12 Website Links to Download the Latest Movies for Free

IT People Blog – Watching movies is a routine that people do to fill their spare time, seek entertainment or just enjoy free times. So it’s not surprising that websites where you can download the latest movies for free are quite sought after, especially illegal websites like this usually don’t last long because they are banned by hosting providers and are blocked by the government because they are considered detrimental to the film industry.

As for now, there are still several Indo sub movie download sites that still survive even though the domain extensions have changed many times, but the brand / brand of the site remains the same, for example the site brand “IT People Blog” while the URLs are helmykediri.com, helmykediri.net, helmykediri .id and so on as the site is blocked by the local government.

To fill free time on the sidelines of work or on weekends, there’s nothing wrong with watching the latest movies

The following is a website that provides the latest 2022 movie download link;


For those who are looking for a site that provides free 2022 cinema movie download links, try visiting CNNXXI which provides the most complete collection of films from within the country and abroad. There are many choices of films to watch ranging from spooky, action, romantic genres to exciting adventures so that your free time doesn’t feel wasted.

There are many life lessons and general knowledge that we can absorb from films, especially foreign films, including semi-Japanese/Korean/Filipino/Thai/Indonesian films.

If you want to access the site, try pasting the following URL into the browser address bar

2. Screen Glass21

Furthermore, the site that provides the download link and watch the latest 2022 free streaming movies is LayarKaca21, maybe you are quite familiar with this one site because it often changes domains due to being blocked by the local government.

Like a cat and mouse, this site provides foreign action films but cannot be accessed by IPs other than Indonesia, just try activating a VPN from America then this site will not be opened

LayarKaca21 offers a wide selection of the latest exciting and updated movies. In fact, there are many genres to choose from here. Starting from action films, comedy films, horror films, and so on.

In addition, downloading movies on this site is quite easy for ordinary people because they don’t miss a shortened link, it’s possible that the popup ads that appear several times are annoying. At least you can enjoy the movies for free.

If you are curious, access the LayarKaca21 site by visiting the following URL

3. Netflix


Actually, not all movies on Netflix can be enjoyed for free, some paid movies are quite cheap, only Rp. 56,000/month. With a premium membership, you can enjoy movies in HD-Blue Ray quality. The latest and unlimited movies are available from various countries with subtitles in various languages.

Netflix itself is an account, you can watch movies on smartphones, laptops, smart tv, xbox, chromecast as long as you install the netflix application

Not only that, Netflix also displays films from various genres that are currently popular and fun to watch. Suitable for those of you who want to watch movies at home with HD quality and Keep Halal. The content on Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčlegal and safe to watch. If you are curious, just visit the site at https://www.netflix.com/id-en/.

4. lay down

This one site has a very unique Indonesian name. But who would have thought that in it there are a myriad of films waiting to be watched for free and for a lifetime. This place to download the latest 2022 film link has many genres equipped with Indonesian subtitles.

So you don’t have to worry about feeling confused if you have to watch various kinds of foreign films available on the site. If you want to see the latest collection of films on Rebahin, access the following link

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5. IndXXI

Similar to previous sites, IndXXI is an alternative provider of various collections of the latest movies for free. This site also offers movie quality ranging from SD-HD-Blue Ray so users can download movies according to their quota.

For users of the wifi network, they can download movies in the best quality, but for those who have quota, they can choose SD 360p quality.

If you are curious about the various film collections in IndXXI, just access the following link at https://id.indxxi.xyz/.

6. Multiplex21

The recommendation for the next free 2022 movie download link is Multiplex21. There is also a wide selection of the latest interesting films with Indonesian subtitles.

The image quality offered also consists of several options, ranging from sharp enough to low resolution for a more minimal download capacity, at least enough for devices such as smartphones.

In addition, Multiplex21 also has a wide selection of interesting genres according to the preferences of each person. If you want to watch the various films offered on this site, immediately access the link

7. WeTV

Another place to stream and download the latest movies and drama series, namely WeTV. Here there are several choices of free Indonesian feature films that you can watch, although the collections are not always the most recent.

It’s just that for some movies and series you have to use a paid account. So for some favorite shows it will be difficult to watch them freely. The genre itself is mostly romantic and more of a Korean series with volumes of episodes.

However, if you are interested in continuing to find out what movie collections are on WeTV, just go to the website at https://wetv.vip/id/.

8. Video


Like WeTV, the Vidio Application also offers several kinds of interesting and latest Indonesian serial films. Some of the series can be enjoyed for free, but to be able to enjoy the series that has just appeared, you have to pay the requested subscription fee.

Actually, I personally don’t really like Netflix, because on Smart TV the quality of live TV broadcasts can be said to be blurry, then football shows are also limited.

However, the price offered is still affordable and not expensive at around Rp. 29,000/month.

If you want to stick with the free service, there are also many other interesting Indonesian films and series to enjoy even though there is no HD version available. This service is based on an application that must be installed on a Smartphone or PC device. Visit the following link https://www.vidio.com/.

9. Kiosfilm21

For those who want to download and watch the latest 2022 free streaming movies this year, they can also access the Kiosfilm21 website. This site provides various kinds of streaming services for the latest films with Indonesian subtitles in full and for free.

So that anyone who accesses the site is free to enjoy various films ranging from genres of romance, action, comedy to the most extreme ones, even though all are on the site. If you want to know more details, please click and slide to the site at

10. Widescreen24

Layarwidth24 is one of the free or unpaid 2022 cinema movie download sites. On this site there is a wide selection of interesting films with various genres. In addition, the subtitles used are also in Indonesian.

This makes it easier for viewers to understand the storyline of the film easily. If you are interested in finding out what are the collections of films on Layar Lebar24, paste the following URL into the address bar https://layarlebar24.sbs/.

11. Dutafilm21

There is another recommendation for a site to download the latest variety of films with sharp display quality and equipped with Indonesian subtitles, namely Dutafilm21. This site has a large collection of the latest interesting films that are worth watching online even though the subtitle maker credits are still attached to the video.

Because there is no download button, movie fans can only stream or watch online but don’t worry because you can still download movies using IDM software. For more details, please visit Dutafilm21 at the address

12. Movindo21

Then finally, there is Movindo21 which also offers a wide selection of the latest interesting films from various genres. Apart from being free, Indonesian subtitles are also available here, which makes it easier for viewers to understand the ongoing film. If you want to try to see the collection of films on Movindo21 directly, try accessing the following address http://movieindo21.xyz/.

Those are some places to download the latest movie links for free that you can visit. Get a wide variety of the most interesting and most popular movies and a complete movie collection. However, I personally hope that readers will appreciate the copyrighted work of a film by watching it directly through the nearest cinema or at least subscribing to a paid streaming service, it’s cheap, it’s only Rp.1,000 a day or Rp.30,000/month



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