10 List of Free Google Chrome Proxy Extensions

IT People Blog – Exploring the virtual world is a fun routine for many people. Through the internet, there is a variety of interesting information can be known from various parts of the world. Unfortunately, there are often problems when accessing some sites in cyberspace.

As Indonesian citizens, we cannot access the popular Reddit discussion forum in the West, nor can we blog on Tumblr even though writing there is more fun than writing on the medium.

So this triggers people’s curiosity to find out what are the list of free Google Chrome proxy extensions that can be used to access sites on the internet without being blocked by an ISP.

There are quite a number of sites that are often inaccessible to Indonesian local ISPs such as Liveleak, even though this media reports all interesting information that is trending in various parts of the world. Therefore, to bypass positive internet blocks, a vpn google chrome extension is needed which helps bypass access to government-blocked sites even though this increases vulnerabilities for ordinary internet users.

The government’s reason for blocking a site is not without reason, such as xrar3s even though the news media does not provide a filter for sadistic videos, the Reddit forum even though it is a place for discussion but is too free, many anonymous members share files containing viruses/ransomware/malware as well as photos. -adult photo

Here’s a list of proxy extensions to open blocked sites on GoogleChrome;

1. Browsec

The first list of free Google Chrome proxy extensions is Browsec. This one proxy offers two versions, free and paid/premium. So for users who are not satisfied with the free service of this Browsec proxy, they can choose an alternative to use the premium version offered.

Browsec provides legal access to a lot of content. In addition, the premium membership version guarantees access speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s to various service content via the nearest server location, and is equipped with user security and privacy filters. If you are interested in using Browsec, you can go to the https://browsec.com/en/ site to download the proxy.

2. Anonymox

Furthermore, for those who want to try to use the fastest free Google Chrome video VPN proxy, they can install VPN Anonymox. With the help of these proxies, users can visit any site without being blocked due to geographic IP locations, also equipped with anonymous browsing mode.

Anonymox can be installed on Chrome and Firefox browsers. Premium membership offers up to Over 107 additional IP identities and faster downloads up to 16,384 Kbit/s. So don’t be surprised if many choose the most popular VPN extension for this chrome browser. If interested in trying it, follow the following URL link https://www.anonymox.net/en.

3. Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy

Then there is also Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy which guarantees 100% premium speed to stream videos, play games and surf the internet for free. This proxy has been trusted by millions of internet users around the world as the best free VPN alternative.

Not only is it suitable for accessing sites that are restricted by Geo IP, but it can also be used to watch live streaming without buffering to play games online. Premium membership updates offer world-class privacy protection and privacy security for every device.

For those of you who are interested in premium membership, you can try it for free for seven days or spend a budget of $2.99/month to enjoy 3,200+ servers in 70+ countries, this proxy can be downloaded via the following link https://www.hotspotshield.com /free-vpn/.

4. Windscribe


Windscribe is the fastest free Google Chrome video VPN proxy which can be the next alternative. Not only does it offer a free VPN to encrypt your browsing history, it also features a built-in ad blocker that blocks ads and bypasses almost all content on the internet. While all the free VPN services out there trade their user access history, Windscribe says no from the start for free users.

Therefore, for those who want to surf freely in cyberspace, you can try the extension from https://windscribe.com/

Premium version upgrade starting from $4.08/month offers additional features in the form of professional ad blocker, tracking/malware blocker, OpenVPN/IKEv2/WoreGuard creation support, available IP from 63 countries from 110 Cities to use

5. ZenMate

There are many proxy extensions for chrome users, one of which is Zenmate which has been used by more than 45 million in the world, there is no harm in trying ZenMate made in Germany where 1 account can be used on unlimited devices.

This proxy is much liked by internet users in the world because of its interesting features. There is a free trial for the first 7 days to enjoy premium features or pay $10.99/month. Or you want to try the free version with 3-4 IP identities from premium countries is also enough to access blocked money sites. If you are interested in trying it, go directly to the official website https://zenmate.com/.

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6. Safer VPN Proxy

There is also Safer VPN Proxy as a free online VPN to access other restricted sites. Suitable for those of you who need additional protection in the form of a VPN to hide internet history and stop eavesdropping when connected to a public network. SaferVPN offers secure browsing, can work on multiple devices at once, provides premium country selection

With the attractive features offered by Safer VPN Proxy, users can surf the virtual world freely and comfortably.

This proxy can be obtained via the link https://safervpn.en.softonic.com/. No need to worry about user privacy, because Safer VPN Proxy guarantees a fairly high level of security. So that the identity of the user is not easily traced arbitrarily. Therefore this proxy is one of the best choices even though some user testimonials say that this VPN is a little slower

7. Unlimited VPN Proxy

While other VPN products focus on paid users, Unlimited VPN proxy offers free, secure, fast and unlimited VPN access to unblock any site while maintaining user security which can be obtained through the official Microsoft website at the https://www.microsoft link. .com/en-us/p/free-unlimited-vpn-proxy-the-internet-freedom-vpn/9mzdsrmllp8l.

This one proxy is not only free, but also provides a variety of other interesting benefits.

Minimum supported windows system Windows 10 version 14393.0 or higher, Windows 10 version 14393.0 or higher, Xbox. Plus this proxy offers a 7 day free trial for top servers to ensure the fastest VPN speed, and the most stable & secure connection. Connects you to the nearest server according to your location automatically. Hides your IP address and geographic location so you can surf the web privately & anonymously.

Therefore, there is no harm in trying to use it before deciding to use the paid version of the service offered.

8. Nord VPN

Then there is another proxy service for Google Chrome known as Nord VPN. This proxy can be accessed for free via the following link https://nordvpn.com/. This proxy will ensure maximum user security, so there is no need to worry when surfing the virtual world.

NordVPN is equipped with cyber protection features to protect users from various cyber threats including malware, annoying ads to phishing

Not only that, but Nord VPN also provides ad-free services and is free from potential malware. Supports almost all versions of devices from Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and even Android TV with a total of 14 million more users worldwide

9. Tunnel Bear VPN

Tunnel Bear VPN

Those who are looking for the best Google Chrome Extension VPN can also take advantage of Tunnel Bear VPN. This proxy is free and can be enjoyed by accessing the link https://www.tunnelbear.com/. In addition to ensuring an easy and fast connection, the proxy also provides features such as access to a wide variety of global content with a high level of security including encryption of browsing history on any network.

As for enjoying a more excellent service, users can try to register for unlimited services and business services which are quite affordable starting at $3.33/month because the free version limits data access to a maximum of 500MB.

By upgrading the service to this paid version, users can get more maximum features from Tunnel Bear VPN.

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10. DotVPN


Finally, there is DotVPN as one of the list of free Google Chrome proxy extensions with unlimited bandwidth and offers access via private paths to history encryption on any network.

Not only that, there are still many interesting features that can be obtained for DotVPN users. The interface is simple so that it is suitable for novice users. For more optimal services, users can upgrade to premium services starting from $2.99/month So that more benefits can be obtained such as faster network access, unlimited data bandwidth, support for online video-audio streaming, firewall protection, 4096 bit encryption , supports peer to peer downloads.

Get DotVPN by clicking https://dotvpn.com/en/ and use it to surf the internet with a better experience

Those are some lists of free Google Chrome proxy extensions that internet users can use to access restricted sites. On the one hand, the user’s security while surfing is always maximally maintained, but on the other hand, they must realize that maintaining privacy is important even if they have to pay.

Not only that, the free online vpn list above can also help access some sites that are blocked for certain reasons but still ensure user security from malicious programs and fake/phishing pages.

It should be used for positive purposes, don’t just watch vokep so that the article I wrote is not in vain.



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