12 Recommended Online Jobs from Home for College Students

IT People Blog – As a student, you are required to always study hard. But, on the other hand, trying some side jobs online certainly can’t hurt. There are quite a few online job recommendations for high school students and college students. Check out some of the lists below.

Online Job Recommendations from Home

Micro Online

The first recommendation is a job in the online micro field. The capacity is quite small and requires a relatively short turnaround time. His job is to make product reviews, share pages, create short articles, and some other light work.

No need to be afraid of being deceived, as long as you are able to complete the given task, wages will definitely be paid on time. Websites that usually offer this job are Amazon Turk, Micro Workers, and many more. What is the exact wage? Of course according to the duration of the work contract and the level of difficulty.

Freelance Writer

One of the promising online jobs to increase income is being a freelance writer. This is interesting, especially for those of you who previously had a hobby or talent in writing. Try looking for online job vacancies writing articles for websites on social media such as Instagram or online freelancer sites like fiverr.com, project.co.id etc.

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Become a Dropshipper

Dropshipping is actually a fairly low-risk job. This is because selling online by becoming a dropshipper both offers products online. The difference is that selling online means that we market our offline products online while being a dropshipper means that we offer products from other people’s warehouses online.

If anyone is interested in buying, just ordered to the online store or the warehouse. The profit comes from the difference in the price you put up.

Becoming a dropshipper really doesn’t need capital. All you have to do is collect the best product listings and then offer them to social media or online stores. The equipment needed is also only a cellphone, stationery, or a laptop.

Online Tutor

Now, a lot of tutoring is done online. This is an opportunity that can be used by newly graduated teachers or honorary teachers with minimal income, it can also be for students who are taking teacher education just to hone soft skills.

The work has flexible hours and can be done anywhere. If interested, try to choose a field according to your knowledge.

Freelance Data Entry

Have the expertise to operate Microsoft Excel or other data processing applications? Try to become a data entry freelancer. This job is quite flexible also suitable for a student. There are also many companies that open online data input job vacancies. The benefits are quite promising.

You must be willing to enter hundreds to thousands of data and complete work on deadlines

Selling Online

Do you have sales skills? Now selling does not always have to have a kiosk and the like. Try opening an online store on a marketplace or social media. Of course, building an online business requires honesty and perseverance.

However, because it is a personal business, you can set the time to sell according to your busy schedule. The products that can be sold also vary, ranging from clothing, food, and so on. To get a lot of customers, you have to do promotions and create unique campaigns.

Become a Reseller

Unlike the Dropshipper, which only offers products, if you are a reseller, you are required to stock up on goods. There is a risk of capital that must be issued if you choose to become a reseller. However, if you are smart in managing your time and finances, the benefits can also be greater.


Do you enjoy writing? Apart from being a freelance writer or micro online, you can also become a blogger. Even this activity can be done according to your mood and busyness. In addition, the time is also quite flexible because it can be done after school, or during holidays.

Especially if you have an unyielding nature and dare to experiment. However, building a blog must also adjust to your hobbies and interests.

In addition, the results of the blog can not be directly felt. You have to make people interested in the content of the blog, so that many people visit.

Ways to make money from blogs are quite diverse, starting from placing Google Adsense ads, providing review services and so on

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Become an Online Gamer

Who says playing games doesn’t make money? You have to be smart to find games that can make money with only internet access.

Currently, there are many online gaming applications that offer this kind of income. However, you must keep in mind the time so that your assignments on campus or school are not forgotten.

Following Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular marketing methods because it can provide promising and continuous benefits. The payment you get can reach 4 to 15 dollars if the product you are promoting is purchased

The work you do is collaborate with business entities or individuals, or it could be a marketplace. This collaboration is carried out by promoting products sold using links on social media. If the link is clicked and then a purchase occurs, a commission will be given.

There are also affiliates that provide benefits for up to 3 generations, for example the SMM panel site (sellers like, subscribe, social media followers) if someone registers via your affiliate link then every time they deposit you will automatically get a fee / share, also if your subordinates share an affiliate link and managed to get a new member, When the new member fills the account balance, you also get a share with a smaller commission

Graphic Design Services

Another online job that is also quite promising is to offer graphic design services. Now, this service is being sought after by criteria ranging from creating a logo or designing a graphic project. If you are a student who has expertise in this field, it would be very good if used.

In this job, you will also be able to hone your skills in designing and expanding your portfolio. Of course, when you have graduated from school or college, this can be useful.


Are you studying in a foreign language education major or are you really good at that language? Being a translator is the right online job for you. For starters, try translating journals or short articles. Do it to hone skills.

If you are used to it, try looking for translator vacancies, or opening an online translator service on social media. Don’t forget to hone your skills by joining the foreign language community and always increase your TOEFL and TOEIC test scores so that clients will have more confidence.

Online Admin

Today, there must be no stranger to the world of social media. If there are basics like playing social media and have a wide network, being an online admin at a company needs to be tried. Starting from the Instagram admin, online store admin, to the company website admin can be done.

Online admin tasks are usually not far from uploading product photos, making captions, replying to consumer messages, and the like. Of course, this work does not take time because usually social media or the marketplace will be crowded during work breaks, when consumers start opening their social media accounts.

Mystery Shopper

Want to try the company’s products for free? You can try the job of being a Mystery Shopper. It’s still quite foreign, but if you have expertise in product reviews, then this job will be a good fit.

Later you will be the agent to try and find out the product. So, basically, you will act like a client to the company. Then you will give feedback on the product as well as a review

Freelance Video Editor

Video editor skills are now very much needed, both for creating advertisements and content. In fact, there are also youtubers who are looking for freelance video editors to edit their videos. If you have this ability, the commission generated is also not kidding.

Those are some recommendations for online work from home for students that you can try to increase your income. You can search for job vacancies online from Google or from job vacancies provider applications. Your mother and father must be proud if the book of Jesus goes to college with your own money.



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