12 sites to increase Instagram followers without a password up to 5000+

IT People Blog – Who wants to be a celebgram? Surely many of you want to be like celebgrams and make money through product promotions/endorsement

It turns out that becoming a celebrity is very easy, you just need to increase the number of followers. The more followers, the more money you can get through endorse offers. So how do you get lots of followers?

I have a few tips to increase the number of your Instagram followers. The first is by uploading interesting content every day, the second you can buy followers, and the last you can get free followers through website services.

If you are looking for a list of sites to increase followers up to 5000+ for free without entering a password, I have some recommended web addresses that can increase Instagram followers for free and are proven.

Not only that, this website list really doesn’t ask for your Instagram account password… You just need to enter your Instagram username, for example @helmykediri. Quoted from Jayawarta.com the following is a trusted free instagram follower site;

Instagram followers increase site

1. Followersmania.com

The first is Followersmania.com. This site can give you Instagram followers for free just by filling in your username. In the application there is a column enter your instagram username. After you enter your username, you will immediately get free followers. It’s easy, isn’t it, this is the advantage of followersmania. In addition, you can also buy paid followers in large quantities at once.

2. Allsmo.com

Allsmo offers Instagram followers for free, besides that Allsmo can also increase the number of views, likes and comments quickly and for free. Even more interesting, you can get followers without the need to enter your Instagram account password.

Allsmo also claims that all the features in it are proven to work quickly and safely. How to use it is also quite easy, just enter the allsmo.com page then submit your username and captcha that appears. Next you can use all its features for free.

3. Gogram.id

No less cool than other follower-enhancing services, Gogram can also increase Instagram followers for free. Not only that, but there are also some very interesting features in it. Among them are auto comments, auto video viewer, auto likes, auto story viewer and also autosave other people’s posts. This site has 70,000+ users and will continue to grow every day. Pretty interesting isn’t it? Let’s try it right away.

4. Techyhit.com

Techyhit will help you increase the number of Instagram followers for free and also safely. This site provides several advantages, starting from adding followers, adding likes, adding views and also adding story views very easily.

You only need to access the techyhit.com site and choose the Instagram service, then click Instagram followers and then just fill in your Instagram account username. Then automatically your Instagram followers will increase gradually.

Interested in trying the site techyhit.com?

5. Ig.informatikamu.id

Well-known as a free follower service, the ig.informatikamu.id site has been around since 2019. To get followers, all you have to do is enter your Instagram username and your Instagram email.

Wait a while then you will get a number of Instagram followers for free. In addition, your Instagram account is also safe, because the process does not require an Instagram account password at all. More interestingly, you will get Instagram followers and likes from 100% real human Indonesian accounts. How about it, very cool isn’t it?

6. Mrinsta.com

Mrinsta.com also provides free Instagram followers every day, although it is limited to only 25 followers per day. However, if you do it every day, then you can collect a lot of followers.

In addition, the Mrinsta.com site also does not ask for a password, you know. To get 5000 followers, you need to use some of the recommended sites in this article. You have to be patient and diligent in gathering followers.

7. Outig.com

Since this article was written, Outig.com is one of the most recommended follower-enhancing sites. The Outig.com site adopts a point system that can later be exchanged for free followers. You will get points every hour that can be exchanged into Instagram followers.

You need to know, that this site requires account registration first, the account registered does not have to be the same as your Instagram account. Even so, you can get followers by entering your username only (suggestion use a dummy account)

8. Socialfollow.co

Being one of the most favorite follower-enhancing sites today, Socialfollow.co offers to add Instagram followers very easily. All you have to do is enter your username and email. This Socialfollow.co site does not ask for a password at all to send followers.

However, you can only get 10 Instagram followers for every request. Then you need to request repeatedly to get a lot of followers. If you want a lot of additions at once, how to buy hehe

9. Freezlike.com

This Freezlike.com site can not only add Instagram followers, but can also add followers to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, Snapchat and many other social media accounts. You can try this site for free, you only need a username and no password.

This Freezlike.com site can be used as one of the best follower-enhancing sites because it is proven to be free and also safe to use. Freezlike.com also provides premium features that can add followers quickly and in large numbers. For premium features, you have to pay to get satisfactory service.

10. Perfectclicker.com

This site is quite booming among seekers of free Instagram followers. With the free version of Perfectclicker.com, you can get 20 likes and 10 followers for free every 30 minutes. If you want to get maximum results, then you need to do it repeatedly in an interval of 30 minutes. This way you can collect a lot of followers for free, safely and easily.

11. Instafollowerspro.com

Instafollowerspro.com is also a safe site and provides 50 Instagram followers with just 1 submission. If you are lucky you can get more than 50 followers for free.

12. Hublagram.co.id

The Hublagram.co.id site is a fairly trusted site. This is evidenced by the increasing number of users. Hublagram.co.id can add followers for free without asking for password access, you only need to enter a username.

Some things to consider when you want to add Instagram followers through online sites/services that I read on the site www.jayawarta.com is;

1. The service does not send many followers in one submission, because usually good sites send 10-50 followers in one submission. So users need to submit many times in order to get a lot of followers safely. In addition, Instagram will not suspect the addition of followers quickly. If Instagram knows that we get followers quickly from passive/bot accounts, it is prone to account blocking.

2. Not asking to login via Instagram. If there is a site that requires you to login using an Instagram account, then that is very dangerous. Because your Instagram account can be controlled by other people to post status, follow someone without the original user’s permission. For that we must be careful when entering personal data along with passwords.

3. Does not require complicated special conditions. If the site asks us to enter important data such as cellphone number, password, or other personal data, it is better not to enter it. Because it will be very dangerous if misused. In addition, if there are sites that ask users to complete certain missions to get followers, it is better to skip them, because it will be a waste of time.

For this reason, we must always be careful in choosing a site to increase Instagram followers. Then what needs to be done to get followers for free is to use our list of recommended sites above, because they are proven to be safe and without asking for a password.

If in one submission we can only add 30 followers, then to get 5000 followers we need to submit 167 times. If it’s too much, you can use several sites to make it faster.


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