12+ How to speed up downloads via Google Chrome

Welcome to IT People Blog. You need to know that the Google Chrome browser is currently the most widely used browser by users from various parts of the country because this browser was made by the internet giant Google, which is popular with its search engine, besides that the Chrome browser was developed to save computer memory consumption and internet access speed. in order to improve the user experience of its users

The emergence of chrome itself is relatively new because it comes from the development of the chromium project, previously I used the Mozilla Firefox browser but because the RAM consumption was getting bigger, causing the computer to crash frequently, I finally switched to chrome because it has been proven that apart from saving memory consumption, it is not slow when opening several tabs, lightweight application and easy interface navigation

For those of you who also feel this way and have ever thought about how to optimize the performance of the Chrome browser to make it faster, please follow these tips to speed up file downloads through the latest Google Chrome browser.

Usually people use IDM downloader software which is clearly proven to be able to speed up download activities, in fact we can also optimize download speeds through the Google Chrome browser such as IDM by following the following methods;

1. Remove useless extensions

The extension itself is an additional tool to enrich the features of google chrome, usually we install some additional extensions manually such as grammarly to correct typos suitable for content writers like me, VPN extensions to bypass sites that cannot be accessed by kominfo suitable for you, dark night for change the browser view to night mode, manga translator to translate RAW comics and so on

In addition, there are extensions that are installed automatically when we install certain software such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Office, video editor applications and so on.

Even though we only use a few extensions, while the rest absorb the computer’s internet bandwidth, whether for the purposes of updating versions, collecting data and so on. Indeed, the absorbed bandwidth is not large, but this bandwidth allocation causes the received connection to be divided and the received resources cannot focus on the file download process. The solution is you need to delete some file extensions that are considered unimportant

The trick, click the three dots in the upper right corner > settings > extensions, delete some useless extensions that you don’t know

Remove useless extensions

2. Activate the fast tab close feature

Usually I only open 2-3 tabs when using the chrome browser but other friends may be able to open dozens of tabs because so many popup ads appear that users are too tired of closing tabs manually. The solution is to use the Windows Close Fast Tab feature to close most tabs so that the bandwidth allocation can focus on being used for ongoing file downloads

Here’s how to activate the fast tab feature in the latest version of Google Chrome, follow step by step

In the address bar type “chrome://flags/” without the quotes and press enter

In the search box type “Fast Tab/Window Close” or you can scroll manually

If you have found it, just click the drop down and select enabled

3. Clear browser history

Deleting cache history is said to be able to increase download speed through the chrome browser, in theory. heavy

That’s the reason why you have to clear the browser history so that the stability of the Chrome browser is not compromised, here are the steps

The trick is to click the three dots in the upper right corner > history menu > clear browsing data (in short click CTRL + H) > tick browsing history, cookies, cache and files > then click the clear data button

Clear browser history

4. Enable the chrome prefetch feature

This is a feature that helps optimize the performance of the chrome browser so that users can download and surf simultaneously without affecting the download speed because some site files are already stored in the prefetch.

Here’s how to enable the prefetch feature on the chrome browser,

Go to the “Settings” menu > advanced > find “use a prediction service to load pages more quickly” click on the toggle button to make it active

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5. Update the latest version of chrome browser

The latest version update is intended to deal with bugs that hinder chrome’s performance and make the download process take a long time, therefore users must frequently update the chrome browser version.

The trick is to open the help menu > about chrome > update, now some small problems inhibiting the download process should have disappeared and file downloads became more optimal

Update the latest version of chrome browser

6. Activate data saving mode

Downloading files in front of the computer while reading light novels or certain information will not feel bored and take long. Of course, don’t let this text reading activity hamper the bandwidth used to download files

The solution is you can activate the data saver mode or light mode so that the appearance of chrome changes to be simpler, saves quota and is fast. The trick is to just click the settings menu> advanced> data saver

7. Install IDM

Maybe you have managed to optimize the chrome browser, but what about windows updates and some installed applications that run automatically at startup? your connection remains divided and bandwidth for downloads is still slow

You need the help of accelerator software such as the selfish Internet Download Manager to collect all the bandwidth received to support the file download process, especially if you have a habit of downloading large files such as movies, games, windows.

https://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/ you can download and try for free for the first 30 days, with a unique algorithm that is able to speed up the download process through the file segmentation process and reuse some of the received bandwidth to download other segments of the file so that it achieves performance best download acceleration

8. Optimize the following settings

In the address bar type “chrome:// flags/” without the quotes then;

a. Find the Default Tile and set the Width-Height manually to make the browser display simpler and save bandwidth usage

b. Look for Experimental Canvas and select enabled to optimize the background display

c. Look for QUIC Protocol and select enabled to save server data requests that are considered remote and unimportant

d. Look for parallel downloading and select enabled, the point is to optimize parallel downloading … according to KeyCDN activating this feature can increase download speeds up to 33%

9. Use a download manager extension

If the download manager software splits the downloaded file into several parts and then downloads them simultaneously so that it does not allow bandwidth sharing on the computer, the Online Download Manager optimizes the download process in the chrome browser environment.

Online Download Manager in the form of an additional extension is not a standalone software, this is an additional download manager for chrome that has been optimized in the form of an extension.

Use download manager extension

The way it works is exactly the same as IDM, namely multi-threaded downloads and the size is very light, around 500KB because of the extension. You can download it via the chrome store apps

10. Turn off VPN

When downloading files, you should turn off the VPN, your location is in Indonesia and the file server location is also in Indonesia, but a VPN has a server location in the Netherlands, of course, this requires time travel between old server locations and can slow down the download process via chrome. Using a VPN is indeed useful for accessing blocked sites but don’t let the distance between the file server and the disguised location get too far

On the other hand, you can also speed up downloads by activating a VPN to avoid heavy traffic, of course, by knowing the location of the uploaded file server

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11. Master the bandwidth for yourself

If you use an internet connection from a shared wifi network, it can hamper the ability to download and browsing activities, it’s a good idea to ask several people who are currently connected to disconnect the internet for a while until your download is complete

If they refuse, don’t hesitate to forcibly cut off the internet connection through access as administrator, hack, netcut, expel them and move your router closer so that signal strength can be maximized

12. Increase bandwidth

If your download feels slow, you should check your subscription’s wifi bandwidth, maybe the package is only 10Mbps and it feels like you need to upgrade to a 40Mbps package hehe

That’s an article about a collection of ways to increase the speed of downloading files on the latest Google Chrome browser and it has proven to be successful, I hope what I share can be useful for all creatures in the universe. That is all and thank you

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