10 things to do when you owe money to an illegal loan

IT People Blog – The emergence of illegal online loan applications or borrowings lately is quite disturbing because in addition to high administrative fees, payment terms or short tenors, the interest is high, and the rules of the game are less transparent.

It’s only natural that many people become victims of the illegal game of pinjol which results in increasing life pressure during the economic recession due to the current Covid-19 pandemic

The only way to avoid the terror of blind debt collectors is to pay off debts in the Fintech Online Loan Application along with the interest. What if you can’t pay it off?

things to do when owed illegal loan

Here are 10 things to do when you are already in debt to an illegal online loan application, both those that have not been registered with the OJK or have been blacklisted by the OJK (Financial Services Authority)

1. Pay off debt immediately

Paying off all debts at Illegal Pinjol along with the interest + unreasonable fines can free you from the blind terror carried out by debt collectors.

The terror from debt collectors is so disturbing because in addition to contacting the contact list cellphone number, they also contact colleagues, superiors, neighbors and often spread disgrace/slander on the local social media group where you live according to the domicile address of the ID card.

In some cases, many debt collectors also come to the house to work to collect debts in a threatening tone. They also do not hesitate to edit photos and spread slander.

That is why some victims have committed suicide because they are ensnared by illegal borrowing and some have dug a hole to cover a hole so that they increasingly fall into the endless practice of usury.

2. Make a report

Check the name of the pinjol application that you are using on www.ojk.go.id, if it is proven illegal, please make a complaint to the Polres and Polda both offline and online to get legal protection

Especially if it can be proven by screenshots and recordings related to threats, intimidation, slander, which damage your good name.

Make an online report here: https://patrolisiber.id/report/

Or send an email to [email protected], hopefully there will be a legal process to take action against illegal loans that take advantage of other people’s difficulties for profit

You can also send a report via email to [email protected] (investment alert task force) in the hope that the illegal lending company can be frozen if necessary to be punished according to the applicable laws and regulations.

How to find out if the pinjol you are using is illegal or legal?

Download the legal pinjol collection file at ojk.go.id

Call 157

Whatsapp to 081-157-157-157

Send email to [email protected]

Actually, OJK and AFPI only handle complaints from consumers of legal loans who are registered under their auspices, while complaints related to illegal loans can be reported to the Police and SWI (Investment Alert Task Force)

3. Asking for leniency

If you do not have the ability to pay debts because the daily fines continue, try applying for installment payments such as reducing interest, extending the tenor and so on.

Don’t forget to ask in detail the consequences of the relief you get

4. Don’t add to debt

Making an online loan at an illegal fintech will not be solved by digging a hole and closing a hole because their interest continues to grow, this will not solve the problem, it will make you sink deeper and harder to get out of the trap of usury.

5. Block threatening numbers

Debt collectors, especially those from illegal loans, are usually too late and prefer to threaten even though they are only a day late, terrors such as harassment, spreading disgrace, slander, have become the general standard of collection methods for illegal loans out there.

If you have been threatened, please block the number because the more you respond to their threats, the more eager the debt collector will be to terrorize you. Usually these illegal lending companies have hundreds of different numbers and you have to block them patiently

My advice, install an application called “get contact” (download diplaystore) to detect call history logs whether they come from friends or debt collectors

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6. Be open

If you have been caught in an illegal loan and have not been able to pay it off then you have to start opening up with friends, tell them the reason you owe the loan, state the principal debt, interest, installments that have been paid up to the amount of the fine

That way friends who are terrorized will be heartened and not harbor hatred towards you.

You can start paying debt installments until the principal value is paid off, according to sharia your debt has been paid off while continuing the installments is legally forbidden by religion and you must be sincere (change cellphone number, be open to friends)

7. Say sorry

Say sorry to family, relatives, coworkers, bosses and neighbors.. if they are terrorized, please tell them to tell the collector that they are not interested and ask to immediately block the number of the terrorist

This needs to be done so that you are not laid off and hated by co-workers, understand that the debt collectors do not hesitate to do various ways to damage your good name and even have the heart to spread slander

8. Just pay the principal

If you already owe it, you must pay it, at least pay the main thing to an illegal loan then when there is a terror you can ignore it

“To people who have already become victims, don’t pay. If you don’t pay, then someone who doesn’t accept being terrorized will report to the nearest police station, the police will provide protection,” said Mahfud MD, as quoted from the YouTube channel of the Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs.

According to Mahfud, illegal borrowing is not legal under civil law. Because it does not meet the objective and subjective requirements stipulated in civil law.

“From the point of view of criminal law related to follow-up excesses such as threats of violence, the threat of spreading obscene photos has begun to be increased. From now on, the airports and their staff are taking action,” he said.

9. Find a bailout

The debt at Pinjol is illegal if it is not repaid immediately, it will increase from the start, only borrowing 1 million after 2 months can increase to 8 million.. the name is also illegal. Pinjol likes to make rules. You need to find a bailout to pay it off

suicide due to pinjol

Borrow money from family, trusted close friends.. if you get stuck, just borrow it online at JULO or Akulaku, the difference is that they are legal and supervised by the OJK so the rules are clear, although the billing method for customers who are late in installments is the same as an illegal loan

Usually people use the Akulaku application for electricity payments, credit purchases. Akulaku is only recommended as a payment method.. from the information I read in the media, consumers are not recommended buying goods at Akulaku.

10. Don’t run away

This does not mean that online loans through illegal fintechs must be resolved in a duel, meaning that every time there is an incoming call, please pick it up and tell us what your condition was at that time, even though they wouldn’t want to know, at least by responding to verbal terror they could reduce the impact of the terror that would be carried out by DC to friends. -your friends (sometimes just reply 1x/day and not too often)

Thankfully, the DC is tired of collecting debts and only asking the borrower to pay the principal. so win to win..

If you owe a legal loan and are unable to pay it, please apply for credit restructuring in the form of reducing credit interest rates, extending credit duration, reducing interest arrears, reducing principal arrears, adding credit facilities, converting credit into temporary equity participation

Meanwhile, if you owe a debt to an illegal loan, it should be repaid immediately when the interest is still small and then repent, if you are unable to pay and the accumulated daily fines have been mounting, please pay according to the principal of the debt received, the rest does not need to be paid because your obligations have been paid off. A lot of worship and patience, illegal loans are weak in the eyes of the law, their only weapon is your data

Because it is not directly monitored by the OJK, illegal borrowings make rules, for example, owe 1 million, cut admin fees of 300 thousand and give 700 thousand, within 14 days it must be returned immediately 1.5 million if one day late the fine is 80 thousand, without realizing that in 2 months the bill has accumulated 8 million , that’s from 1 pinjol.. try if you owe 10 illegal pinjols to dig a hole and close the hole without realizing the debt has piled up to 80 million and finally ended (naudzubillah)



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