10 Most Popular Types of Programming Languages

The development of today’s world of technology, makes programming languages ​​are needed a lot. The content of this programming language itself is a number of strings of instructions for certain commands that can later be understood by the computer. For more details, let’s look at the explanation of some of the most popular types of programming languages ​​below.

What is a programming language?

A programming language is a computer language that programmers use to develop a software program, script, or other set of instructions.

Later the program developed will be executed by the computer directly.

Although many languages ​​have something in common, each has its own syntax.

Programming language functions

By writing a programming language you can instruct the computer to perform some type of computation or regulate the flow of control between external devices. An example of such an external device could be a printer or any peripheral.

The most popular types of programming languages

Most Popular Programming Language

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Then moving on to programming languages, there are indeed many types, but here are some of the most popular ones to use:

1. Java

Java is the top choice as one of the most popular programming languages. This type is commonly used to build server-side applications to video games and mobile applications. It is also the main foundation for developing Android applications

2. Python

Python is a versatile programming language that can be used for various fields from data analysis, machine learning to web development.

Python is one of the easiest programming languages ​​to learn, with a simple and straightforward syntax.

Python has also grown in popularity due to Google’s investment in it over the last decade. And other applications that have been successfully built with the Python programming language are Pinterest and Instagram.

3. C#

C# is Microsoft’s popular programming language used for a wide variety of applications such as game development, enterprise software, video games, mobile, and many more.

4. C++

C++ is one of the most powerful programming languages ​​used in various industries. Examples include VR, software and game development, robotics, and scientific computing.

5. Ruby

Ruby is one of the programming languages ​​that is a major supplier for web applications. Because it is easy to learn, this one programming language is starting to be in great demand by programmers.

6. JavaScript

JavaScript is a different kind of programming language with Java. JavaScript is used to add interactive elements to websites.

7. PHP

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. This programming language is often used for the development of data-intensive dynamic websites and applications.

The PHP programming language provides many uses for websites such as WordPress and Facebook. PHP is also easy to learn because you only have to embed the code in HTML.

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8. Objective-C

Objective-C is the programming language behind iOS apps. This type is a starting point for those who want to create Apple apps for iPhone and iPad.

But unfortunately, this programming language cannot be used for all platforms including Android.

9. SQL

The next type is Structured Query Language or SQL which is a database query language to pull various kinds of useful information from large databases.

Almost every application has a backend database, and SQL is a programming language that helps to interact with that data.

10. C

Lastly is type C, the origin of more complex programming languages ​​such as Java and C#. C is best used when you want to deal with low-level applications.

This type of C language is widely used for systems such as television firmware or aircraft operating systems, as well as Windows.

Then for the advantages of the C programming language, the data is structured, so it is easy to develop and understand. But unfortunately it is a little confusing because there are so many writes and operators.

That’s understanding, function to the most popular types of programming languages. So, this programming language can be used to create an application or software that we often use on a daily basis. And for the software development itself, make sure you focus on only one programming language.


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