13 Benefits of Blogs: Purpose & Future Functions of Blogs

Welcome to IT People Blog. Creating, owning, managing, and building a blog has many benefits.

Blog stands for “Web Log”, being the most appropriate means to hone writing skills, share knowledge, share stories, experiences, and even share your heart (vent).

Blog stands for “Web Log”. The definition of a blog is a form of web application in the form of writings (which are published as posts) on a web page. If simplified, the definition of a blog is a website that contains articles, photos, and videos.

In other words, a blog is like a diary, only online. Or also called Online Diary. An ordinary diary, usually tucked away under the pillow; however, Online Diary can be accessed anytime and anywhere, and can be read by many people.

In the blog, you can fill it with various articles; whether it’s articles about personal experiences, outpourings, opinions, and so on.

13 Benefits of Blogs: Purpose & Future Functions of Blogs

Still in the world of Blogger, what are the benefits of blogging? What is the purpose of a blog, the advantages, use and ownership of a blog?

1. Make Money with Your Blog

The bloggers always use the term, “Make Money with Your Blog” which means that they create a blog to earn income from the blogger world.

The question is, whether the blog can make money? I can. There are many ways that can be done

If you have a product to sell, then create a blog. Then develop the blog until it is visited by many. With high visitor traffic, it’s time for you to introduce and promote the product to be sold.

Blogs can also be registered with Google AdSense to get dollars ($).

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2. Personal Branding, Easy to Get a Job

Currently, many companies are looking for and accepting prospective employees/employees not only with capital curriculum vitae (CV). Usually, HRD will check your digital track record.

If the digital track record is positive and quality, it is certain that the company will reconsider accepting you to work at their company.

Well, through this digital track record as well; there is nothing wrong with you creating a blog, site, or website with articles of high value and quality.

In fact, this blog can be a reference for companies to accept you. Moreover, you can also add your biography, profile, interests, hobbies, and expertise on your blog.

3. Become an Invited Expert

Before creating a blog, you are required to what topics will be discussed and provided in the blog. If you are an expert in the field of computers, then fill the blog with computer content.

If one time your articles help solve many people’s problems, then people will assume that you are an expert in the field of computers. It is possible that you will be invited to certain events.

4. Sharpen Writing Skills

In the world of Blogger, becoming a better writer is the moment (benefit) that is most felt. If you couldn’t write before, now you can write.

At first you couldn’t type fast, now you can type quickly on a QWERTY keyboard. That’s how it is.

5. Become an Influence Blogger

The next benefit of blogs is getting influence. If you feel you are unable to contribute to the country in any way, then become a blogger.

A blogger certainly helps people through the writings he writes. For example, about experience. The experience was bitter, right? But the bloggers share it for free.

A blogger will definitely get fans, trust, respect, and admirers if he is serious about pursuing his profession as a blogger.

6. An impromptu consultant

By blogging, your knowledge and expertise will increase in certain areas. Especially if the topic is only one (niche blog), about technology for example.

If we talk about technology, then gradually he will show his skills in that field.

By becoming an expert in a particular field, you will gain respect, respect, a better career, and the opportunity to become a consultant.

7. Build Networks throughout Indonesia

By blogging, you will get a network throughout Indonesia. The network in question is friendship or business relations.

For example, you are from Aceh playing games to Jakarta. Incidentally, you have friends in Jakarta who both work as bloggers, so there is a possibility that “this friend” will invite you to visit some of the best destinations in Jakarta.

It could also be, he provides a place to stay for you. Either at his house, or anywhere else.

8. Sharpen Coding and Marketing Skills

Honestly, before jumping into the world of blogging, I myself did not understand what HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Js) were.

The more I come here, like it or not, I have to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Js). What for? So that your blog design looks cooler in the eyes of visitors.

Believe it or not, because of this incident, I can now create blogger templates. If something goes wrong (error), I immediately understand and can solve the problem.

Indirectly, you will learn how to design graphics, how to market online, and marketing on social media.

9. Learn and Try SEO Creativity

Learn and Try Creativity

SEO is a way to get top rankings on search results pages. This term is known as the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

SEO takes time and the process is quite time consuming. Creating a blog, with the hope that blog traffic should also increase, requires you to learn what SEO is like and how to develop it.

In essence, the science of SEO is very broad. What needs to be studied and understood is the gap. Every process has its gaps, including SEO in the blogging world.

10. Knowing Current Developments

In creating content/articles, bloggers usually Google first to find data. Or it could be, just “peek” other bloggers writing about the theme that will be appointed.

Believe it or not, this way, your knowledge of the latest info and areas of expertise will continue to be updated.

11. Selling Online

Same as No. 1 above, where blogs can be used to sell online.

12. Helping / Helping People

Who doesn’t like helping people? In essence, humans must help each other.

Creating blog posts with certain topics, such as problem solving about the world of bloggers, means that you have helped other people who are in trouble.

Or other examples such as food tips, tourist attractions, or sharing knowledge that are considered interesting.

13. Blog is Online Biodata

Almost the same as No. 2 above. A blog is an “online bio” or “online profile”. Blogs represent who you are, making it easy for people to know who you are in cyberspace.

What is a blog? Blog stands for “Web Log”. The definition of a blog is a form of web application in the form of writings (which are published as posts) on a web page. If simplified, the definition of a blog is a website that contains articles, photos, and videos.

A blog is also defined as a website managed by several authors; with the contents of articles such as experiences, opinions, and observations.

However, there are also blogs that are owned and managed by themselves. Usually, the content is about experiences or sharing focused (certain) information.

That’s it 13 Benefits of Blogs: Purpose & Functions of Blogs in the Future. Want to create a blog? Or have a different opinion, maybe?

History of Blogs from Time to Time

1. Personal Home Page Justin Hall (1994)

Blog media was first popularized by Blogger.com, which was previously owned by Pyra Labs. In late 2002, Google acquired Blogger from the ownership of Pyra Labs.

The forerunner of the blog was started in 1994 by Justin Hall who kept a personal journal online, with the address: links.net.

Justin Hall’s blog looks very simple; consists of only one page, plain white background, with a little text about his life profile.

Justin Hall

At first, Justin Hall did not think of it as a blog, but rather as a “personal home page”. Justin only uses it as a medium to share his personal life, college, relationship, and romance.

In 2004, The New York Times Magazine named him “The Founding Father of Personal Blogger” for his initiative to create an online journal containing personal content.

2. Jorn Barger, Originator of the term Weblog (1997)

Jorn Barger introduced the term Weblog which is a combination of two words, “Web” and “log”.

He decided to use the term to describe his internet activities, namely “Logging to The Web”.

Jorn Barger

Jorn Barger is also the person who first introduced the concept of chronology in his weblog, namely Robot Wisdom.

This concept is at the top of the weblog, allowing visitors to read the posts he makes, from beginning to end.

3. Peter Merholz, Originator of the term Blog (1999)

2 years later, the term weblog changed to blog. Peter Merholz was the one who first introduced the term “blog”.

Peter Merholz

Peter Merholz is a website designer. In his personal blog, he tells that he likes puns, and he did not expect that his decision (changing the name of the weblog to blog) will have an impact to this day.

4. The Birth of Blogger, LiveJournal, and Xanga (1999)

1999 was a historic year for the blogging world. At least, there are 3 platforms of personal blogs published to the world.

LiveJournal is the first blogging platform published by Brad Fitzpatrick.

Pyra Labs, which is owned by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan, followed by publishing a blog platform called Blogger in August 1999.

Not long ago, the third blog platform, Xanga, was introduced.

5. Blogger Acquired by Google, and the Birth of WordPress (2003)

In late 2002, Google acquired Blogger from the ownership of Pyra Labs. On the one hand, there are also those who argue that the acquisition of Blogger by Google occurred in February 2003.

In the same year, WordPress was officially launched. Both Google and WordPress, both provide personal blog services for free.

6. WordPress Is The Most Popular Platform (2019)

In its 15 year journey, WordPress is constantly moving and advancing. Not only as a blog provider platform, now WordPress can be used for various purposes.

For example, building websites such as online stores to company websites.

WordPress also dominates the CMS market share with 51.09%. At the same time, Blogger can only be satisfied at 2%.

History of Blogs in Indonesia

Blog or Blogger itself was introduced to Indonesia by Enda Nasution in 2001 through his article, entitled “What is a Blog”.

Thanks to his initiative in promoting blogs in Indonesia, several mass media, including The Jakarta post, have called him the “Father of Blogger Indonesia.

Not only that, Enda is also active in speaking in various well-known media.

In collaboration with a communications consulting firm, Maverik, Enda initiated the first Pesta Blogger which was held on October 27, 2007.

In this event, all Indonesian bloggers gather to discuss and exchange ideas about blogs.

Indonesian Blogger Day (27 October 2007)

On October 27, 2007, for the first time, Pesta Blogger was held.

Muhammad Nuh, who was then Minister of Communication and Information, took the initiative to set October 27 as Indonesian Blogger Day.

Until now, October 27 has been designated as Indonesian Blogger Day.

Fact: Number of Blogger Users in Indonesia (2015)

In 2015, the news and information website, Antara, reported that 3.5% used blogger out of 88.1 million internet users.

This means that Indonesia only has 3 million bloggers. This figure is relatively small, considering that Indonesia’s population is more than 200 million people.

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