10 reasons why inheritance is a bone of contention

Welcome to IT People Blog. Maybe you often see news on television about a child who has the heart to sue his own biological mother for selling inheritance, or brothers and sisters killing each other for the sake of fighting over the inheritance to justify all means in order to obtain the inheritance, of course it makes us feel sad because some people have lost their side. humanity because of inheritance.

Fighting over inheritance is not something that sounds strange and taboo in the community, children expect inheritance from their parents, artist parents who expect their child’s inheritance even though they did not recognize the child in the past but after the child died and left a legacy immediately recognized as a child, even a stepchild who demands an inheritance from adoptive parents or an adopted child who runs away from his cousin’s inheritance

inheritance is a dispute

Inheritance assets are assets left by someone when they have died which will be distributed to heirs including children, wives, husbands, relatives with blood relations (aunts, uncles, nephews).

In this post, I’m not discussing inheritance law, inheritance distribution, lineage of heirs because I don’t really understand it myself, but about the reasons why inheritance is delicious and always a bone of contention.

Many people fight for inheritance by justifying various ways to get inheritance rights or a larger share without heeding the rules of inheritance distribution according to state law and religious law. Who doesn’t like getting an inheritance?

There are not a few cases of children who sue their biological parents and ask for inheritance rights in their own names even though their parents are still alive, besides that, I have also watched several fights between siblings in the same womb because they are fighting over inheritance rights, it is even more terrifying if a tragedy occurs premeditated murder in order to completely control the inheritance

Here are the reasons why inheritance is a bone of contention

1. Obtained without having to try

Let’s say my salary from working in a government agency is Rp. 4,000,000 a month or Rp. 48,000,000/year, it has not been deducted for daily needs and debt

However, the inheritance in the form of gold jewelry, say 50 grams from the late mother, worth Rp. 43,850,000, can be obtained without the need to save for years

The method of dividing inheritance can be through Islamic religious law where usually men get 2/3 parts while women 1/3 share and some use state law that does not distinguish between men, women or equally according to the agreement.

Unfortunately, in dividing inheritance, sane people are often consumed with greed and do not know themselves to take the rights of other brothers and sisters, even though in Islam this is a major sin and oppression.

2. The amount of inheritance is large

The inheritance will taste better if the amount left by the heir is so large that it can make the heirs live with wealth, thrones and women.

It’s simple, if the amount of inheritance is small, it will immediately run out to pay the debts of the deceased while living in the world as well as other obligations imposed on the heirs to pay off all the debts of the heirs, while if the amount of inheritance is large, the heirs can buy whatever they want such as cars, houses. , jewelry which in the end gives birth to the nature of showing off wealth/riya

3. Looks tempting

Who is not tempted by inheritance? Inheritance other than debt is indeed tempting, that’s why the heirs will try various ways to get more shares than other heirs

On the one hand, there are those who want to be divided according to religious law where there are more men than women, other heirs want to be divided according to state law where the distribution is equal while the other heirs feel the most meritorious in caring for their parents so they insist on getting the most, the difference This kind of opinion in the end gives rise to prolonged feelings of jealousy

The heirs will begin to develop their respective ego attitudes to cause division and give birth to stories of inheritance breaking the ties of brotherhood and friendship

4. Economic pressure

During the recession of the economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic, people started to work normally as usual from where previously several places were closed, restricted to not being allowed to leave the house, even though not all elements of society could immediately get their economy back on track, some were still having trouble getting up because their capital had run out and some are in debt

There are also those who, because of the demands of a lifestyle, but what economic capacity does not support making inheritance as a shortcut to solve various problems due to the economic crisis

However, in the distribution of inheritance, it is necessary to prioritize deliberation to reach consensus so that the kinship ties are well maintained and sustainable

5. Demands from partner

Usually the ones who are the most diligent in demanding inheritance and grants from parents are not only their own children but also their daughter-in-law, as is the story of my neighbor who always brings up the inheritance of his father-in-law, even though his own biological child looks normal.

With inheritance, we can meet whatever needs we want, from food, shelter and clothing

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6. Feeling unequal

Having several siblings who are economically successful is certainly a source of pride for the rest of the siblings, but what if it was the other way around? it gives rise to feelings of envy, envy and revenge

Many heirs are adamant that they want to get more shares because they see that some of their siblings have already succeeded than themselves, the reasons for failure in life are brought up to sound like blaming their own siblings, for example, an older brother feels entitled to get the most part because he has contributed to sending his younger siblings to school. until he graduated from college even though he himself was forced to drop out of school to be able to work to help his family’s economy

Or a spoiled sister who is used to getting everything from good parents and older siblings, thinks it is necessary to share more inheritance for business capital because the other siblings have been successful first.

7. Want to have something

Wanting to have a private house because all this time on contract and wanting to buy a car so that they can be like officemates is the dream of almost everyone, lucky for those who get an inheritance in the form of a ready-made house or an inheritance of a car that can be used to go to work

If you don’t get an inheritance in the form of a house and a car, you have to sell it first, then buy a house or car as you wish. For me, an office worker with a salary of Rp. 4,000,000/month or Rp. 48,000,000/year is quite difficult to realize the dream of buying a house even though I have to save for years except for credit.

But with an abundant inheritance, you can realize a desire that ideally requires a long-term time to save

8. Want to live relaxed

If wealth was measured by who worked the most hard, surely the average construction worker would be rich

If wealth was measured by who worked the longest, the dimly lit shop would be open 24 hours, the owner was rich

Working hard like a horse to be doped by energy-boosting drinks kratindeng, kukubima, extrajos, does not guarantee someone can be rich

The reality now is that there are many OKB (New Rich People), the roads in the village were once still in the form of gardens and rice fields.. but now there are magnificent buildings and buildings… by selling inheritance in the form of a plot of land can make the heirs live relaxed for a while

Wake up, eat and smoke… you can buy motorbikes and cars from selling your parents’ inheritance

9. In debt

Favorite child wants to register as a power ranger, injections to hide varicose veins and dental treatment up to tens of millions not including entrance fees and others reach hundreds of millions

The money to enter the child to become a power ranger is obtained from the results of owing usury to loan sharks whose interest continues to suffocate and the daily fine is quite large if you are late in paying the installments.

As a result, living in the world feels uneasy, debt collectors call their smartphones every minute and debt collectors visit their homes, on the other hand, children who have been accepted as power rangers are out of town on duty, claiming to have no money but secretly buying subsidized mortgages.

Riba debts, if left unchecked, the interest continues to mount. In the end, inevitably they have to try various ways to pay off debts, including asking for inheritance or grants to parents if they happen to still have property left in the world.

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10. Can make sex

Some say that if a man has a lot of money, then they need more than one woman

Meanwhile, if a woman can earn her own money then they don’t need a man

After having wealth, a man will have big ambitions to get the throne then from the throne that is used by men to date many women

But there are also those who sell inheritance to be spent with mistresses or paid women

That’s the article about the reasons why inheritance is currently being fought over and targeted, hopefully what I wrote at this time is useful.. any mistakes, please forgive.



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