed after surgery. I don’t know if I should continue watching the content or it’s better to unplug the computer’s power supply

21. Harlequin Baby

This keyword displays search results for babies whose skin is blistered and cracked, if you say it’s disgusting it will be considered inhumane, so I say it’s very heartbreaking to imagine that a newborn baby has been tested for such a serious disease.

22. Sampit Poso

Both of them tell the story of a massacre, the Poso tragedy was triggered by a dispute between the two major religions, so that both groups mobilized the masses while carrying weapons.

Meanwhile, the Sampit tragedy in Central Kalimantan is due to a feud between the local ethnic group and the Madurese immigrants.

You will see photos of human heads being carried, intestines strewn and gruesome corpses gore local versions.

23. Ricardo Lopez

This is a man with disgusting behavior as well as a big fan of the famous singer from Iceland Bjork, knowing his idol singer has a girlfriend, this Ricardo Lopez does not accept, is furious, he recorded his own death in 1996 by shooting a gun to the head

What makes me creepy is disturbing because of his chubby body full of fat, his clothes being taken off, his head dyed red, his excessive homosexuality and the stupidity of taking his own life.

24. Shivel Dog

Contains the content of killing dogs by their own owners in non-animal ways, dogs being killed by beatings, throwing stones, drowning in water, the impression is sadistic

For dog lovers who watch this video can burst blood vessels and stroke due to anger that peaks so please control your emotions

25. Sukatoro

Sukatoro showed a video of Japanese women eating human feces, eating each other’s feces and it was very disgusting. The first time I watched it when I was in high school it really did incredible damage, so I didn’t mind watching Java videos anymore

Actually there are many lists of keywords that should not be searched on the internet, but the longer I write this article it feels like sharing something useless information hehe so I stop here. May be useful

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